Bad Kisser

“God Lived as a Devil Dog”

Under the Foie Gras moniker, San Francisco resident Iphigenia purveys a strain of barely-there drone populated with swathes of sustained chordal pads that blur into a reverbed wash akin to the minimal ambient output of Hakobune or Celer. The project succeeds in concealing any vestige of her physical being, whose hands press keys or strum strings or twist knobs, under a veil of absence, as if her tones poured from some natural wellspring beyond human control.

Iphigenia inverts this paradigm with her Bad Kisser project, allowing a ray of light to streak through the parted black curtain and illuminate her visage somewhere in the darkness. Fragments of singer-songwriter balladry reach us as a garbled collage, smeared into abstraction by lo-fi production techniques and reversing processes. Her new mini-album Bate Kush presents these alien acoustic sketches in tiny bursts of muffled activity, fusing the dark energies and rituals of the Nico -> Grouper school of melancholic solo songwriting with the truncated compositional tactics of, say, grindcore. Iphigenia’s yearning vocal melodies, projected toward us as if from the depths of a vacant foxhole, animate each of her miniature compositions into a morsel of emotional information beyond any hope of deciphering.

The video for Bate Kush closer “God Lived as a Devil Dog” finds Iphigenia running up that road in slo-mo. The song unfolds as a mirrored image, stretching in reverse to the midpoint and refracting back into legibility for its conclusion. The video presents both sides of this coin: reversed, black and white, drawn straight back into previously tread ground; forward progress, color, something like a future.

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Post Nothing

P​.​N. Demo

Daniel Masiel is back, y’all. PHEW!! But waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. What is this sound? Must be that Post Nothing P.N.Demo. Whoa, though. This is a new twist on them Weird Cry Records typical sound akin to the label name. Really into the rockier feel. Especially that blues feel. And Celeste’s cymbal work is so delicately angular. Then old Rob comes in with that crushing bass lick. Fuck.

Only three tracks to tango with, but take them long steps, ‘cause the dance is really just a game of chase. So lose yourself within the Post Nothing. SHIT, the 1:10 mark on “Involuntary Smile” rings true to the title. Let the P.N.Demo take you there:

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UltraaBriight, of the always unique Orange Milk Records, takes us on a journey through an internet dreamscape, where binary code is organic and social media intimate. It seems as though “Vague” takes the tropes of what the layperson thinks electronic music is and smashes those expectations in their face. But instead of that smash hitting directly, it creates an alien soothing over their ears. Briight sounds are masked by static, and just as we crave a rhythm to break or come back in, it changes at precisely the most satisfying moment. We never miss one element for too long. “Vague” comes from Ultraabright’s new Roue de Fortune, seven soundscapes to get into right now.

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Teengirl Fantasy

“U Touch Me” (Holly Waxwing’s Pocky Spliff Retwist)

As I’ve written about before, but maybe not clear enough: the person remixing the song is actually the biggest critic. Not saying new Teengirl Fantasy is bad, nor do I entirely agree with Will, but one thing is for sure, and that’s how much I love Holly Waxwing’s Pocky Spliff Retwist of “U Touch Me.” Flavor tasting of the Cleveland duo is definitely there and these sounds are solid in production and tone, but the way Waxwing twitches out such a stutter is mystifying. There’s an awestruck notion to the way this Pocky Spliff Retwist sounds, and it goes beyond my expectation. Still, nothing can ever beat Teengirl Fantasy’s “Hoop Dreams” track (the TRUEST of track gems), but Holly Waxwing will continue to go deep, and “U Touch Me” (Pocky Spliff Retwist) is worth putting on MAX for rush-hour traffic. LET’S GET MOVING, PEOPLE!!!

Thermal, Teengirl Fantasy’s newest banger is currently on Break World Records physically. So swing on by and snag a copy. And don’t forget to check out the progression of Holly Waxwing’s label Noumenal Loom throughout 2015 for more forward-progress in musical developments.

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Jónó Mí Ló

“Untitled #6”

Do you think Jónó Mí Ló got some fat cash for that can of Red Bull?

Think he tried on those virtual pants, but decided against them? Opting for more human-friendly pants?

Da ya thunk Jónó Mí Ló called up michaelgreenv6.0 and was all like, “Hey man, wanna make a sick vid for a tight track?” and then michaelgreenv6.0 was all like, “Yeah, dude. Def city.”

Rumor has it that “Unitlted #6” is off the upcoming Untitled on Wasabi Tapes. Will that be out in the space age future, or sooner?

Wanna hold hands?

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