Druid Cloak

“Chronotaurs (Translated by Giant Claw)”

Druid Cloak (a.k.a. Joseph Morris) gathered a group of friends and got them to translate 2014’s Lore: Book One for the aptly titled Lore Translations: Book One. (Book Two came out when Spring 2015 peaked, and the framework for Book Three is still in its infancy.) Each book will eventually have an accompanying translation, but the first of the three is already dropping next month on the Druid Cloak-run label Apothecary Compositions, which recently brought us Magic Fades & Soul Ipsum’s Zicornia Dynasty and Bangkok Snobiety’s To The New Era.

One of the eight artists brought on by Morris for Book One is TMT Gold Card member Giant Claw, whose DARK WEB brought home the #7 spot on our Favorite Music Releases of 2014 feature. The track that Giant Claw took on was the frosty “Chronotaurs,” and what he delivers is definitely attuned to his DARK WEB lens and self-sketched plunderphonic rosetta stone (see below). Here, “Chronotaurs” is broken down to the shell of its original form, slimmed down by buildups and isolations, and repackaged in a space akin to an Escherian wet dream.

Lore Translations: Book One, which also features Throwing Snow, Strict Face, Spurz, Broshuda, City, Silkersoft and Morkebla, is officially out August 7 and currently up for early DL and limited-edition CD pre-order. Lore Translations: Book Two is in the works now, so stayed tuned.

• Giant Claw: https://giantclaw.bandcamp.com
• Druid Cloak: http://www.druidcloak.com
• Apothecary Compositions: http://www.apothecary-compositions.com

J.S. Zeiter


No matter where I go, what rock records I get deep into, I’ll always have dub techno. For those who may think that “it all sounds the same” you’ve got a good point. It does all sound pretty goddamned similar after a while. But if you’ve never heard J.S. Zeiter, oh my dudes, you’ve never really heard dub techno, ya feel me? His 2012 JS was, and continues to be, such an inspiring listen. If you look at the lengths of most of Zeiter’s work, he gets close to or tops the ten minute mark, and none of that is wasted time. The build ups of his tracks are pretty standard, but the quality of the production is what sets him apart from the rest: slightly frayed and occasionally dubbed out synths and crisp drum samples. That’s pretty much it, but on track after track it’s just so damn good. This likely only appeals to the bald headed, glasses wearing, turtleneck crowd (i.e. ME), but damn this is just too sick not to share. Maybe you’ll discover a new sonic love with this one? Just give it a spin and find out.

• J.S. Zeiter: http://www.mcmlxv.co.uk/jz-arkh/set1.html
• MCMLXV Productions: http://www.mcmlxv.co.uk


Potty Queen

Parody is probably the ultimate form of flattery. Beyond satire or spoof or ctrl+c&p. So when thinking Potty Queen was dedicated to “all those who had to change their names because of lawsuits” [and the 2013-2014 “broperwave” (which I’m personally unfamiliar with)], I think of all my DJ pals in the city still hustling for the next gig and saying FUCK ALL to w/e they’re being billed as next. But when the turd you’re using for a paddle up shit’s creek was given to you by none other than the local vapor-pizza delivery guy, I believe you call that a Saint Pizza. And no shit, Saint Pizza (a.k.a. Mad Magazine, really) brought スポーツのLACROSSE 82-99 (a.k.a. Burt Reynolds, for REALLY). Oh, and “My weed is here!” a Dozen tiny baggies all with Potty Queen brandishing the clear-plastic. And it tastes like reality.

Remarkably, this is the ninth time Potty Queen has repeated itself inside my skull. It’s like a candy shop of sounds expertly mixed and edited within itself, looping and twitching throughout the course a vein would pace itself after overdosing on gluten. But this time, it’s in name of cavernous, toilet plunging, finding treasures within the flush of a winking brown-eye. Yet stabilized on the elegance of maintaining a music-production patience that’s equally hear during each gaseous admittance released into the air. The aroma is overwhelming. My office is completely baked. I’ve been playing Potty Queen on repeat throughout the sales floor. Everyone is on the phone. Everyone is selling the new SAINT PIZZA vs. スポーツのLACROSSE 82-99. Rolled. Shit out. Stoned. Party, tho:

“Live long, stay sporty strong, pizza party on.”

• Saint Pizza: https://saintpizza.bandcamp.com

Macho Blush


chipping at . away at landlock with looney saws until it is an island that we drift off on.we are separate from our landlock habits and spared our looney shapeshifting and sweating rotary phones.it gives . esp.     a lot of time to indulge and to think.

  On the island, the other day, I saw my neighbor swallow a tongue. If it was their own or someone else’s, I do not know. They had their mouth closed, so I could not see the details. Tongue came out the ass and had to go back through. We were in some earth-y loop now, whining and moaning and writhing. Seemed we had brought our habits along with us on our island. I felt homesick, even though I was home? Even though I was a tongue? A “buzzer” .

There was less detail to our actions. We cooperated with ease - less noise and argument. Like I said, more time to indulge and to think. As a consequence, our actions became more… abstract. Things become clearer. More abstract and clearer. Clear like blown out, like a traffic flare or a platter of small explosions.
-(island excerpts)

• Macho Blush: http://machoblush.tumblr.com

Blu and Exile

Give Me My Flowers while I can Still Smell Them (INST.)


Instrumentals from the classic sophomore Blu and Exile album, Give Me My Flowers while I can Still Smell Them. Calling all Rappers and Singers! Join us in this contest to see who can make the best song over One of these Exile beats! the rules are as followed:

1 Tweet, Facebook or Instagram about @dirty-science Sound Cloud Page.

2) Pick one beat of your choice from Blu and Exile’s Give Me My Flowers while I can Still Smell Them (INST.)

3) Send your song to TheDirtyScience@Gmail.com via Dropbox or SendSpace by September 15 and the winner will be announced September 21!

The Winner will have their song running on The Dirty Science sound cloud indefinitely in addition to being posted on all the top Hip Hop blogs!

Winners will also get a free gift bag courtesy of Dirty Science Records and Fat Beats.


• Blu and Exile: https://instagram.com/exileradio
• Dirty Science Records: http://thedirtyscience.com
• Fat Beats: http://www.fatbeats.com



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