Jakob Olausson

“Morning and Sunrise”

I’m thankful for Jakob Olausson. While much of today’s new music strives to break Earth’s gravitational tether, contentedly drifting through space, Olausson reminds us that there’s plenty of reverb and fog right here on Earth. Sure a title like “Morning and Sunrise” invokes our star, but unlike other notable dawns in music history, I imagine Olausson’s sunrise as one viewed from ground level, a light coming up over a barren hill; Olausson’s cheek pressed against the earth, rather than against the porthole window of a Challenger or Souvlaki.

Throughout the song, the meandering guitar never really picks up any pattern or structure, but the wavering vocals keep us on track with moaned repetition. It’s like traveling with no idea what road you’re on, but strong reason to believe you’re pointed North. Not quite a proper song, this track is from the realm of audiophiles or somnambulists. All this said, his voice and git-box have got a nice sound, and when it comes to music, good sounds are really the best place to start.

Morning and Sunrise LP comes out December 6 on De Stijl Records.

• Jakob Olausson: http://www.myspace.com/jakobolausson
• De Stijl Records: http://destijlrecs.com/055.html

Moon High

“Autumn Leaves”

Hah — listen to Moon High hammer that nail head. They got the honky without the tonk, while spangling fingers on that/there banjo and flute. Flute! Doing their sweetest rendition of post-New Weird Americana. Or, nu.alt.country. That’s a genre now, yeah. What.cd it #stat. Oh, and not to mention that subtle drumming. I saw these peeps play once in Columbus, OH at some house show built around a tree. Which was real, right? Like, I was talking to Dan and Marshall, and I think Mickey was in town, and I dropped my phone in a puddle outside. Needless to say, that drummer was one of my favorite parts. No reason; just nice. Yo, you remember Ohio? Shitty weird winters. Greene Co. and H1N1 outbreaks. Cheap weed and dangle slangin’. People worrying too much about nothing much. “Autumn Leaves,” man: ode to Ohio. Rural driving and yelling at nothing. Campfires after raking piles. Glow-in-the-dark costumes and that hometown shit. Moon High gonna represent at an “unofficial” CMJ show on the free-scrill Saturday @9:30pm, child. Sneak them peeps.

• Moon High: http://www.moonhighmusic.com


“Chalk Point”

The ambient doom duo with the black metal soul, Locrian have made another foray into the vinyl world with The Clearing (TMT News), which is being touted as their definitive release. Opener “Chalk Point” is the perfect track to don a black cloak and stand in fog to. Exactly three minutes in, I promise you will be reaching to turn up the volume knob. Would love to have this automatically cue up on some invisible boombox every time something badass happens, but what wouldn’t seem badass with this as the soundtrack? The cover features an appropriately decrepit photograph by Brian Ulrich of what I believe is a building in Detroit. Hits the streets November 1.

• Locrian: http://locrian.bandcamp.com
• Fan Death: http://fandeathrecords.com

Graham Lambkin

Amateur Doubles (excerpt)

Since 2007’s TMT favorite Salmon Run (TMT Review), Graham Lambkin — sound manipulator, artist, writer, possible Hummel figurine enthusiast — has released something phenomenal every year. First, there was The Breadwinner with Jason Lescalleet in 2008, then solo album Softly Softly Copy Copy in 2009, and finally Air Supply, his second collaboration with Lescalleet, in 2010. This year, Lambkin will set aside his Hummel figurines to release another solo album, Amateur Doubles, set for release on his Kye imprint (which also released Call Back The Giants’ stunning new album, The Rising). More info soon, but in the meantime, check out the appropriately muffled excerpt:

Spanish Prisoners

“Know No Violence”

Check this out: “Know No Violence” was my summer song. It might not’ve been yours, but it was fur-sh’r mine. Just imagine this was someone’s ‘summer song.’ And a good one #admit. Actually, our pal’s Spanish Prisoners just self-released they’s newest album Gold Fools October 4, which they giving away this week for pay-whatever-you-want scrill. All the songs on the album possess zones of all seasons. It’s “wholistic” in a way. That’s not a word, but language changes. I believe that was in my application to become C Monster. Fur sh’r (x2) double check their .bandcamp. They cover “Still Ill” #legit. Oh my goodness, and they’ve CMJ on lock: 10/17 @ Glasslands Gallery, 10/18 @ The Delancey, 10/19 @ 13 Thames St. 3rd Flr Bshwck, Bk, and 10/22 @ Fontana’s. You invited, duh. Go-go-go!

• Spanish Prisoners: http://www.spanishprisoners.com



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