Bestial Mouths

“Rattling the Teeth”

I wonder what the members of L.A.’s Bestial Mouths do to themselves to get this super-amped before they write and record tracks. Their new album Hissing Veil, on the masterful DAIS label, is 14 relatively quick song-bursts blown out with great intensity, a cyberpunk opera with tendrils reaching back towards no wave. “Rattling the Teeth” is a rare moment on the record when singer Lynette Cerezo lets her voice come down a little bit from its usual muscle-tensing heights. Screaming guitars and bass synth take over, and the existential urgency is tangible.

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Ray & The Prisms


Why can’t we all wield synth sounds this immaculate and warm? In under a minute, Ray & The Prisms create a full sonic world ripe for exploration — the Juno, the massaging bass tones, random whistles, a stew of percussion that makes you want to slip into a blank dream. Can we have more please? A 16-minute release on the fresh Data Garden imprint might not be enough. This shit is hot. Eitherway, check out the label’s physical products, which are “digital album codes on artwork that can grow into living plants.” As in, you plant the album art in the ground and it sprouts. Definitely keep an eye out for these guys in the future.

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Olli Aarni


The first piece from this young Helsinki artist’s new cassette, Ylitse, on Michael Jantz’s (Black Eagle Child) Avant Archive label, is a staggeringly beautiful construction of soft loops and tape-distorted tones that I could listen to for hours without thinking a moment has passed. That aching, blurry melody. This is his first full-length album and seemingly definitive release, coming after several CD and CD-R releases as Ous Mal on Australia’s Preservation and UK’s Under The Spire.

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Co La

“Vanity Plate”

BBC did the best job of reporting Co La’s listening experience. That is, except for Mr. Papich himself (à la Shea Stadium). But couldn’t you imagine his set live? As soon as “Vanity Plate” hits: errybody gets down. You sweatin’ and that sound-suspense is just teasing ya. Checking that honey next to you; questioning if you should smile/nod or get your grind on. Maybe buy her a bottle of water first. Only you’re acting coy, cause this the first time IRL role-playing with your girlfriend. And she nervous cause you can smell her farts.

Role-play make me question where all this pseudo-screw/sampling spawned. Seems like it’s battle royal between Replica (TMT Review), I’m Fuckin You Tonight (TMT Review), and Daydream Repeater right meow. Who can sound the most postmodern? While you decide, don’t let this video persuade your opinion or nothing. Holla at NNA Tapes immediately for your copy of Daydream Repeater, and check out they’s revamped website!

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In the “Reptilians and Amphibians” installment of Life, the sequel to BBC’s magnificent Planet Earth, heroic naturalist David Attenborough narrates the hunt of the menacing Komodo dragon. In the clip, the dragons siege a water buffalo. At first they cause only minor damage to its hooves, but secrete deadly venom with every cursory bite. Despite its massive size advantage, the buffalo has no defense against the poison soon coursing through its limbs. But the venom takes weeks to kill, during which the dragons stalk with hungry patience. Weeks. The upshot? The prey spends the last sickly, lethargic days of its life face to face with the creatures that have sentenced its death and who will eventually eat its corpse. Nature at its most sinister.

Salva’s track isn’t macabre (though, curiously, the name resonates with the reptiles’ lethal “saliva”) or particularly patient, but it is a touch sinister, dark, and exotic, crawling down a sizzling beat. Could that vocalist, the seductive moaner, be fork-tongued? Is she saying, as if engaged in slow pursuit, “I’m gonna make my move”? But, then again, I bet it wouldn’t be so bad to spend a couple weeks face to face with her. Eaten alive, etc.

Altered Zones reports that Salva’s Yellowbone 12-inch is upcoming on Frite Night.

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