Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket)


Carl Broemel of My Morning Jacket is releasing his solo debut, All Birds Say, on August 31 via ATO. Earlier this year, he performed the new song “Questions” at the Lake Fever Sessions studios in Nashville, TN, so when you finally get a chance to hear the album, you should press pause before the track plays, boot up your computer, open a browser, head on over to this Chocolate Grinder post (or to MOG, who posted this exclusively), and stream this live version. Isn’t the internet convenient?

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of Montreal

“Coquet Coquette”

of Montreal have just released a new video for “Coquet Coquette,” the first single from False Priest, which is due September 14 on Polyvinyl. Oh, and by the way, HOLY SHIT: a limited-to-500 tiny mix tape version will be available from Joyful Noise, too!!

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Belle and Sebastian

“I Want The World To Stop” [preview]

Belle and the infamous Sebastian are releasing a new album, Write About Love, on October 12 via Matador. Here’s a little teaser for the album, which Matador reports is part of a “B&S TV show.” Hope it’s like Todd Solondz’ Storytelling. Remember the scene when Scooby’s getting a blow while “The State I Am In” is playing in the background? Ahh, youth.

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Screaming Females

“I Don’t Mind It”

Screaming Females’ new album, Castle Talk, is due September 14 on Don Giovanni. SOUND GOOD OR WHAT?

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Chocolate Grinder Mix 36

“The Light Side of Darkwave”

Earlier this year, I wrote a DeLorean post about the resurgence of “coldwave” in New York and then briefly compared it to the post-punk/coldwave of the late 70s and 80s. It initially seemed strange to hear bands still fetishizing the genre; the minimalistic drum machine/synths/deadpan vocals that characterized the original European style carried specific aesthetic and political values that seemed forced and anachronistic in 2010. Once my knee stopped jerking, though, I started to become interested in the ways the classic coldwave sound was being tweaked (and not just in NYC) to incorporate a range of new influences and methods. The idea of this mix was to imagine a Platonic ideal for the genre and then spin off of it rather irreverently in a bunch of different directions, sitting old with new. A mix featuring 12 songs in a “dark, minimalist post-punk style” could have been made 10,000 different ways. This one incorporates everything from The Boss covering Suicide to Ariel Pink utilizing the Joy Division shuffle, because “dark, minimalist post-punk” is a pretty big tent to revel under*.

*For more nuanced and in-depth looks into the genre(s), the Minimal Wave record label is a good place to start.

01. Parallels - “Reservoir” (thisisnotanexit)
02. Marquis de Sade - “Cancer and Drugs” (Naive)
03. Abwarts - “Der Westen ist einsam” (ZIckzack)
04. Josef K - “Sorry for Laughing” (Domino)
05. Bruce Springsteen - “Dream Baby Dream” (Suicide cover) (abridged)
06. Berlin - “Metro” (Geffen)
07. Xeno & Oaklander - “Blue Flower” (Wierd)
08. Gary War - “Everynight” (Sacred Bones)
09. Blank Dogs - “L Machine” (In the Red)
10. Christian Death - “I’ve Been Bed” (Cleopatra)
11. Light Asylum - “Nights and Weekends” (demo)
12. Ariel Pink - “Revolution’s a Lie” (4AD)

[Artwork: Keith Kawaii]


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