LeBeha Men

“Garifuna Field Recordings”

“Twenty four minutes of haunting legitimacy”. That’s how we at the TMT offices described Stephen Molyneux’s previous endeavors into field recordings. In 2010, when Molyneux was working and living out in Thailand, he made excursions through Cambodia, picking up distant snippets of activity and music. The result was an enticing sort of half-engagement: the feeling of being a visitor in awe of the fleeting sounds of daily life, but without being able to be directly involved or to fully appreciate it.

This latest release has been described by No Kings as a “follow up of sorts,” yet I’m inclined to think of it differently. This year, Molyneux hopped over to Belize where he met the LeBeha Men and recorded the ensemble in single, uninterrupted takes. The LeBeha drumming centre is a project in Belize that teaches local kids traditional drumming skills and is patently successful at doing so, since their graduates were nominated for a Grammy in 2006. So, for me, both projects are intriguing in their own separate ways: one is an exercise in traditional field recording, tracking the messy and meandering sounds of life in a specific environment; the other is an intimate portrait of incredible talent.

• LeBeha Drumming Centre: http://lebeha.com
• No Kings: http://nokingsrecord.co

Brandon Locher

Conversations [album stream]

With some of this year’s top records landing squarely in the straight noise category (I guess I’m thinking especially of Dilloway’s massive and brilliant Modern Jester here), posting something that’s not especially definable as “music” isn’t exactly as groundbreaking of a thing to do these days. So yeah, even though this is severely lacking on the rhythm/melody/harmony fronts (…or is it?), Conversations is (a) still music to my ears anyway, and (b) wildly different from other noise albums floating around. It’s a sound-art piece edited together from several phone calls to numbers randomly selected from a Johnstown, PA area phonebook by a conceptual artist named Brandon Locher. For each successive call, the answerer is answering to the previous answerer, and the next to that answerer, and on and on. There’s almost a half hour of this, and every second of it is fucking gold. It’s a great statement on hot topics like consumer culture and the language of dead/empty signifiers made even more dead/empty in our increasingly mechanized, automated world (among others I’m sure), but I especially like how, as Conversations offers a kind of narrative as it moves along, the various mysteries each caller is presented with develop with each passing transaction, an ever-thickening plot unfolding rather awkwardly and hilariously. There’s a real progression here, and it’s a horribly addicting thing to sit down and get lost in.

Try it out and download it if you want:

• Brandon Locher: http://brandonlocher.bandcamp.com
• My Idea of Fun: http://www.myideaoffun.org

LA Vampires by Octo Octa

“Freedom 2K”

Drop as much as you can; 100% SILK is officially scuffing up your aquarium dance floor. The fellah who brought you these, now brings to you his best impression of “kiss you and I kiss you back.” Shit, what if Octo Octa does his rendition of “Acid We”? Oh, wait. There’s already a tracklisting somewhere, right? #stilldying. Now, I already snagged mine off Experimedia.net, but I’m sure there are other places to find this. Maybe. Just keep on the distro lookout, because it ain’t being sold through 100% SILK until the 19th of June. Mmm, relive forever.

• 100% SILK: http://www.listentosilk.com



NGUZUNGUZU’s “Delirium,” the second track off the L.A. group’s forthcoming EP, sounds so Hippos in Tanks, in the sense that it sounds so James Ferraro, in the sense that it sounds so BEBETUNE$. The track has a similar melody as “#GRINDLYFE,” a similar twinkle as “#C I T Y LIGHT$$$,” a similar feel as “R E P T I L E ONLINE,” and a similar air horn as “STREET DREAM$$” But this is a good thing. Some true flamethrowing liquid metal right here:

NGUZUNGUZU’s Warm Pulse EP is out digitally on July 3 and on CD/vinyl on August 14.

• NGUZUNGUZU: http://www.soundcloud.com/nguzunguzu
• Hippos in Tanks: http://hipposintanks.net

Mass At Dawn

“Demons Of Fire”

Three-inch CDs, what’s that all about? A one-holed circle in which 21-24 minutes of music has been transferred, that’s what. Well that’s all well and good, but how the devil do I play it? According to Kimberley Dawn:

CD-PLAYERS. remember: “spindles and trays
… are okay!”

As one should be aware, any aphorism that (sort of) rhymes is irrevocably true. Anyway, I for one am excited that this dying format is being reignited by the underground. Can’t wait for these little blighters to get back into circulation as well.

Kimberley Dawn is, among other things, proud presenters of Tennessee’s unique and grubby take on psychedelia. Trimutation, from Nashville’s Dylan Simon a.k.a. Mass At Dawn, is all laid back and languid. You can almost feel the weight of that finger as it lies heavy on the unwavering synth note throughout “Demons Of Fire.” Expect more of the same on the remaining 18-21 minutes of seething composition that these three glorious inches offer.

• Mass At Dawn: http://www.myspace.com/massatdawn
• Kimberley Dawn: http://kimdawn.blogspot.co.uk


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