Chris Weisman

“Don’t Be Slow”/ “Backpack People”

Chris Weisman is one of the few folks who manages to turn the most dissonant music into some of the most invitingly warm folk pop out there. There’s an overwhelmingly humble intimacy to his spare 4-track recordings that masks the dense harmonic progressions and angular melodies that inform so much of his music. Instead of calling more attention to the strangeness of his music over time, Weisman has instead gradually stripped away all but the absolute bare bones of his music over his last few albums and the recent tunes from his forthcoming Holy Life That’s Coming on NNA Tapes reveal his songs in their most minimal forms yet. Both “Don’t Be Slow” and “Backpack People” re-imagine singer/songwriter pop with the tonality of 20th century composers like Charles Ives. The fact that Weisman accomplishes this with little more than double tracked acoustic guitar and voice is a testament to his wildly inventive approach to minimalistic folk.

Holy Life That’s Coming is out via on February 26th. You can listen to “Don’t Be Slow” and “Backpack People” below:

“Don’t Be Slow”

“Backpack People”

• NNA Tapes

Wet Leather


I like to find the best of things in things, while also keeping myself straight up with people who ACTUALLY read my writing here on Chocolate Grinder (can’t even shot out to my family or fiancée here), as well as being a true pal to people who give me the same in return: I’m really in love with Wet Leather’s attitude in their new video for “Feel.” Like, to be real, I get why people still make music like this, but beyond that, the lyrics here are really fabulous. It’s weirdly positive in a questionable way, literally. Like, highlighting the importance of chance and change. And nostalgic in a way that appeals to the time when radio played this sort of alternative rock, so the complimentary feel is actually super linear, here. Also, watch this little visual delight carefully. If you though magic was all smoke and mirrors, the illusion is within the cameraman.

Scope the new video for “Feel” below, and get Merc’d with Wet Leather this Saturday.

• Wet Leather:

Skydive trio


“Bravo” is yacht rock on a dinghy’s budget. It’s scaled down; stripped of its meat; a skeleton of a whale decorated - like a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree - enough, no-more-no-less, to make the sale.

The brass section, the backing vocalists, the auxiliary percussionists - nowhere in earshot. They must have gone overboard. Yet, a full-scale production would prove excessive, for “Bravo” is already bioluminescent without the aid of a symphony or a daisy chain. Picture multiples of Michael McDonald singing 2nds with hisselves, a cappella, the other studio tracks muted.

For kicks, to pass the time on the sea, a good friend of mine reduces artists to two categories: “Lion King” or “Modest Mouse.” In other words, epic or undersized - towering or tiny - high and mighty or low and humble. “Bravo” exists in the gray area. With confidence and a clean smile, it is intimate and exposed; vulnerable. Down to its skivvies, it shrugs. Nothing else is necessary. Skydive Trio shrugs. They reach the peak with hands in pockets.

• Thomas T. Dahl:
• Mats Eilertsen:
• Olavi Louhivuori:
• Hubro:



After releasing Frenemies, one of TMT’s favorite releases of 2014, Felicita returns with a squishy little track called “Tails.” It’s a harmonically bizarre yet formally genius number, with Felicita skewing the pop formula to produce something that approximates the repetitive, glitchy incoherence of modern-day living. LOL “modern-day living.” OK, maybe not, but the track is perpetually unstable, continuously threatening to unify into something palatable but never does because it’s comprised of, like, rainbow synths, scribbled rhythms, and a jello.gif.

Meanwhile, check out Felicita with the PC Music crew at their SXSW showcase.

• Felicita:



Just to feel it, right? You can see it so much further away, but is it? Follow the resonation of being. Vibrate with matter like never before. There’ are pOrtals throughout reality that only exists in the pockets; typically ignored. The reality will inevitably always be worth taking a risk. Like finding the greatest loot known to man, in your backyard, and learning how to share. Is here even worth it any more? There is no key to life, so explore to your body’s contempt. Breathe in every bit of life wherever, forever. Only way out is to escape. What mystery lies beyond? Discover within pOrtals.

“P_OST_TT” is the musical score to a deep-web narrative project hosted by Quantum Natives, and made by Rosen. As they’ve divulge secrets about other project coming out before pOrtals, Quantum Natives is hosting a bit of an online-journal in various locations of the Internet following this project up until its existence, which is coming SOON! Be on the look out for a few rabbit holes, and in the mean-time, enjoy “P_OST_TT” stream below by pOrtals:

• Quantum Natives:


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