M. Geddes Gengras

Collected Works Vol. 2 New Process Music

M. Geddes Genras likes his synths. He likes his synths a lot. In addition to his multi-faceted roles in bands as well as production work, he’s amassed a number of limited run cassettes focused solely on the synth, the focus of his multi-volume series with Umor Rex. With Collected Works Vol. 2 New Process Music, Gengras brings together eight jams composed entirely on modular synthesizers. Yes, I know all the sounds are coming from one instrument, but dammit if Gengras doesn’t know how to pull so many sonic tricks from his mechanical beast. Umor Rex, who also released Volume 1, as well as Charlatan’s ultra vibed out Local Agent LP, have provided a full stream of the new record for your weekend listening pleasure. If you find the sounds soothing your soul as the temperatures drop nationwide, keep in mind that Volume 2 is NOW SHIPPING. If you wanna grip that blue vinyl, head to Thrill Jockey’s store before they’re all gone!!! Dig these groovy digital sounds below in the meantime.

• M. Geddes Gengras: http://mgeddesgengras1.bandcamp.com
• Umor Rex: http://www.umor-rex.org



The roster on EARWAX FIZZICA 2 is as stacked as I’ve ever seen for one of these beat tape comps. And the tracks are interchangeable, but still stuck. Sure, there’s some iffy choices, but that’s to be expected on a LONG compilation. Shit, maybe my clunkers are your gems? And backwards and so forth? I hope so. I need to learn some more about this whole music thing, so help me out, and listen to EARWAX FIZZICA 2, out on Fuzzoscope. And that crackle. That gorgeous, gorgeous crackle. :)

• Fuzzoscope: http://www.fuzzoscope.com


“Geometric Narrative”

Found out about the new Cuticle LP through Joe Knight when he messaged me about the new Rangers LP that just came out on Not Not Fun recently. Scoped the new video – along-side TMT pal and NNF enthusiast, JasonC – and instantly e-mailed Britt (whether or not he was on tour and playing in a 15 c. castle on October 31) asking if he could prove Mind Holding Pattern was as good as the video-single sounds I heard in “Geometric Narrative.” And I wasn’t a big fan of Mother Rhythm Earth Memory, just a select amount of tracks, so I wanted to double check by listening to the entire beast, and that’s exactly what it is: enough tracks to shred a rug and torch your roof tar.

Look, I can admit when I’m not into a Not Not Fun release, and I think they respect that, but Cuticle’s newest LP Mind Holding Pattern is something to behold (yet, again). Negate that esoterica (on occasion) clinging to Not Not Fun); nix that nonsense about house-ism and kraut-krudding. Cuticle brings production psychedelia on a story-telling plane of existence that gives back to listeners 10-fold.

• Cuticle: https://soundcloud.com/cuticle
• Not Not Fun: http://www.notnotfun.com


“Noises In The Wave Wires Like The Kissing Of The Sea” ft. Rimplton

Vocal grime can sound a lot like hip hop, then sometimes, in cases like Yamaneko’s “Noises In The Wave Wires Like The Kissing Of The Sea,” it can become something entirely new. Local Action has had a strong year, with releases as varied as DJ Q’s soulful garage on Ineffable and Slackk’s meditative instrumental grime on Palm Tree Fire, and on November 24th, the world will be graced with Yamaneko’s debut Pixel Wave Embrace. Seemingly the only vocal track on the album, it calls to mind the watery production of Botany’s Lava Diviner (True Story) or Mssingno’s major “XE2” from last year, but uses some ominous vocals to keep the track grounded in a reality, albeit a fantastical one. It’s even a stretch to call this vocal grime. It doesn’t operate like a producer and an MC; the relationship is much more interconnected and symbiotic. And if Mumdance, Mr. Mitch, and Logos all give the forthcoming album a major thumbs up, we’re all the more excited for the 24th to come.

Pixel Wave Embrace
out Nov 24 via Local Action
01. Fragrance Transmission
02. Greeen Hillz
03. Slew Wave
04. Tropics
05. Yonkoma
06. Accela Rush
07. Primrose Island
08. Seabrooke Rise
09. Tugboat
10. Calotype Process
11. ~
12. Noises In The Wave Wires Like The Kissing Of The Sea (feat. Rimplton)
13. Adrift

• Yamaneko: https://soundcloud.com/yamaneko
• Local Action Records: https://soundcloud.com/localactionrecords

Radiant Husk

Deflation Basin

Imagine yourself in the bowl that vibrates sound while the rim is circularly rubbed. Become a part of that shake. Resist all urges to escape as it’ll only pull you back in. Now hear the world around you through a ring that will not persist. Thought absorption has been implemented, and your entire imagination is now controlled by the Radiant Husk of sound. Within the Deflation Basin, your senses are switched on to ULTRA, and becoming transformation is metamorphosis. Suck in this last ray of light, as this level of audible inertia cannot be shook off. Forever, listeners will remain ensnared within the pulse of Radiant Husk’s witchcraft of music. And Bezoar Formations is fully aware of this imprisonment. Reach up and out. Try to escape. It’s the only hope you’ve left. As once this need to leave fades away, so does your mental state, and being a “vegetable” is merely a part of organics.

So who said Deflation Basin couldn’t be organic? Yeah, it’s a manipulation of sound, but as a creature born with the power of evolution, can’t there be a shift in mindset of how noise and ambiance congregate into that of orchestration? What does Radiant Husk help you remember/imagine? Streaming below – from the wonderful Bezoar Formations SoundCloud page – is a new challenge in creativity, Deflation Basin; take this trip, why don’t you..

• Radiant Husk: http://www.discogs.com/artist/1686215-Radiant-Husk
• Bezoar Formations: http://www.bezoarformations.com


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