The King of Limbs

[This stream is no longer available.]

Fans have been speaking out against Radiohead lately, but that hasn’t stopped the band from continuing ahead with the latest in the King of Limbs (TMT Review) saga: more marketing to celebrate the physical release of the new album!

In addition to releasing a newspaper called The Universal Sigh (TMT News), Radiohead are streaming the entirety of The King of Limbs through various sites all week. And trust me: you haven’t heard the album “the 2011 way” unless you’ve streamed it in the background while surfing the net and thinking about chillwave/darkwave/witch house/Rebecca Black/James Blake/etc. through a fractured, half-remembered something or another.

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The Universal Sigh:

Blank Dogs

“Slow Room!”

On April 26, Mike Sniper (a.k.a. Blank Dogs) will release an album called Collected By Itself: 2006 - 2009. It compiles out-of-print singles, EPs, cassettes, and compilation tracks. Look for it on Capture Tracks. Have a good weekend. Talk to you soon.

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Wet Hair

“Echo Lady”

Wet Hair will release In Vogue Spirit May 7 via De Stijl. YES PLEASE.

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• De Stijl:

Marissa Nadler

“Baby, I Will Leave You In the Morning”

“Baby, I Will Leave You In the Morning” is off Marisa Nadler’s forthcoming self-titled release on her own Box of Cedar Records. “It’s the most honest, natural record I’ve ever written,” says Nadler.

• Marisa Nadler:

Co La

“Egyptian Peaches”

Yesterday on Altered Zones Ken Seeno of Ponytail – and recent creator of this great NNA Tapes release – made a guest post highlighting his friend and fellow Baltimore musician Co La. See the hardcore Cali airbrush image above? There really is something of that captured in this music. A real sheen and shimmer, you might say, if, like, you were a shitty writer.

You can get the Co La tape entitled Rest in Paradise at Watercolor Records.

Egyptian Peaches by Co La

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