Jerusalem and The Starbaskets

“Walkin’ Across Yr Grave”

Missouri’s Jerusalem and The Starbaskets, featuring Jeremy Freeze and Kim Sherman, will release DOST on May 7 via De Stijl. The group is terribly under-recorded (so I’m told), so De Stijl has taken upon itself the duty to spread their tunes.

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Channel In Channel Out

“Invalid Entry and The Enchanting Word”

Portland’s Channel In Channel Out, the music project of Marcus Cotten, will release his debut full-length, The Author And His Narrator May 24 on Karaoke Kalk. Check out the Music Tapes-esque video above.

• Channel In Channel Out:
• Karaoke Kalk:


“A Bomb In That Suitcase”

Asva’s Presences Of Absences drops May 26 on Important. It’s a limited-to-500 double LP, and after friends and family get their copies, there’ll be, what, like 20 left? As Todd Rundgren once sang, “I gave you fair warning.”

• Important:

Deep Earth

“Speak My Language”

Is it good or bad when a band in 2011 reminds you of David Gilmour? Shit, maybe I need to expand my musical horizons, get better references. Anyway, look what this press blurb says:

Subverting the ear, Deep Earth never builds to a climax of bombast or decoration, opting instead for sophisticated maneuvers above an adamant percussion that achieve an ascending tension.

It is interesting how the statement implies that bombast and musical catharsis (big payoffs) are the opposite of sophistication. Crass or cheap, I guess? This mentality just highlights how outright sentiment is still laughed at in hip culture, while a continuously ascending blank stare passes the barometer for coolness. This is why post-rock sucks now.

• Moon Glyph:

Pink Reason

“Sixteen Years”

According to Squeo, a.k.a. my best friend, Pink Reason have finally recorded a follow-up to their amazing debut, Cleaning the Mirror (TMT Review). The new album is titled Shit in the Garden (I knew they’d get soft on us), and it’s due May 17 on Siltbreeze. Check out “Sixteen Years” streaming above.

• Pink Reason:
• Siltbreeze:


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