Matt "MV" Valentine

“PK Dick”

According to Byron Coley, “PK Dick” is “a paean to nth dimensional logic in the form of a Swedish psych-folk readymade.” But it probably just means Pitchfork Dick. Check out the track streaming above. It’s from What I Became, Matt “MV” Valentine’s forthcoming Woodsist release due June 14. (via AZ)

• Woodsist:


“Prologue: The Swan Is Ecstasy (Subtitle RMX)”

TRDMRK is releasing Not Enough Light II, a digital-only EP by LANTVRN. Wonder if they’ll release a “newspaper” version.




Brooklyn synth freaks OPPONENTS have released a good amount of material in just the span of a year. Their latest release is called Ambivalent Cloud Designs, and it serves as a ‘companion’ piece to last year’s debut I Swarm With A Thousand Bees. The new album has just been released on Obsolete Units in an edition of 100 professionally-made cassettes, so do what you gotta do.

• Obsolete Units:



Already bolstering one of the most intense albums of the year, Liturgy give us the video we’ve been waiting for: the band playing harsh blast beat metal while looking kind of chilled out/mellow. I guess it takes some relaxation to be able to play that fast – you can’t bust out blast beats with a tense arm and wrist, right? Also, apparently death metal aficionados are pissed that these guys aren’t wearing white facepaint with black robes.

• Liturgy:
• Thrill Jocket:

Tyler, The Creator

“Tron Cat”

“Tron Cat,” another song from Tyler, The Creator’s forthcoming album Goblin, leaked late last week. Check out these recent tweets from Tyler regarding the leak:

“Aww Man, Some One I Know Personally Leaked Tron Cat. That’s Fucked Up. I Know This Cause Only OF Had That Version Of It.”

“Damn, That Actually Is Like Fucked Up, Not Even The Album Version. Fuck.”

Tyler, The Whiner? JK. Goblin’s due May 10 through XL Recordings.

• Odd Future:
• XL Recordings:


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