YO! In this-here post are a few things you need to scope immediately. Being on this “year-end” kick is FUN [and all; et al], but there’s so much being missed, so Ima beat your ears up a bit with a few new moments (after you scope the old):

Ahnnu (recent D/P/I collaborator) sizzled some nodes at Dirty Tapes LIVE.

Demdike Stare released Testpressing#004 following a nasty lil cassette.

PAN gave us a taste of their 42 release Dance Classics Vol.III by NHK’Koyxen HERE.

Bootleg Tapes’ LORD $M$ (and future D/P/I collaborator) popped off a World of Shit.

But what’ll get us ALL twitching, especially after earning our #15 spot of 2013 with Fresh Roses, is D/P/I’s newest JEANETTE (MIXTAPE). Stop reading and listen below:

• D/P/I: http://chanceimag.es


Rival Dealer

Easton man gets 20–40 years for shooting Burial

§ In a number of cases a court of equity has restrained the use of geographical words when adopted for the purpose of defrauding the public and trading upon the reputation of Burial, although the person asking the intervention of the court may not have had the exclusive right to the use of those words.

§ For that reason, whenever possible, you want to sell to a collector rather than Burial.

§ Along these lines, it is easy to imagine that Burial might resist the tactics of the original dealer and try to maintain his/her share of the market.

§ Notice, however, the motivation to hit Burial, but leave the customers alone.

§ Although Burial had warned Sharp that s/he would drop the Sharp line unless the plaintiff dealer was terminated, the Court held that the plaintiff had failed to demonstrate a conspiracy embracing an agreement on pricing.

§ During the delivery, Burial saw him and confronted him.

§ A drug dealer known as RT hired Platano to kill Burial, who frequented a take-out chicken shop near Jerome Avenue in the Bronx.

§ That older dealer, Rodney, told Strike that there would be opportunity for advancement if Burial was done away with.

§ Burial ended up dead that very night.

§ After it was announced, Burial came to offer him/her some gloating consolation.

Listen to the Rival Dealer incident report below:
“Rival Dealer”


“Come Down To Us”

• Burial: https://myspace.com/burialuk
• Hyperdub: http://www.hyperdub.net

Lana Del Rey


See what the critics are saying!

“…reborn and cleansed…” – Rolling Stone

“…redemption (and resurrection)…” – Slant

“…paradise…” – The Daily Beast

“…pure bliss…” – Billboard

“…NSFW…” – Stereogum

“…chock full of thrills, chills, and spills, this is the film we’ve all been waiting for in 2013…” – The Dissolve

“A true work of ART!!!” – Perez Hilton

“…references cluster and and explode in an ἀποκάλυψις of pure-Americana, in what is best determined as the final act in the self-mythologizing of Lana Del Rey, the sublime quiet before the Ultraviolence (review forthcoming)…” – Tiny Mix Tapes

• Lana Del Rey: http://instagram.com/lanadelrey
• Shaun Ross: http://twitter.com/ShaundRoss

Susan Balmar / LAMPGOD


So, here’s the straight sizzle: 2013 was merely a practice run for the Bootleg Tapes dynasty. Dynasty? Yeah. Have you been asleep? It’s time to wake up, ‘cause 2014 is going to open dem ears and Bootleg gonna continue to give you that porn-punk cyber-scuzz mixtape love in ways you cannot imagine.

And as a year-end send-off, the Bootleg prophets are here to give you new split between instant TMT legends LAMPGOD and Susan Balmar. Zones get weird, fries get eaten, and blast-offs were meant for a previous future date, marked in the blood of dimensional beings. Seers of loops scratch the sidelines of tape and digital. Noise and ambient flesh between the human, and existence of sound is so solid in texture you falter at the notion of, “What is momentary and momentous?”

Your answer is NEO​-​OEUVRE by Susan Balmar and LAMPGOD, streaming below:

• Susan Balmar: http://balmar.bandcamp.com
• LAMPGOD: https://soundcloud.com/lampgod
• Bootleg Tapes: https://bootlegtapes.bandcamp.com

Zachary Wilson

Faded In The Future

As the hologram of Zachary Wilson becomes Faded In The Future, his production, composition, and thrust programing continues to shake hips in disco museums around the globe. The year is probably way beyond now, the future looks about the same as ever — maybe a few more inventions — but everybody is poppin’ that psyche-wonk Mr. Wilson had listeners BEGGING for during the beginning of this century. As he stepped out from behind his colaborative projects Wilson Daniels and Andy & Zeus, Zachary forges a new pathway in the light of all this dance-til-you-drop-ness. But as tour guide to the advancement of all crystal aquarium hustle-club dance floors, and although his said hologram has become Faded In The Future, Zachary’s tape is NOW available (in limited of 15 [OMG!!!!]), so grip it, reel on out, and submit your body to the art of rhythmic movement.

Forget Fade2Mind or Oil Gang or 100% Silk. Grip on Faded In The Future now and peel ya mind with this Plastic Arts 001 cassette! And if it ain’t making you nod ya noggin, then there’s something wrong, tell your neighbor, and they’ll dial 9-1-1. Chances are, while waiting for help, you’ll have a change of heart, and Zachary Wilson will be your new foot movement and stress melting guru!

Listen to Faded In The Future below, and grip on the cassette here.

• Zachary Wilson: https://soundcloud.com/plasticarts


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