“Pair Bonds (sample)”

Try finding a longer sample of “Pair Bonds” digitally. SWAPS wins. Now, make this sample clip the soundtrack to your search; looping tense layers of plucking, “Bing-it, bitch,” cymbal-tapping, snare-popping, and blank canvas-building, until: *play again*. What. A fucking. Tease. Which means you have to buy the SWAPS 10-inch now! Give ‘em props: any band that voids internet piracy through name confusion is okay in my literature.

The combination of SWAPS serves no wrong: Steve Touchton of XBXRX, Ches Smith of Secret Chiefs 3, and John Dieterich and Ed Rodriguez of Deerhoof. Like Dean’s Uncle Leonard, and as the A-Side’s name “Pair Bonds” suggests, mating of these different styles are complementary. It’s symbiotic, almost. Kind of like the 10-inch sleeve art: particles, colors, yaddas, forming something of something, but not completely a thing, only more some… ? Pop on over to Joyful Noise Recordings; the SWAPS 10-inch is on sale now in mint green, because where else will you find it?

• Joyful Noise Recordings: http://www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com


“Fire Dream”

FACT has just posted a promising new track from the sample-mangling bass music mysterioso Patten. “Fire Dream” is taken from the forthcoming album GLAQJO XAACSSO (it’s pronounced “glack-geut zack-so,” you idiots), out on No Pain In Pop at the end of the month. The track suggests Patten are going to be dishing out some murky walls of sound over the 12 tracks promised. Sickeningly distorted drum sounds and deep textures are the staples here, only parting way for the odd blast of blinding, squashed white noise. If you strain your ears enough, there are faint, muddy vocal lines that trail off before anything is pronounced. This is definitely immersive enough to justify a pair of headphones like these.

• No Pain in Pop: http://nopaininpop.greedbag.com/buy/glaqjo-xaacsso-0/packshot.html

Aristocrat P. Child

“We’re Gonna Make It”

Shake your head “no” or to the music; I can’t see you. C’mon, all these psychedelic sounds are just about lettin’ loose. Liquify to Aristocrat P. Child and feel them new disco zones. Let it sizzle your serotonin. All courtesy of Cameron Stallones, who we all fall prey to #submission.

There’s a plethora of possibilities to chose from while pumping “We’re Gonna Make It.” For example, you can hustle bop, share sherbert, sunglass, break down, holla attcha boi, funk-fuck, go below 15 mph, um — wear pink, etc. Once that beat pops ya ears, you can finally get your off on. Oh, yo, and what’s that at the 5:00 mark? Wǝrd has it, Edit Bay is only a few reels away from the Sun Ark horizon: Aristocrat P. Child is the future.

• Sun Ark: http://www.sunaraw.com/sunarkshopzone.html

Blackout Beach

“Beautiful Burning Desire”

The first minute of “Beautiful Burning Desire,” the opening track of Blackout Beach’s new album Fuck Death, is a shimmering, encouraging wash of sound — like an aural equivalent of the Great White Light that has become symbolic of life’s end. In other words, death is where the song and the album begin. However, true to the discontent expressed in the album’s title (say it with me now: Fuck Death), the song soon changes: the wash cuts out, Carey Mercer’s voice comes in wavering, and he pairs digital Zelda-esque arpeggios over bongo-like beats. Eventually the rhythm dies down again and a soundscape like passing wind carries a broad aria of an outro. Think sort of like a slightly peppier Scott Walker. But most importantly, a minute into the song, it moves past the death-sound, and it’s as if the rest of the album is a repudiation of death itself. Thesis, antithesis.

Mercer says in a press release that he considers “run away” the album’s most significant lyric. But run where? Bora Bora or some hellish woods? He suggests that our world needs to reassess cowardice. “The longing in Fuck Death is not romantic; these are deserter’s songs, coward’s songs.” But this is problematic: “Beautiful Burning Desire” is clearly not the product of an artist acting out of fear, but out of boldness and defiance. Maybe Blackout Beach’s real mission is to cause this confusion, and in doing so define the different kinds of desertion. “Fuck death,” though crass, can either be a phrase of informed, heroic rebellion or something reactionary, mumbled by a kid who’s not ready to accept what he must accept. Either way, Mercer shows us that there’s a desert out there, and though it might be barren, at least it’s a new place to go.

Fuck Death is out November 15 from Dead Oceans.

• Blackout Beach: http://www.myspace.com/blackoutbeach
• Dead Oceans: http://www.deadoceans.com


“Leaf House” [Animal Collective cover]

Covering “Leaf House,” the highly singular first track off Animal Collective’s Sung Tongs, is a terrible idea — unless you’re a rapper named Busdriver (who, by the way, just released an album as Flash Bang Grenada called 10 Haters and is also in a punk band called Physical Forms with ex-Mae Shi member Jeff Byron). The digital single for his cover of “Leaf House,” b/w a new track with Flying Lotus called “Ladyplace,” is out now. Stream the Animal Collective cover above and check out “Ladyplace” here. Both tracks will raise your cultural capital.

• Busdriver: http://busdriverse.com



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