Graham Lambkin

Amateur Doubles (excerpt)

Since 2007’s TMT favorite Salmon Run (TMT Review), Graham Lambkin — sound manipulator, artist, writer, possible Hummel figurine enthusiast — has released something phenomenal every year. First, there was The Breadwinner with Jason Lescalleet in 2008, then solo album Softly Softly Copy Copy in 2009, and finally Air Supply, his second collaboration with Lescalleet, in 2010. This year, Lambkin will set aside his Hummel figurines to release another solo album, Amateur Doubles, set for release on his Kye imprint (which also released Call Back The Giants’ stunning new album, The Rising). More info soon, but in the meantime, check out the appropriately muffled excerpt:

Spanish Prisoners

“Know No Violence”

Check this out: “Know No Violence” was my summer song. It might not’ve been yours, but it was fur-sh’r mine. Just imagine this was someone’s ‘summer song.’ And a good one #admit. Actually, our pal’s Spanish Prisoners just self-released they’s newest album Gold Fools October 4, which they giving away this week for pay-whatever-you-want scrill. All the songs on the album possess zones of all seasons. It’s “wholistic” in a way. That’s not a word, but language changes. I believe that was in my application to become C Monster. Fur sh’r (x2) double check their .bandcamp. They cover “Still Ill” #legit. Oh my goodness, and they’ve CMJ on lock: 10/17 @ Glasslands Gallery, 10/18 @ The Delancey, 10/19 @ 13 Thames St. 3rd Flr Bshwck, Bk, and 10/22 @ Fontana’s. You invited, duh. Go-go-go!

• Spanish Prisoners:


Covers [EP]

Holy shit, all this juke, can’t handle. Japan get’s it, though. Satanicpornocultshop repping juke for Japan here, of course. Anyone got names for Japanese dance cliques? Just shout ‘em out at your computer, cause I can hear you ‘_’. Someone gotta step up this dance routine and set fire to the floor/circle. For real, physical insult to injury should become the biggest rep in this dance culture. Also, I got a totes heart-boner for bad Japanese to English translation. Not an anime thing or bad movies, just on the whole. I wished that had happened in Satanicpornocultshop’s new Covers EP, which features juke/footwork renditions of tracks from artists like The Prodigy and LFO. But I dare anyone in the American juke scene to take on that mock Japanese to English translation in they’s music. Though, my favorite part about this juke shit is the bass. It’s completely operational of itself. Like, it follows the flow, but sometimes you just have *bAaaaAAaaaAss*. It’s perfect for rush-hour traffic, yo. And lingering. Cue: nasty looks while y’all blast-off ya last factory speaker. The sound is nasty. The looks in traffic become grateful. Then someone starts nodding. *Smiles*

• Satanicpornocultshop:
• NuNulaxNulan:


“I’m Homesick Sittin’ Up Here In My Satellite”

With all the gene splicing and atom splitting that goes into engineering beats these days, it’s refreshing and downright dirty (in a good way) to hear Doldrums kick off this track with such catastrophic drums. And those horn hits! Doldrums’ downer name is misleading, as is his bemoaned homesickness. There’s a lot of cosmic imagery tossed around in modern pop music, but it’s rare for it to remind us that space is actually exciting — this track’s eponymous satellite surprises us, channeling space in order to evoke groove instead of grandeur. It’s less Space Odyssey, more Tatooine cantina. See, doesn’t that feel nice?

Altered Zones tipped us off to this track, and we’re thankful for it. Big days ahead for Doldrums: they’re playing some spots at CMJ, and Portishead’s upcoming “Chase The Tear” 12-inch features Doldrums’ remix as the B-side. Get Parrot Talk, the mix from which “Homesick…Satellite” hails, on Doldrums’ blog right now.

• Doldrums:

Cambodian Space Project & Kung Nai


Recently, I figured out Android phones let you program videos as personalized ringers. Needless to say, if you’re in my phone, you have a pro-no clip representing your every call. Not only has this news got out to my contacts, but they’re now battling over the hottest content for their video. And, like, I get it, you’re battling over my boner, but do you get it? It’s not about the hottest; it’s about, well, what the fuck is it about? Is it the women? Technology? Instant communication? Is it my body? It’s my body, isn’t it? Fuck my body. It’s just nasty. Nasty thoughts and feelings. My body is so inherently confused. All this, all that, and all everything that makes me mixed about arithmetic and America and affluence. You know, you know, I don’t know, you know. Ah, it’s straight, whatever, I wake up and do my shit and get it over with for the first quick tick, always. Always [ad nauseum] @selfishness&shame.

Don’t change the fact that I know nothing about these singers, this music, the culture in these countries, and The Cambodian Space Project playing at this year’s End of The Road Festival, Soundway Record’s London Party, and a Rough Trade East. But I’d love to get to know Srey Thy a little more. Less in a Sasha Grey way, and more in a shut-cho-mouph Susan Sontag way. Srey Thy would put my not-so-transgressional — only this is real and I may need help — self into check. Or, she’d probably tell me to go away. She’d probably request I listen to Kung Nai’s discography and/or get myself fuckin’ educated. Eh, my imagination is, is too too… eh, I’d probably start sweating a lot and choke on my words. Whatever. This song is beautiful.

• The Cambodian Space Project:

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