Peter Knight

Allotrope [album stream]

Such is our commitment to high-quality investigative music journalism here at Tiny Mix Tapes that I just went ahead and Wikipedia’d the word “allotrope” for you. For realz. No need to thank me. Here’s what I discovered: it has something to do with science and is an etymological descendant of the Ancient Greek άλλοτροπἱα, meaning “changeableness,” which Wikipedia is pretending is a real word. Apparently, diamond and graphite are both allotropes of carbon.

This record, the latest from Melbourne composer Peter Knight on Aussie “new” and experimental music label Listen/Hear, offers a bunch of different allotropes of the trumpet. “Electroacoustic adventures” Knight calls them, created using the trumpet, flugelhorn, laptop electronics, amplifier, and pedals. They’re all pretty sweet, but I’m gonna go ahead and single out “Trumpet Latop Amplifier 1” and “CD and Contact 1” just for kicks. Joe Talia, most well-known for his work with fellow Aussie Oren Ambarchi, as well as Keiji Haino and Jim O’Rourke, features on the mixing desk.

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Death Grips


Okay, let me half-ass this really quick because I have a lunch date in like five minutes: Death Grips closes the 2012 Adult Swim Singles Program with “@DEATHGRIPZ,” an unreleased track from The Money Store (TMT Review). The song, premiered by VICE, can be downloaded here and streamed right here:

And remember: Death Grips’ second album of the year, NO LOVE DEEP WEB, is due in October. Bye! See you at Applebee’s!

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Oneohtrix Point Never

“Music For Reliquary House”

Music without distinct lyrics makes the most creative mindset for the listener. Leaving the listener lost within the creativity of sound, rather than vocalized direction, provides building blocks to a completely original, personal narration or daydream. Which mildly explains the direction of some of my posts (just don’t want y’all reading the same thing over and over again; stick with Tiny Mix Tapes, please).

Oneohtrix Point Never seems to take this [non]vocal concept one step further in “Music For Reliquary House.” Set, in my mind, against the backdrop of a viral computer left plugged in on the 24th floor of an abandoned office building, a software choir of stuttering avatars harken a digital spell to decode their virtual existence and hack their way into the real world. Tugging at wires, warping sound from a dimension within human dimension, beyond natural mindset, these avatars are determined to become the next life form. What they didn’t expect is mainframe cowboy Daniel Lopatin to wrangle their mantra into a collected and concise piece of art, which Toby and Matt (of NNA Tapes) bossed and pressed split-style with Rene Hell.

Read more about “Music For Reliquary House” here, and listen to part of Oneohtrix Point Never’s side here (including its source material):

Pre-order now. LP available in eight days.

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West Widows


Here’s a gem from earlier this summer you might have missed from instrumental hip-hop producer West Widows. “Violence,” from collaborate mixtape Greetings From Spring Break Tapes Volume 1, is in fact a non-violent-sounding track, with woozy synths and a skipping drum beat. There’s some interesting political rhetoric, too, which lends this cut an interesting lyrical/musical contrast. Widows appears to be a reclusive dude — there’s very little info on him on the World Wide Web — but here’s hoping we hear more from him soon.

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Flying Lotus

“Binge Eating Without You (Unfinished)” [remix of Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You”]

You’ve heard the acoustic/beatbox cover, the Shakkapella version, and the ukulele rendition. You’ve also heard Zachary’s cover, Kally’s cover, and Jessica’s cover. Hell, you even know how to play the fucking song on piano, guitar, drums, and saxophone. And trumpet!

Well, congratulations. You are now ready for Flying Lotus’ “ruff draft” remix of Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You,” titled “Binge Eating Without You (Unfinished)”:

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