Lily Jue Sheng

“Point, Line, Plane” (EXCERPT)

You’ll have to excuse the pandemonium, all lines are jammed. The doctor is not in. Take a brochure instead. It highlights the key points, the anxiety of textile. Stash it in your glovebox and go.

Park your ass right on the tracks and wait. See what happens. Will the brochure make it home? If you answered “yes,” take an extra one to force on a friend, provided you have any. Will you make it home? That’s not as easy to answer, is it?

When the brand new bullet train to nowhere crashed right smack into your vehicle’s broadside, you didn’t even flinch. It’s hard to say the spectators were “proud,” but they did seem impressed. Maybe I mean “shocked.” Torture has many twists. Long gone are the days of “You are getting sleepy…” Sometimes it’s worth going back to the form though.

Platinum Boys


Oh yeah, baby, the Platinum Boys are back at it. After releasing Future Hits back in March, these Milwaukee dudes are wasting no time, with a new EP, Junior Varsity, and a single that’s dropping right before they hit the road. “Downtown,” streaming below, is a heavy rocker that should sound familiar to fans of P-Boys’ sound, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, am I right?!? As Marc Maron once said, “The Platinum Boys rock. Hard. They mean it,” and there’s no reason to doubt the man when you hit play on “Downtown.” Mmmm, daddy likes that rock n roll : )))))))))

The tour, dubbed “You Better Believe It,” kicks off in Chicago after Thanksgiving, then heads down South and then back up for a triumphant tour closer in their hometown. While you’re in the process of buying a 30-pack to take to one of their shows, be sure to catch the release of Junior Varsity so you can sing along to all the songs, if that’s your thing. The EP drops December 4 via Minneapolis imprint Forged Artifacts (pre-order HERE). Fingers crossed that the Boys tour the rest of the U.S., and the world for that matter. Humanity could use a group of dudes to shot gun beers with, and the Platinum Boys are those dudes.

Platinum Boys “You Better Believe It” Winter 2015 Tourdates:

11.29.15 Chicago, IL
11.30.15 St Louis, MO
12.01.15 Kansas City, MO
12.02.15 Norman, OK
12.03.15 Fort Worth, TX
12.04.15 Austin,TX
12.05.15 San Antonio, TX
12.07.15 New Orleans, LA
12.08.15 Jackson, MS
12.09.15 Memphis,TN
12.10.15 Nashville, TN
12.11.15 Indianapolis, IN
12.12.15 Fort Wayne, IN
12.13.15 Milwaukee WI

Choral Reefr


Gotta respect homies like MJMJ Records putting faith in discography curve balls like DID IT ALL 4 THE PLUSHIES by Coral Reefer. So in honor of High Times hiding all the top bud strains this year from us plebeians, I’ve got their top 10 hidden bud list of 2015:
10. Passport Plower
9. Chianti Kush
8. Wiggle-Wit-It Neon
7. Alloy Melt
6. High Five
5. OG Hulk
4. Thunder Road
3. Moldy Magic
2. MC Emotions
1. Coral Reefer

i'd m thfft able

“what is this door for? what is this door for?”

Call the Attorney General for answers. We don’t deal with hypotheticals. Sure. I was on the team. I was close to the boss. He says do something, you do something. He says paint a wall, you paint the wall. Put a door there, you better believe I’ll put a door there. Coming right up. If you ask me, the boss was ambitious. Overambitious, given the task. He had high hopes. But we all knew we’d never make it that far. We’d complete the job unfinished, and we’d be onto some other john come tomorrow. This is all off-the-record, OK? Low-level first floor sort of chitchat, got me?


Ghost Archive

After September’s release of Tlaotlon’s Viper FBX, Dream Disc spent a few weeks waving around a wood stave and slamming it on the floor like a geeked wizard. There were complaints from neighbors about the amount of fun they weren’t having and it became an HOA ordeal, so Dream Disc sold the stave and logged back on Bandcamp with the password “sci_fi_nihilist.” Touching a wall poster of Geordi with one hand and the upload button with the other, Dream Disc added Indek’s Ghost Archive to its own archives. A side project of long-standing omnicreative Jeremy Bible, Indek came to light back in March through two broken IDM-minded albums. Where Ghost Archive fits and expands the tripped up sound of Indek is one in the same. The post-industrial soundscapes are morphic sentients, aware and unconcerned with the channels and spaces it passes through. It’s like a fleet of ghost ships strewn about the seven oceans live streaming each other the interdimensional short fiction they’re working on.

Ghost Archive is available on digital and cassette.


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