Apache Dropout

“Sam Phillips Rising”

Indiana’s Apache Dropout are releasing their debut album March 29 on Family Vineyard. It’s self-titled, and it’s fuzzy.

• Family Vineyard: http://www.family-vineyard.com


“FORMA 230”

Edition Mego’s Spectrum Spools imprint, which focuses on “the North American synth underground,” has two new releases on its horizon. The first is a self-titled kosmische album by New York’s FORMA, which consists of Mark Dwinell, Sophie Lam, and George Bennett. Using my incredibly discerning ears, I hear the following instruments: Roland RS-09, Roland SH-1000, Roland RE-101, Yamaha CS-15, Crumar DS-2, Oberheim SEM, DSI Mopho, Moog LP, Farfisa Compact Combo, Roland TR-707, Alesis HR-16B.

Forma is due May 16.

• Spectrum Spools: http://www.editionsmego.com/spectrum-spools

Bill Callahan

“Baby’s Breath”

Bill Callahan’s new album, Apocalypse, is due April 19 on Drag City. Listen to “Baby’s Breath.” Now that I’m a father, I know exactly what Callahan’s singing about.

• Drag City: http://www.dragcity.com

Ford & Lopatin

“Emergency Room”

Here’s the first single from Ford & Lopatin’s new album, Channel Pressure, which is out June 7 on Software. Is it just me, or is this very reminiscent of Max Tundra when the vocals enter? Or maybe all white people just sound like that. Anyway, I won’t refuse such deep Sega Genesis sounding slap bass.

• Ford & Lopatin: http://www.myspace.com/gamesmusic
• Software: http://softwarelabel.net/

Dolby Anol

“Red Leather”

About four minutes into “Red Leather” that riff burrows into your head for good – you realize that it’s actually been going for quite a while and, thank god, it’s not going to stop for another minute. There’s something absolutely minimal about Dolby Anol’s use of raw, unfiltered tones and their lack of bells and whistles. Some might even call it lazy, I prefer economical.

• Dolby Anol: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dolby-Anol/56045720753?v=app_178091127385
• Tigerbass: http://tigerbassallovertheplace.blogspot.com/



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