Cyprus Skate Plaza [Suites]

Crystal skylines crashing upon the city of Cyprus sunset. A silhouette freckled with red and white and [neon] lights, while flickering in the corner: Cyprus Skate Plaza. It’s a hoodlum haven of ramps and pipes, drops, rails, wax, green ponytails linked to nose rings, lounge-like, WAX; the TOPAZ☯GANG has settled. Holed up in the abandoned Cyprus Commons Mall, geeks and yung and snot and toxic members of the [Suites] fight corporate and government infiltration in order to maintain their living quarters. Some “Sk8 2Gether,” others “Sk8 in the Rain,” and some merely watch the “Rainfall.” Focused and fortified goons up in the old sports store pumping between brawls with cops. Boarders ridin’ in hot, stacked with jackets full of unopened electronics and Doritos and. “Thoughts of you,” “I don’t smoke weed to feel like I’m on drugs,” and other positive outlooks tag-scrawled just about everywhere. Cyprus Skate Plaza coming in on the hard pleasant, and TOPAZ☯GANG ain’t backing down. :)

Hi. TOPAZ☯GANG just released one of the most conceptual albums of the year, Cyprus Skate Plaza. I mean, it could be anything, rly. But imagine all that above in varying 32- and 64-bit graphixx?? Like, and Illuminated Paths (although, I believe isn’t one for video games, but…) would be the sort of label to get a hold of an old Super Nintendo cartridge maker, find someone to make a video game for Cyprus Skate Plaza, and release it –straight up– exclusive for SNES owners. Maybe that’s too capitalist. Or maybe just get someone who makes hacked ROMS, and put the new TOPAZ☯GANG tape to OST it. Either way, Cyprus Skate Plaza is grizzly, even when it’s not intentional, there’s a strong vibe on atmosphere and (even) psychedelic elements that grasp listeners like the perfect feel. You know the one. And Illuminated Paths is here to help you reel it out.

Listen to Cyprus Skate Plaza [Suites] by TOPAZ☯GANG below, and head to the Illuminated Paths website for a legit-ass tape. No joke:

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Noumenal Loom been giving a new name to pop music in the past year or two now. From Foodman to Dark Web to my boii, Seth Graham. Now, the Birmingham-base label is shooting for the same skewed pop fare through Earthly, warped from a wrapping of sounds blended as your would two colors into anew in “Glaze.” Like swimming in a lake that had only been a painting, you’ll always emerge in a different shade than the naturally given. Desire is only followed in the footsteps of what came before, but Earthly has always been, no? “Glaze” sounds as if the group had created an entire song only to shove it through another gantlet of filters and effects, revealing an entirely different visage of beauty. Or that feel when you wake up and your sig-nif or best friend or pet or child or family member are looking at you smiling, and you react, “Bah!” and don’t remember it until the next afternoon and laugh to yourself. The jovial sounds and melodies in “Glaze” will get you smiling so big, you’ll have to head on over to Noumenal Loom for the entire Earthly album Days on LP out July 24. SCOPE:

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Event Cloak

“False Positive”

Music can be quit misleading. One could hear the new Event Cloak and believe it’s “futuristic,” when really it’s haunted as fuck. And that’s a “False Positive.” I’m not playing when I reveal this, but you’re listening to ghosts. Beyond that, Orange Milk Records owners Keith Ranking and Seth Graham both traveled from Ohio to Montreal earlier this year to help Event Cloak record the sounds hear before you. Seth ended up becoming possessed by some unearthly entity and Event Cloak and Seth lost Keith in some dimensional rift. Having left the recorder on the entire time, most of what you hear and think are actually fabricated sounds in “False Positive” are actual ghost noises in this world, but from the beyond. While realmed in a different area of time and space, Keith defeated Seth’s enchanter, releasing him from the puppeteering spell, but Event Cloak never came back the same.

In honor of Event Cloak’s mind-expanding experience, Orange Milk felt a bit guilty and decided to let him have an LP entitled Life Strategies release on their label. To their surprise, an orchestra of composure in ancient and beyond languages arose from the Orange Milk HQ speakers, so they pressed it, and now it’s available for purchase on LP, so you can hear each deep-cut of horror.

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Seagate® Backup Plus Desktop Drive 5TB (​.​860kg)

As Plastic Response Records is almost out of Welcome To Warp Zone – after TMT’s graciously given premiere – Nmesh put aside the ZONΞ ΞATΞR vibe to clean out his hard drive and title the compilation Seagate® Backup Plus Desktop Drive 5TB (.860kg). It’s 360 tracks. It’ll melt Wednesday afternoon into Friday night. It’s got a Wobetz Mix of Ween’s “Mononucleosis.” It’s the ultimate Nmesh b-sides. You thought you gripped all his deleted tracks? Nahhh! But he did, for you, with a smile on his face. Such a sharer. The first song is nearly 34 minutes, for cryin’ out loud. Y’all got some thick listening layers to sift through here: ambient, remixing, vaporwave, feature tracks, kid hop, anti-capitalist, plunderphonics, etc. Mostly etc. Heavy on the etc. Love the etc. Forever!

So, take away from Seagate® Backup Plus Desktop Drive 5TB (.860kg) what you will enjoy. Fuck it, make a mix of it, even. Sample some of this and then make your own styling of music. But what it mostly comes down to is a character study of Nmesh, beyond his exquisite musical organization. And if Seagate® Backup Plus Desktop Drive 5TB (.860kg) isn’t proof that he’s got shit together (but is also an EXTREME digital hoarder; like, psychosis level hoarder; like, Nmesh could make his own app with all the music he has stored on his computer, figure out various effects-driven algorithms to chop and loop and record these samples, and provide listeners with their own Nmesh-esque activities while waiting for a pizza; like, innovative branding of the modern-day digital mega-library), I don’t know what is anymore, Bill Clinton. Nmesh is Bill Clinton on hyphy levels of sonic disassociation. Mr. President presents Seagate® Backup Plus Desktop Drive 5TB (.860kg) below:

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Dolphins Into The Future - Lieven Martens Moana

Songs Of Gold, Incandescent [Select Movements]

As I’ve said before, it’s excruciatingly important to read what Lieven Martens Moana has written about his releases. Thus, I present to you a scan of his writing off the newest extended version LP of his 2014 tape Songs Of Gold, Incandescent:

Okay, so that’s a tiny-tease. But so are just three tracks from the entire album, as they are listed on his Bandcamp: “Culatra Island,” Sweeten The Mango,” and “Lava.” In light of anticipation, I’ll blockquote what’s said about these three for context:

I. CULATRA ISLAND: When solid and fluid embrace. On a sandy beach in South Portugal.

III. SWEETEN THE MANGO: Circumstances… A bar, hidden in a thick forest bordering a vast lava plain. The barkeeper fronts a small exhibition — a few panels of newspaper clippings — on the independence movement. On one of the panels, in black marker, someone wrote a few lines of Missionary Graveyard, a poem by Haunani-­Kay Trask, a Hawaiian poet, academic and activist. Next to a faded sticker of the Shaka sign. Outside the bar, a whited read locked hippy plays the ukulele. Coqui frogs are chirping in the background. This song is an investigation. A missionized hymn, a melancholic piano vignette, and the church bells, counter pointing island fauna. A question mark.

VII. LAVA: The volcanic eruption. Burning lava flows. The black void of the lava beds. The electronic waves in this song create a lively after image. Lava is an extended mix of the middle section from The Bells From Above, a sound collage in three parts.

Lieven is a humble man of creative and composed genius, as I know he’d never admit to any of that, and shy away blushing, maybe. But look at his back catalog. Shit, some of it isn’t even listed; check out what I picked up from good-old Josh at Tomentosa Records. Like, check your backyard right now, Lieven is probably halfway in your tree-bush, blue floral shirt barely peaking out, and all you see is a long silver pole with a boom at the end of it; his feet muddy in flip-flops, on his tip-toes, reaching his mic closer to a tiny nest of birdies, trying to reach the natural sound of this world without ever disturbing it. Humble. Genus. Composed.

Lieven is also fronting Music From The Guardhouse on cassette, which I will have to arrange my collection again to fit it in. There’s truly only a handful-or-two of artists we all respect, believe in as “the future,” and compare all other musical acts against. Lieven Martens Moana (a.k.a. Dolphins Into The Future) is not only inspirational musically and artistically, but ethically and mentally. He’s a rare bread of human the world needs exceedingly more of today.

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