Ryan Howe

Pimples in 3-D CS [preview]

Using sunn 0))), Umberto, or (dread) witch house as examples of what “horror” sounds like these days is too Sheen. So, like, omniscient-ambiance, knife-sharp synths, and *screw-screw-chops* are fly and all, but it’s becoming commonplace, no? For nostalgia’s sake, try creating a mental mashup of all your unplay-tested NES games, VHS-taped commercials, and loops of PBS science videos. Now, like, anachronistically think back to missing out on those sounds when you were little: waiting in the car for hours, being abandoned at parks, sitting in school detention. Pimples in 3-D creates a totally perplexed tease-horror soundtrack to your life being skewered by everything you hated during the pre-digital age. Let 2011 soak in. The shit we got now (a.k.a. the cell phone I’m listening to this clip on because of a power outage) is “what’s up,” and if you want some straight nostalgia-horror, Howe is where it’s at! Yeah-yeah, and check out all his other stuff through the link below. He was also honored as being a part of the last batch of tapes before El Tule turned SEO.

• Ryan Howe: http://chudsdelight.blogspot.com
• Ratgum: http://www.ratgumrecords.com

Vieo Abiungo

“What Lay To Waste” [feat. Joan Jeanrenaud of Kronos Quartet]

Yesterday, Vieo Abiungo (a.k.a. William Ryan Fritch) released And The World Is Still Yawning, the 13-track follow-up to his 2010 solo debut, Blood Memory. Mastered by Miles Whittaker of Demdike Stare, the album is available digitally and on 180-gram vinyl via Lost Tribe Sound, who are also offering a deluxe edition that includes a limited-edition remix CD. In addition to remixes by Benoît Pioulard, Sven Kacirek, and Tokyo Bloodworm, the 78-minute, 16-track CD features a unique collaboration between Vieo Abiungo and Joan Jeanrenaud, cellist for Kronos Quartet. Check it out above, readers.

• Lost Tribe Sound: http://www.lostribesound.com
• Kronos Quartet: http://www.kronosquartet.org

Balam Acab


You have to turn it up until it dropzzout. Thug-lean that four-door. And shit’s rattling #yourchange ;) Don’t be ashamed blasting that 100% high school vibe; just feel it. Suggestion: if you proceed to ride Tri Angle, continue for the visceral experience. Cuz, that beat freshens errrything. The vocals are a nice touch of hushed-harmony too. Even that thunder clap-clap intro invokes some sort of competition to turn up the volume. It’s perverse almost. Almost. And then the song plays again and how does my chell-faun work(?) and where is my computer and this song again? You can get the new BALAM ACAB album Wander/Wonder off TriAngle in LP, CD or digital formats (sales began 8/29). Play once daily for supreme satisfaction. Leave it at one moment each day. Then you straight.

• Balam Acab: http://www.myspace.com/thebalamacab
• Tri Angle: http://tri-anglerecords.com



Matthewdavid sets a good example for electronic artists by distributing his music without aggression. This year, Brainfeeder dropped Outmind on LP/CD and the digital Internatinal EP, and the track you’re listening to now is off his recent Sweedish Fish CS42 split with Odd Nosdam, released on Leaving Records (Matthewdavid’s label). You may have hit up last winter’s banger Livephreaxxx!!!! when he remixed Sun Araw live at Sun Ark studios. I thought them bumps broke my cassette player; proof: Matthewdavid can absorb Cameron Stallones. Well, “Reunited” is much easier listening, showing off his professional dub-synth collage workout while utilizing his beat and texture production styles. These sounds are nothing to furrow your unibrow at when viewing Leaving Records’ line-up: dak, Ras G, and split-mate Odd Nosdam. Though you can’t find the Sweedish Fish CS42 on Discogs (yet) or the Leaving Records homepage, keep on the distro-lookout for it. It’s always nice hearing a few more digital-drips from Matthewdavid. I also guarantee this will pump up the volume for Odd Nosdam in modern cassette culture. Can I guarantee that?

• Leaving Records: http://leavingrecords.com
• Matthewdavid: http://dublab.com/learn/labrats/matthewdavid

Viktor Timofeev

“Flying Zonogons”

Viktor Timofeev’s 15-minute epic paints a pretty desolate landscape. The press release compares “Flying Zonogons” to Godspeed You! Black Emperor as well as Norwegian black metal, and it’s apt — I haven’t heard burned-out guitars screeching this menacingly in a while. It’s total in-the-red, bristling at the edges, visceral droning horror. Haunting shit. Don’t miss the the full album, titled GIVE HEALTH999, when it comes out September 14 via Lo Bit Landscapes.

• Victor Timofeev: http://victortimofeev.com
• Lo Bit Landscapes: http://lobitlandscapes.org/blog


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