“I’m Aware”

Clinic will release Bubblegum, their sixth album, on October 5 through Domino. Now you are “aware.” HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!

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Chocolate Grinder Mix 37

“In Deep & Ant Mew Sick”

Electronic music may be my first love, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the rich variety and engrossing lyricism rock has to offer. From Oy’s tale of overcoming fears to take a wizz in the middle of the night and The Fugitives’ detailed investigation of their apartment building society to Woodpigeon’s heart-wrenching survival of a broken relationship and a selection from Anaïs Mitchell’s engrossing acoustic rock opera, “In Deep & Ant Mew Sick” is as much a collection of short stories as it is a mix tape. This mix is just as interesting musically as it is lyrically, though, featuring everything from toe-tapping, banjo-driven folk to offbeat, psychedelic synth pop.

01. Chet - “Saint Jerome, My Baby Tames Lions” (Chelsea Silver, Please Come Home)
Start time: 0:00; Links: Absolutely Kosher - Chet

02. Woodpigeon - “Such A Lucky Girl” (Die Stadt Muzikanten)
Start time: 3:49; Links: Boompa - Woodpigeon

03. Gigi - “The Hundredth Time feat. Duffy Driediger & Ryan Peters” (Maintenant)
Start time: 10:44; Links: Tomlab - Gigi

04. The Fugitives - “Snail Shell” (Eccentrically We Love)
Start time: 14:15; Links: 604 - The Fugitives

05. Anaïs Mitchell - “Flowers (Eurydice’s Song)” (Hadestown)
Start time: 17:56; Links: Righteous Babe - Anaïs Mitchell

06. Old Man Luedecke - “Foreign Tongue” (My Hands Are On Fire and Other Love Songs)
Start time: 21:26; Links: Black Hen - Old Man Luedecke

07. Oh No Ono - “Swim” (Eggs)
Start time: 24:30; Links: Friendly Fire - Oh No Ono

08. Oy - “Snake” (First Box Then Walk)
Start time: 29:05; Links: Creaked - Oy

09. Rafter - “No Fucking Around” (Animal Feelings)
Start time: 32:16; Links: Asthmatic Kitty - Rafter

10. Birds & Batteries - “The Villain” (Up To No Good)
Start time: 35:30; Links: Eightmaps - Birds & Batteries

[Artwork: Keith Kawaii]

Blue Water White Death

“Song for the Greater Jihad”

Blue Water White Death, featuring Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart and Shearwater’s Jonathan Meiburg, are debuting their self-titled album on October 12 via Graveface. The extremely short bit of “noise” during “Song for the Greater Jihad’s” interlude (around 3:15) gets two thumbs up from the Chocolate Grinder. LOVE IT.

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• Graveface:

The War on Drugs

“Comin’ Through”

Future Weather, the new mini-LP by The War on Drugs, is due October 26 via Secretly Canadian. Read Nobodaddy’s news story for some drugged-out fun.

• The War on Drugs:
• Secretly Canadian:

Bill Baird


Bill Baird, best known for his work in Sunset, has released a deliciously experimental album called Silence! on Autobus. We just posted a review of it, so we thought — HEY, LET’S POST A BILL BAIRD VIDEO IN THE CHOCOLATE GRINDER TOO!! And here, after weeks of preparation, is both the post and video.

• Autobus:


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