Buy now! The “New Nostalgia” machine from GOLDEN LIVING ROOM can be yours TODAY. Peer into yourself as you remember the good times sitting in your living quarters, playing video games, watching sports, laxing, etc., as your virtual self stares back at these memories, creating what we like to call “New Nostalgia.” Remember the time your virtual self watched your real self fight Guile as Ryu on infinite time, four outta five to win, VERY HARD difficulty, and increased handicap? Or when you chose to have a second camera installed so you can see yourself spilling a Big Gulp while your favorite team won the trophy? It’s heaven. Speaking of heaven, you can ALSO draw upon our satellite cams so you can watch your physical self buy lunch and eat it as you’re logged into the digital world, creating “New Nostalgia.”

Scope new video (made by Mark Fingerhut) above for GOLDEN LIVING ROOM’s “New Nostalgia.” Fortune 500 and This Ain’t Heaven Recording Concern will be going a joint release of GOLDEN LIVING ROOM’s newest New Nostalgia Feb. 11 for the digital and end of Feb. for the physical. But when it ALL comes down to it, where are you REALLY right now?

• Fortune 500:
• This Ain’t Heaven Recording Concern:

Strange Mountain

Shadow of the Metropolis

All of the woozy and warbled sounds of those old Strange Mountain releases have been lost under the gorgeous, hi(gher)-fi oppression of the Shadow of the Metropolis. Chicago’s finest Lillerne Tapes describes it as “the sound of your city streets at night,” but this isn’t like staring down at your feet as they drag through puddles, sending out waves of reflected neon lights from the signs of corner convenience stores and seedy bars. There’s a touch of hope here, I think. The skyscraper synth washes used are like the sensation of barely seeing the stars through all of the smog and light pollution. The steam rising from the (wo)manhole covers and cracks in the sidewalk dissipate by the second story of dimly-lit windows – smells like that part of the countryside where the downtown skyline finally dips below the horizon. You glance toward the past through the rear view mirror, blink, and slowly accelerate as you press on toward the eastern constellations disappearing into the heat of the sunrise.

Stream Strange Mountain’s Shadow of the Metropolis below, and grip the LAST TAPE of this loomer at Lillerne Tapes:

• Strange Mountain:
• Lillerne Tapes:

Magic Eye / Torn Hawk

“Bollywood” / “Blindsided”

Nah, this ain’t for a split. It’s a duel post. FUCK ON ME, yo. Hi!

To start, Magic Eye’s Babylon tape was supposed to be released Tuesday, and it’s Thursday, so just keep on waiting. Also, FUCK OFF the Not Not Fun team. Heard they moving locales and need a minute. Just chill and lax out HARD via Magic Eye’s single “Bollywood.” And what really helps center your imagination around this track is the SoundCloud tag Naked Haze. This track “Bollywood” is all that and more: standing at the peak, towering sunset/-rise, time hangs low and looms, dust everywhere, the blur of heat along the horizon, and just the most perfect breeze. Grip Magic Eye’s newest tape Babylon any day now on Not Not Fun, and feel the gravity of “Bollywood” streaming below:

As I said, yo: this a TWO-TIME post. [Writer’s note: never LITERALLY “said” that, no.] The front cover of Torn Hawk’s Through Force Of Will j-card shows the broken image of John Bender poppin’ off the rebel fist. I took that as directions for listening, and like a devoted fan of this track “Blindsided,” I’m sitting here at my desk, not working, typing this post with one hand, and clenching the other about two feet above me. So, this bit of the post is taking for ever. But (again), as the SoundCloud tag suggests, True Faith in Torn Hawk is entirely expressed in the freeing nature of his sounds. Also, so I don’t fester this post with back-story, scope out his amazing 2013 and side projects here while listening to the sounds of “Blindsided” below:

• Magic Eye:
• Torn Hawk:


“Orion Beach”

I feel like I was just slapped across the face with my brother’s Nintendo 64, MEMORY card, and EXPANSION Pak in tow. I played so much Wave Race 64 growing up. And this video for “Orion Beach” – from D/A/D’s 2013 Hausu Mountain release The Construct (first edition SOLD OUT, but you can preorder the second edition coming out next week) – takes everything great about that game and replaces all of the characters with some kind of Fighting Polygon Team -looking racers, as they jet around a tropical wonderland all cool-like, playing with crystals and makin’ shit happen. Erm, chillwave? I don’t know.

Thanks NPR for considering all of this song. I’m-a have to go dig out that six-four, yo. Yo, what? I sold it and all your games I borrowed JUST to pay rent? Sorry, bruhh.

• D/A/D:
• Hausu Mountain:
• All Songs Considered:

Various Artists: Hi-Hi-Whoopee

Meili Xueshan I&II

Holy shit, we’re MAD late on writing about this compilation. A few of these fuckers featured here even sent me their tracks before this even came out. And I just slept on it. Mr. P even missed the e-mail. Or maybe it went into my inbox.

In any case, if you’ve been loyal to the TMT brand for the past two weeks, we are proud to present to you, dearest fan: Meili Xueshan I&II. Curated by the excellently named Hi-Hi-Whoopee, Meili Xueshan I&II features pretty much everything I love within the constant perpetuation of music these days. Straight up, just go through the tracklist. If TMT hasn’t covered an act/band/producer/musician/magician/artist on this compilation, chances are we will within the year. So, if you want to get ahead of even OUR game, start scouring the internet for unfamiliar names on this pup, ‘cause you’ll eventually read ‘em here.

I didn’t save seven pages of work yesterday during my nine-to-five, so there’s a few hours ahead of me today I’m TOTALLY not looking forward to participating in. To be honest, I was NEVER “lo0king forward” to doing this work the first time around. However, Hi-Hi-Whoopee’s Meili Xueshan I&II compilation will definitely help me hurdle this heap of an accident. Stream below and wig out:

• Hi-Hi-Whoopee:


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