Thug Entrancer

“Death After Life VI”

Thug Entrancer, the nom de plume of Denver mainstay Ryan McRyhew, released one of our favorite albums of 2014 so far, with Death After Life. The album consisted of 10 rhythmically-fucked tracks, five of which were self-released last year on his Laser Palace imprint and five new ones exclusive to the Software version.

“Death After Life VI” is one of the new tracks, a squiggly, sedated hybridization of dance tropes that finds its visual complement here with surreal, off-colored digiscapes and flashing, glitched-out VHS geometry, courtesy of Montreal-based artist Sabrina Ratté. It’s arm’s-length hypnotism, Comte de Lautréamont in The Red Tower, José Santiago behind the bushes.

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“my little homeless”

肉人形✰MEATDOLL is back once again to scare the fuck out of you. On her latest track, the Paris-based artist eats some sugar and then throws it up, the distorted, sad void felt through bile and poverty and misery and a worm-skin birthday cake. Sure, “my little homeless” is disturbing and repulsive in the context of her chosen imagery and language, but it’s also mesmerizing in a fetishistic, obsessive sorta way. Check it out below.

☆▀██▀╔╗╗╔╔╗─A░☆ƘἶȘȘêṣ♡▄▀▀▄▀▀▄♡ⓥⓘⓟ ☆░██░╚╝╚╝╚═╝N░☆ƘἶȘȘêṣ♡▀▄─♡─▄▀♡HOPE ☆░██▄██─────D░☆ƘἶȘȘêṣ──♡▀▄▀

 偏差値   偏差値    偏差値   偏差値
高身長細身 細身高身長  高身長細身 細身高身長
高収入将来性高学歴家柄  高収入将来性高学歴家柄
黒髪誠実一途真面目優男  黒髪誠実一途真面目優男
 面白味高収入将来性    面白味高収入将来性
  高学歴家柄黒髪      高学歴家柄黒髪
   誠実真面目        誠実真面目
    面白味          面白味
     金            金




With footwork having long since severed its umbilical ties to Chicago, it’s easy to forget about the artists still producing tracks in the Windy City. One of the lesser-heard and lesser-known is DJ MC, a South Side producer back from a two-year break from uploading — and who also happens to be one of the weirdest and most innovative. He’s at his best when he takes minimalism and repetition to the extreme — as he did on his Bangs & Works Vol. 2 track “Y Fall” and on the unreleased “Super MC” — which is precisely the approach he takes on his latest track, “tha8080’s.”

Sure, footwork can get same-y and incestuous, its tropes becoming traps and its templates becoming hindrances. But when producers allow their tracks to really breathe, when they exhaust the repetition and foreground the choppy loops like they do on this number, it still cuts through the clutter like the knife that originally sliced through the electronic dance scene four years ago. Check it out here:

• DJ MC:

Vial Of Sound

“Myself With You”

Calling all inter-dimensional listeners! AMDISCS has contacted another side of reality and are receiving transmission. Drenched by a Vial Of Sound, the label has pinpointed the intent of communication here as “Myself With You.” Figuring out who is “Myself” and “You” is the universal question here. What if it is you connecting with another version of you from a different world, and it considers this interaction beyond applicable to psyche? Bottom line: AMDISCS just portal’d through another dimension, found YOU (the listener) on the other side, and this is your experience with that version of you outside this world. So wORsh it all back down with a Vial Of Sound, and you’ll be within God’s Oscillator.

The prophecy of self drops April 24, as AMDISCS reveals their newest otherworldly release, the God’s Oscillator EP. Vial Of Sound are among the confines of what IS, and experiencing their music can take you to another level of movement. Like, if you listen enough, you’ll move that funny/new way while dancing to it and totally develop a muscle that’s been unidentified in humans because we’ve never moved in such a way before. So get cut up, flex it out, stream below, and listen to Vial Of Sound’s “Myself With You.”

• Vial Of Sound:

Magic Fades + Soul Ipsum

Zirconia Reign

Color is no longer an issue under the Zirconia Reign. There is so much fragmented light that a blur of everything fruitful in vibrancy to the viewer is nearly a shimmer of smeared sight. Feeling around is the only option, and echos of what once-was filters into the future plans of capital living. In the urban atmosphere. And here, 1080p Collection was brave enough to visit this future date, snag 60-minutes of conversations between citizens Magic Fades + Soul Ipsum, and brought it back for those adventurous enough to find meaning in Zirconia Reign life. This world and all worlds benefit in everything. Shouldn’t the forger be reliant on the leader. In a way, both Magic Fades + Soul Ipsum lead listeners on a sonic tour of how life FEELS in a post-digital world. It’s telepathic. It comes in sounds and acoustics. There’s the refurbished and the new. Something so pure it feels like a warm shower in the middle of a cold afternoon. It’s always the perfect weather. What you can’t see will never come back to harm you. It’s merely a measure of challenging your senses and preparing them for when the time is right.

1080p Collection does NOT fuck around. There are worlds on that label, and Magic Fades + Soul Ipsum delightfully previews us for the future of Zirconia Reign. Prepare yourself and listen to the release below, find peace within the blindness of color, and grip this tape ASAP off 1080p:

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