Signor Benedick the Moor


Self-described krautrap artist Signor Benedick the Moor records all his music in his bedroom. At least, that’s what the Bandcamp page for his debut album El Negro would have us believe. Big deal… there are plenty of bedroom rappers out there — it’s practically a cottage industry, right?

Ah, but the plot thickens. With the release of the “Signor Benedick the Moor LIVE! thru his grandma’s eyes: The Tragic Tale of Bisen Fransisco” video three weeks ago, we learned that Signor Benedick’s bedroom is actually in his parents’ house. Now, I’ll concede that some parents are more supportive, liberal, or artistic than others, but it takes some balls to record a track like “.//End” in their house.

Recording it there twice, though? That’s just downright disrespectful. Here’s to hoping Benedick waited for an opportune time to lay these vocals, because if he didn’t, then based on the veins that start popping out of his neck around the 4-minute mark, it’s safe to assume that this kid’s parents are putting up with more noise than any parents should have to endure.

”.//End” is off Signor Benedick the Moor’s ambitious El Negro from last year. He released his first physical release, the sbthemoor cassette, this year on Deathbomb Arc.

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Guest Mix: LAMPGOD


From postmodern wi-fi graffiti to the VHS to pure unknown territory, LAMPGOD flares off that trans-[itions, dimensions, timelines] swag. However, this post-deity of light and sound absorption masks/shades: music is there for LAMPGOD to re-appropriate by massively eschewing all interest in genre or fervor. The program aggregated by LAMPGOD has detached itself off from under the train-car high-rise, drone flew up the tallest building in your nearest city, and is now projecting signals directly into your brain. Kinda like that Batman with Jim Carrey, minus [everything bugged out about the flick]. This short-but-sweet SENSITIZING NOTIONS mix will not only open your mind to this coming weekend, but will also entrance you forever in 12 minutes of purity of thought, by way of sound collage. Grip SENSITIZING NOTIONS by LAMPGOD below, and enjoy your weekend!


The Savage Young Taterbug

Journeymans Cheddar

Where haven’t you been, Mr. Free? To what lengths shall the imagination of Journeymans Cheddar be stretched? “Percy’s Transmission” ended too soon, and the face clawing laughter of “Hillbilly French” could wreck any human psyche. Strolling along the town docks, kicking pebbles into the port; just meandering “Togetherman.” Feelings “Ain’t Razor Blade” my thoughts with rubbished pain in a bombastic or two. The “Working Juice” fueling straight to my brain into ignition. However, “Ungummed Son & Meltwax Soul” will ultimately be the saddest of all expositions, considering the rewind button and a reel’s life expectancy. And no matter the “Small Sour Ballast” – in the way it warps you aboard – following the “Disc Jockey Inside Corona Bottle” with his pal Tracey Trance into an adventures of exploration. But that “Jacking Boy I Never Knew” is earnestly the most pleasing of thoughts in the most fingered up [guitar] neck lick at the end.

The Savage Young Taterbug has and will continue to ALWAYS satiate his followers. Pipering in his fifth tape on Night People, Journeymans Cheddar rips at the core of Charles Free’s travels across America and sound. Not only of the mind, but soul and existence has mushed itself in a comforting way with The Savage Young Taterbug, seemingly drawing from a plethora of genres, artists, cultures, etc. Though, the case (along with silk screened Night People j-card) is made time and time again that it’s merely deep musical archeology of the ear. And this lyrics are to die for, if you can get past the warp and scratch. Word is, on The Savage Young Taterbug’s upcoming 12-inch on Night People, his voice is surprisingly cleaner sounding, and the lyrics are more revealing than anything he’s done before! Stream Journeymans Cheddar below, and grip it from Night People to complete and/or start the adventure of collecting you Chuckles le Free sounds:

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Roc Marciano

“Slingers” feat. Knowlege The Pirate

I’m not a trapper, I’m a slinger,” raps Roc Marciano at 1:39; the distinction being that while a trapper finds (loses?) himself trapped in a perpetual cycle of crime and punishment, a slinger slyly evades capture to continue flourishing in his chosen trade so he can enjoy the finer things in life, like “sapphire on the finger [or] a crib in Antigua.” To an upper-middle crust-bred academic it might seem a sinister, materialistic end game, but then, as Roc himself said on “Strive,” “Anything besides being rich is excuses.” Watch the gorgeously greenish video for “Slingers” above and download the song, along with the rest of The Pimpire Strikes Back mixtape from which it was taken, here.

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Vol. 3 [teaser]

Shiiit. Don’t listen to this at work. I was sitting in the office thumping this new TOUGH FUZZ out of the speakers while my fingers crackled over old, faded keyboard. Nodding my head a bit too hard for the office of a retail store, where, you know, other people are just trying to do their jobs. “Are you having a rave in here?” my boss asked.

“Nah… I’m just…” I thought about trying to explain beat music and 404 to her, and decided against it. “Yeah, it’s kind of ravey.”

Shiiit. Coffee shops neither. Don’t do it.

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