French Fries

“Forward Action” / “This Kind Of Setup”

Parisian-club gawd French Fries has released two (inter)stellar sneak-peaks promoting his forthcoming LP release Kepler. The two tracks “This Kind Of Setup” and “Forward Action” propel French Fries’ delicate and heavy-hitting style, manifested in favorites like “Hugz (feat. Bambonou)” and “Yo Vogue,” into the extra-terrestrial. Perhaps alluding to the developing Night Slugs aesthetic overseas, “This Kind Of Setup” and “Forward Action” employ corrosive galactic percussion grooves and eerie high end synth decor. In “Forward Action,” a driving boom pushes the track steadily through a marching, computerized chant. As with the rest of French Fries’ œuvre, “Forward Action” and “This Kind of Setup” provoke a powerful inclination to dance. Kepler will be available Feb 24 through Clek Clek Boom, a label co-piloted by Fries himself. Listen to the two sneak-peaks below:

• French Fries:
• Clek Clek Boom:

Chocolate Grinder Mix 100

One-Hundo$-Grand-Milli: hi!

Meeting people is like kicking yourself in the face. It’s like, “Hey, this is how fucking weird I am. Can you get down with that, or (inevitably; without question; don’t stop me from asking) will I walk away with a crippled mentality?” The liar is completely comfortable in new situations. Depending upon how much ego you can excrete upon your mind grapes, fluctuation in reality is sheer mystery. ‘Cause there’s never any way that happened, nahh. Creativity is all about placating a collective world view. Let’s be this person. I want to have interests. Can I understand what you’re saying? Probably, on a level of, “Okay, what does it matter?”

Venting, meanwhile, is like the juice one squeezes into laughter on an iffy day. Is it chill if we just pumped? Put down the pen and get along with the crowd around. Unless you’ve breathing problems. I can understand that. Wet boxes. More than 200 lbs. of metal to lift up 20 steps at a width of [exact size]. Sweat dripping and sticking to the fat around your ventricles. Heartburn is entirely different when the organ is making its way up and out your throat/body. Internal evacuation has nothing to do with Loa and is entirely involved with the meaning of disembowelment. Sacrifice is the ultimate form of flattery. Hi!

Stream below, and subscribe to our podcast here.

[00:00] Future X Mike WiLL - “Bugatti Interlude”
[00:36] Lil B - “Twerk Sum”
[03:00] Gunge - “I Am Sorry
[04:43] New Dreams Ltd. - “Gone”
[05:19] French Montana - “Ballin”
[05:47] AHNNU vs D/P/I - “WST.00”
[06:38] Boy Fruit - “GROWN A$$ MAN”
[07:36] PARTY TRASH - scrapped - 18 knockin
[08:29] Tink - “The Confession”
[09:29] Anne Guthrie - “Branching Low and Spreading”
[09:29] Nicola Ritta - “b2 1015”
[09:40] Arrington de Dionyso - “Insect Sounds in Central Sulawesi”
[09:42] Atrocious Neighbour - “Tama Night Crawling”
[09:42] C L E A N E R S - “Slumtown Symfunny”
[11:03] Jared Leto - “Golden Globes [Intro]”
[11:13] The Savage Young Taterbug - “Hillbilly French”
[11:17] Infinity Frequencies - “Flesh”
[13:18] BONES - “Lightning”
[14:46] D/P/I - “STON E”
[15:45] Beat Detectives - “The Sickness”
[16:51] Bookfa - “PRESS BOOKFA PRESS”
[18:24] Signor Benedick The Moor - “Nihilistic Neoclassical Narcissist: American Beauty Part One”
[20:01] The Crystal Method - “Over It (feat. Dia Frampton of Meg & Dia)”
[20:30] Seth Graham - “Describing Keith Rankin”
[20:51] acemo - “Open Close”
[20:59] E-40 - “Stompdown (Skit)”

Gum Takes Tooth

“This Perfect Surface”

From cavity to cavity, a mapped out night on some mop-shy tiles.
Sumptuous numbness.
Like pips sunken into a blood red orange.
Like scraps of toilet tissue torn ragged between lips.
Those tyrannous bacteria, surfing my saliva, swearing at my white blood cells, waving to their nostril-frequenting buddies.
Till I’m some strewn saffron rice in a red, sticky bed, scattered at the wedding of two Shane Macgowan’s.
Or this kid Carlos, who spat through the gaps in his chunky ol’ canines.
Think of that imminent sink.
Of that sweet squeeze of fluoride, the oil to the chain of my sweet talkin’ gears.
The panoramic rush of titillated pipes.

Sebastian Buerkner makes my head hurt.
“This Perfect Surface” is pop your dad can hate. It wheezes and rollocks and punches like a Matrix fight scene. It hammers out a fine copper plate from which to serve a spring-time album. It laughs at my puny metaphors and contorts them into its caterwauling, entropic sphincter.


• Gum Takes Tooth:

Roger Peet


I admittedly can’t add much to the description of this tape provided by the Ewe of Now Recordings label website, which describes the details of this release perfectly:

OBENGE RECORDINGS is a collection of field recordings by Roger Peet, recorded in the Congo in a now vanished village called “OBENGE”. It has since been burned to the ground by military. The village was very small, and unfortunately neighbor to a ruthless ivory warlord who terrorized them and put them in harms way. EWE OF NOW was fortunate enough to capture these songs on cassette for your listening enjoyment. They are full of life, from a place where life is more real than we are accustomed to. All proceeds from the sales of this cassette go to Roger’s relief work in the in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and hopefully this isn’t the last volume.

Pick up the tape over from the OBENGE RECORDINGS and listen below via the Bandcamp page:

• Roger Peet:
• Ewe of Now Recordings:

Nicholas Szczepanik

Not Knowing [Excerpt]

Nicholas Szczepanik has been undeniably killing it lately. Last year’s
Sueños and Entre los Árboles both confirmed his mastery of epic minimal drone in two distinctively different manners. Sueños highlighted Szczepanik’s relatively new fascination with the interactions of pure frequencies while Entre los Árboles was more in the style of Szczepanik’s previous work with its gorgeous sustained synth harmonies. On Not Knowing, Szczepanik manages to artfully combine these two strains of his work into one beautifully coherent composition.

Not Knowing develops on a piece of the same name from 2011’s Ante Algo Azul and transforms that work into an immaculate circular composition. The record begins with an austere drone, but then slowly transforms into a beautiful wash of synth harmony that almost imperceptibly fades slowly back into the drone that began the composition. It makes sense that Szczepanik dedicates this record to Eliane Radigue because, like her work, Not Knowing unfolds itself with extreme subtlety, and carefully places the listener in new sound worlds without making them feel like much has changed at all. It’s a further testament to his distinct skill at crafting magnificently entrancing long form works.

Nicholas Szczepanik’s Not Knowing is out February 25 via Desire Path Recordings. You can listen to an excerpt of the record below:

• Desire Path Recordings:
• Nicholas Szczepanik


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