DJ Infamous

“Dikembe” feat. Young Jeezy & 2 Chainz

In more of a commercial/PC-Music advert fashion, DJ Infamous set up a slick, pretty generic beat for MC titans Young Jeezy and 2 Chainz for their Worldstar Hip Hop premiere video of “Dikembe.” And yeah, it’s swag. Triplets in and out. Rich blood. Reverse twerking. Vodka and cars. White background HARD.

There’s a picture somewhere of 2 Chainz and Young Jeezy on the internet. It’s out there. It’s evidence. But you’ll never know that level of internet bourgeoisie because the Dark Net gonna steal another $12 million from your Silk Road Bitcoin ass. Leave you like, “I had $12 milli?” Then you DO find this picture and realize paying for this may not have been worth it. ‘Cause now you on a list, cuz. You never safe. Ever.

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Félicia Atkinson

A Readymade Ceremony

This past Saturday, I was blessed with a visit from the old Chocolate Grinder editor, Keith Kawaii, after Jeff Ravioli and I saw him perform as Giant Claw at Trans Pecos. At my place, he was telling me all about autonomous sensory meridian response, and just up until now – listening to one of my favorite 2015 albums thus far A Readymade Ceremony, back-to-back at work – I hadn’t thought about it since then. Admittedly, I’d never heard of this response to sounds, but also thought the feeling had never happened to me. CUT TO: your face at the moment you recognize FOMO.

However, I’m wrong, because Félicia Atkinson has been doing this to me for YEARS! And this album is no different. Shoot, actually, it’s probably more-so ASMR than her previous releases, and in horrifying ways. Almost as if she’s using this to shake your spine, hitting keys off-key, that intentionally sloppy composition, like pretending you’re drunk, and people across the street get that shrill and walk fast. I’m gonna have to say, nothing makes me want to walk away from my work-dark more than A Readymade Ceremony. But mostly just to turn’t it in my car, close the windows, and melt with that classic Félicia Atkinson atmosphere. Actually, I think this album was her thesis for something, no? I heard that somewhere. YOU can hear A Readymade Ceremony below:

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We Will Fail


Warsaw based visual artist turned sonic explorer Aleksandra Grünholz originally released her stunning sophomore album Verstörung 2.0 for the Polish listeners on experimental electronic oriented label MonotypeRec in the late fall of 2014. The record is now getting a re-release for a wider audience on the same label, and is promoted by a mesmerizing video directed by Olga Ozierańska. Set to the slowly drifting, ethereal muffled pulsing soundscape, it’s a metaphysical art film taking a foray into the alienation and strange explorations of the two protagonists, who conduct a series of “Codex Seraphinianus” level experiments and discover a strange mixture which probably carries some terrifying truth - just like the entire album by Grünholz.

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// Smurphy

“Garden #1 - #LAgardens”

There’s something really interesting going on in // Smurphy’s newest track “Garden #1 - #LAgardens.” What I noticed first, after all the beginning build-up, was the title in juxtaposition of this insane jungle beat she’s using as a melody rather than the rythm. As the rythm is just this thumping house beat, it arrives shortly after the introduction of quick-cut vocal sample, backed by a sort of underwater sound that shift pitches throughout the track. Yet, the package in totality IS (as the SoundCloud page hashtag-insinuates) trace. It’s like juggling all these bits of music and thoughts in your head while trying to remain calm, sitting in a fairly crowded garden, and a breeze lifts the hair on your arm. Everything is happening at once. Everything is fine.

Smurphy’s newest track “Garden #1 - #LAgardens” is streaming below; I heard this on a whim last night, and can’t stop it from repeating now:

Also, if you can’t fuck with Austin right now and are out west, head to her B2B set with D/P/I tonight at Hyperion Tavern:


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Skipp Coon


The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement issued a 2013 report on 313 black people executed without trial by police, security guards and self-appointed law enforcers in 2012; 136 of those killed “had no weapon at all at the time they were executed.” On March 11, 2015, the New York Times reported on the killing of Anthony Hill, a bipolar black man who was completely naked and unarmed at the time he was shot dead by police. The article described Hill’s death as “the third police killing of an unarmed or apparently unarmed black man in the last five days.” Skipp Coon reports—

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