The Garment District

“Bird Or Bat”

My dog Mahdi is a little stinker. As soon as we’re out the door, she races down our steps and gets her head stuck in the gate. I flick my BIC, play “Bird Or Bat” on my phone, it becomes the new night-walk jam, and I put my hood up. Mahdi is a hound doggie, so she loves playing detective on our walks. Her squirrel-hunting music is my man Marvin (NOT YOU), cause she’s the devil. She continues to sniff along, and I nod a lot until we reach the top of our block’s hill by big bushes. I’ve never been past that point, so I go around the front of the school there #mistake. Thinking the people talking at the end of “Bird Or Bat” is coming from inside the school, I instantly douse my Jamaican and run away with Mahdi down a ravine. The Garment District’s new cassette Melody Elder gives thanks to Night People. You should too by checking out Night People’s most recent batch of releases ASAP!

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Glass Vaults

Into Clear EP

Hey. Come here. I want to show you something. Closer. Put your ear, like, right there. Now listen up. It might get a little loud, but stay put. It’s supposed to. What? No, I’m not spitting. That’s just the billion shards of crystal shrapnel embedding themselves into your ear. But it feels nice, right? I thought so. Soothing. A warm blanket, plus acupuncture of the ear drum.

OMG Vinyl turned us onto Glass Vaults and this, their new Into Clear EP, available either as a name-your-price download from bandcamp (where their first EP from 2010 is also avilable) or on extremely limited vinyl from JUKBOXR. The whole thing is certainly worth your time (and the bloody mess, plucking those shiny little daggers from your cochlea).

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Sun Araw

“At Delphi” / “Impluvium” [double feature]

Eventually, everything will be done via the internet: your job, ordering food, using the bathroom, everything. Sound familiar? Imagine 20 years from now: vascular root internet, cyborgs, and digi-shits. “At Delphi,” one becomes all becomes infinity. Legitimacy is non-existent. There is no more consciousness pondering reality. Facts are numb3r5 !nt0 w7 83($ 2d*& no more 3-D. I miss that breezy tropical dimpled Sun Araw :.(((

That’s more like it. I’m not looking forward to a lifetime’s worth of cold this winter in New York, but I always got Ancient Romans. “Impluvium” being the #1 crowd-pleaser. When I stakeout the park across the street through my window and fan, I’ll imagine an Abbe Findley dancer producing some heat #breakingsweat.

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Mount Eerie

“Distorted Cymbals”

After being silent (relatively) since 2009’s Wind’s Poem (TMT Review), Phil Elverum (a.k.a. Mount Eerie) is back with a new track called “Distorted Cymbals.” Once again, Elverum is trying something new, even going back to K’s Dub Narcotic Studio to record, which I find very exciting. (Then again, I was equally excited when I heard he switched to AXE body spray last year.) The track will be available on a 7-inch b/w “Anglepoise Cymbals” (a remix by Calvin Johnson/Selector Dub Narcotic), due February 7 on K.

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

Meanwhile, a new Mount Eerie album is due in 2012. Info coming soon!

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The Sandwitches

“The Pearl”

Boy, with all this stellar synthesizer music being released these days, it feels like forever since I’ve listened to some good ol’ folk rock. San Francisco’s kinda-creepy/kinda-cute Americana band The Sandwitches have turned out to be quite refreshing at a time like this. With the year-end approaching, I have been obsessing over which of this year’s countless groundbreaking drone/noise/synth records I like best, and whether I can even begin to understand all this “footwork” shenanigans; so hearing music made by three or four recognizable instruments and lovely female harmonizing voices is kind of a relief. The familiarity is what’s so great about the kind of rock music The Sandwitches make, but it’s the little haunting nuances that makes this band stand out. I guess The Sandwitches’ name sums up their sound: primarily fun, silly, and witty, while containing something obviously dark and frightening.

On November 8, Hardly Art will release a 7-inch entitled The Pearl containing two new tracks from the band as a follow up to their acclaimed full-length from back in March, entitled Mrs. Jones’ Cookies. Side A contains the title track, a love song that seems to gain seriousness as the song goes on, but maintains a steady cheerfulness throughout. Listen to “The Pearl” and get pulled back to Earth from all that damn space music you’ve been drooling over.

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