Buffalo Moon

“Moses Baby”

Moon Glyph got shit on lock. In their glow orbits Buffalo Moon’s new album, Selva Surreal #outnow. It possesses this desert-science fiction aura with a hint, I SAY, a hint of jazz. And there will never be enough break dancing in this world to cure me of sax-sickness. But thanks to Landon Odle for trading me Wetsuit for my Sevens That Spells tape, I got laid last time I listened to Buffalo Moon.

@”Moses Baby”
- Check out the pit hair, *mm*
- See that sneaky/quick background snatch?
- Moses looks like the bassist from Personal and the Pizzas.
- Director of video probably was like, “Long movements, ya-dig? We can’t afford slow-mo. Kthxbye.”
- People were way self conscious about wrist fat #cue_dancers.
- One last thing before the credits: “All That She Wants” @Any1Else?

• Buffalo Moon: http://www.myspace.com/buffalomoon
• Moon Glyph: http://moonglyph.com

Sex Church

“Dull Light”

The dull light of ungoogleable Sex Church is shining through a black cloud of boring post-garage rock (mostly just sounds like regular old pop-punk, don’t it?). With what just might depose all your neo-Blink ilk, their new record Growing Over seems to send their ringing guitars and beaten rhythm section soaring up into the air to suck that extra energy from the heavens. Double monotone singing and a stamp that says “Load Records” ought to demonstrate that this is coming from the right place: burning punk dread, not happy-go-lucky youthfulness. But don’t get me wrong, sad punks know how to party: this is a jammer.

• Sex Church: http://sexchurch.tumblr.com
• Load: http://www.loadrecords.com


“Cash Mattress” (live on BATV’s Golden Sounds Series)

I sort of doubt Boston’s Neptune [full disclosure: my band has played shows with them in the past] timed the release of their new Silent Partner album to line up with most haunted houses’ opening weeks, but what the hell — let’s go with it. Art-rock in the most literal sense (every band member plays on home-crafted guitars, drums, and assorted knick-knacks built by head alchemist Jason Sanford), Neptune have banged through several lineup mutations since their inception back in nineteen-ninety-frickin’-four, going through probably more scrap metal than the Millennium Falcon. In this live performance video for “Cash Mattress” — a throbbing, roiling rumble of percussion and electronic bleepy-bloopery that puts the Neu! in Neubauten — the core duo of Sanford and Mark William Pearson are joined by new members Kevin Micka and Farhad Ebrahimi on drums and drum-type percussive implements (“aluminum discs and bowls” are actually listed in the starting lineup). They replace former percussionist Daniel Paul Boucher, who left for Arizona after the touring wound down for 2007’s color-schemed Gong Lake.

Silent Partner hit the streets October 11 on Northern-Spy. Neptune will be christening it with a release show at Union Pool today in New York.

• Neptune: http://www.neptuneband.com
• Northern Spy: http://www.northern-spy.com


“Anywhere Anyone (Pearson Sound Beatless Remix)”

Normally working in the realms of earth-shattering beats, Pearson Sound (a.k.a. Ramadanman, a.k.a. David Kennedy) has restrained from adding even the slightest shimmer of a cymbal to his remix of Dntel’s “Anywhere Anyone.” While this is likely to infuriate many young ruffians waiting for the splitting kick to punch its way through the ambience (though there’s a clue in the track title), the fog of swimming sounds show a mellower side of Kennedy. Thankfully, he still maintains his wonderful way with warped vocals, as madly-pitched, incomprehensible syllables fly around your ears. Certainly one for the late walk home.

• Dntel: http://www.dntelmusic.com
• Pearson Sound: http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/pearsonsound
• Sub Pop: http://www.subpop.com

Ghostandthesong / Chris Rehm

“Unscharfe” / “Shimmer”

The Dayvan Zombear blog has become an indispensable resource, opening our eyes and ears to pretty much any release with the merest whiff of nostalgia. More recently, and much to my own excitement, they’ve also started their own cassette label, DZ Tapes. Thus far, we’ve had a wondrous compilation, a testament to the relentless internet trawling these guys presumably do, and an album of extremely crunchy Russian garage rock. Next on the DZ bandwagon are Ghostandthesong and Chris Rehm with this joint release, due for release on the 11th of November.

As you’ll hear, Ghostandthesong are maintaining the good ol’ spirit of the amorphous, guitar-based jam. They keep things tight and concise, occasionally tossing in bird song (Urban Jungle), which wholeheartedly receives my respect.


Chris Rehm is based more in the drone department, but we find snippets of his beguiling vocal chords on tracks like the excellently named Free William Cosby. Check it:

In tribute to Dayvan, I leave you with the words of their founder, Brett, who is undisputably concise and to the point: “[Don’t] be an asshole, it’s all about the music, bro.”

Dayvan Zombear: http://dayvanzombear.blogspot.com
DZ Tapes: http://dztapes.blogspot.com

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