“Trouble Ain’t Nobody Seen, But Me”

Anyone else notice the increase of trumpets in drone music? The instrument definitely creates a unique, melancholic vibe on this track from Brooklyn band Grasshopper. They sidestep a lot of the stagnation in modern drone, feeling both static and dynamic at once. Cool!

Hear more on a split with fellow Brooklynites OPPONENTS, out soon on Baked Tapes.

• Grasshopper:
• Baked Tapes:

United Waters

“Platetectonics 1”

As we recently reported in our award-winning news section, Brooklyn’s Brian Sullivan (of Mouthus) is releasing a new album, Your First Ever River, March 1 on Arbitrary Signs. He’s going under the name United Waters, because when you get down to it, isn’t life all about uniting waters? Maybe not, but “Platetectonics 1” is sweet, nonetheless. Check it out.

• Arbitrary Signs:


“Karelian Starmaster (Evil Lucifer)”

Oh shit, we missed this when it was released on CD back in March of 2010! Damn, is a shitty site. Luckily a vinyl edition of this italo-horror-goblin-lazer-metal album is coming out… soon? Giving us an excuse to post a track. The band’s also got a new 7” over here (good luck with that communist website).

• Nightsatan:


“Always Right”

I haven’t heard Peterlicker’s debut album Nicht yet, but Editions Mego says it’s “a classic, basically.” It’s due April 11, in an edition of 500.

• Peterlicker:
• Editions Mego:


“Part of the Game”

Airbird is Joel Ford, one half of Games, which is an electronic duo featuring Daniel Lopatin, aka one whole of Oneohtrix Point Never, an electronic synthesizer project that has more name recognition than Airbird, so hopefully now you give a shit about what I’m writing. Dick.

“Part of the Game” is a completely addictive, slow-burning number taken from a new split between Airbird and Megafortress, out on The Curatorial Club. You can hear more tracks on their website.

• The Curatorial Club:…
• Airbird:



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