Kyle Landstra

“The View From Here”

“The View From Here” lifts you as an apparition. Floating aloft your home, the tree that covers sunlight into your kitchen, telephone pole wires, birds shitting on your roof, clouds forming into white and grey, and you come to here. Here is where you complete a view. A view of colors sectioned and smeared. Moving outlines dash and drag along the landscape. Where the world curves looks like lit space/stars. One step is another continent, and you’re over deserts and dunes dwindling and resurfacing. Over the ocean, blue and shadows move with and without each other. The arctic ain’t melting, but erupting into streams and rivers. In waves of wind, the rain forest from here subtly and shortly awakens, as if recovering itself with blanketed foliage. Rest now upon “The View From Here.” Contemplate as though you are a part of Earth, not controlling it.

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Paul Jones

Broken Arrow EP

You know all those beats that take the rhythms of footwork and throw some jazzy chords all over it, often to undeniably lush effect? Well, if Astro Nautico aren’t behind it, they’re at the very least blogging about it night and day. Now on their 12th release, it appears to be the turn of label founder Paul Jones to reveal his takes. Yet contrary to his labelmates (Kuhn, Obey City), Jones mostly chooses to slow things down and makes things a little more wonky. It’s less juke/jungle hybrid and more late-night, drunken slow-jams, with a subtle dash of the humble bitcrusher and a less subtle spray of wildly panning noise. However, if you feel you’re missing some fine time at 160bpm there’s always the ludicrous Kuhn remix. It’s also free, which is a difficult thing to have qualms with.

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Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland

Black Is Beautiful [trailer]

Celebrity superstars/fashion icons Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland (also sometimes known as Hype Williams) are set to release Black Is Beautiful, an exhilarating 15-track album of their fuzzy brand of surreal, trash-humping pop. It’s really fucking great. Check out the album’s trailer above, which (as Clash points out) features audio from a WWE advertising campaign. Sounds about right.

Look for Black Is Beautiful April 16 on Hyperdub. And while you wait, don’t forget about Blunt’s latest mixtape and please do yourself a favor and put Donnie & Joe Emerson’s “Baby” on repeat. You’ll thank us later.

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“That Life”

Whenever I think of the name LiL ♎ JaBBA, I always think of this, only replace “girl” with “name.” Listen, the more Jurassic Park links I put in, the more points I get with the old ball-and-chain (she’s a J-Park fanatic). But she never reads these, so in light of that, she also does a good verbal version of footwork/juke when she’s in her talking-zone. I was also hoping for some James Brown sampling here, using that lounge sound errrbody else is fronting on the scene. But, wherever. Originality, ya lingo? So, what do you think? Is LiL ♎ JaBBA just an imitation of? Or a new cutter and stacker? We’ll find out if he’s ever picked up through someone/thing major. At this moment, I’ve listened to this track so many times, it’s hard to say if the music is making me anxious to hear more tracks, or turn it off.

*****OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, wait wait wait wait. Scope this shit out. WTRCLR fucking picked up his newest release? That’s AMAZING!! HAH, talk about a quick turn of events.

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Diamond Terrifier

“One Point”

This is fun. Sam Hillmer here playing only [one] note on his sax as an exercise in being. It’s an interesting notion and read. He’s pretty lighthearted about it or is just being an asshole. He also has an enormous tour coming up, that y’all’ll hear about here shortly. For now, he’s playing Sunday here. Stop on by. I’ll be the dude there with the crooked forehead and oblivious peninsula hairline. WHOADEY!

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