Roan Linden

“Interactive Personality”

Between Beau Devereaux’s three projects (Samantha Glass and Victor Portsmouth being the other two), Roan Linden boasts some of his more “accessible” work, and I use the term lightly. On “Interactive Personalities,” off the new Linden tape Commercial Investments, you can actually make out the lyrics, which is certainly new territory for many of Beau’s works. The track also carries with it a catchy, “cold wave” leaning synth and percussion rhythm, but it also retains a very deep and dark vibe, which you can find all over the Glass and Portsmouth discography (especially in the latter).

The video appropriately features grainy homemade video that suits the tune’s scorched earth vibe. Now that the scorching summer is winding down (at least over in Seattle), this Roan Linden jam really gets me worked up for that Fall Harvest vibe, yo. Commercial Investments is available now, along with two other Golden Cloud Tapes, and you can purchase HERE. Also, bonus track “His Living Ghost” below:

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Percival Pembroke


Whence entering your hometown, unexpectedly everything you know which is modern melts into a 15 years later nostolgia of your home town. You play Percival Pembroke’s PEMBROKE AUTUMN​/​WINTER CATALOG passing the population sign, all the familiar faces are withered and dry. Your dream girl from high school who worked at the DQ still works at the DQ. Mr. Zone’s Auto Sales got a digital marque. Family Video got flat screens, but are still three inches thick. The popcorn comes in two flavors at the hardware store. It’s oddly that dream you had as a child, thinking about everyone being taller and older. Thinking of how their faces changed and contorted to what is already chiseled upon their visage. Etc.

So you get that fucking ice cream bench date with the gal at DQ. Hassle Mr. Zone about prices. Rent a couple flicks under your parents old number they don’t have no more, but Family Video does. And grip BOTH fucking types of popcorn. Percival Pembroke’s PEMBROKE AUTUMN​/​WINTER CATALOG soundtracks your yes’capade through modern-day memory lane. Believe:

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Skrillex and Diplo

“Where Are Ü Now” with Justin Bieber

**NFL Pre-season Real Talk Update**

I just got back from hanging with a friend and casually watching some pre-season football. Coincidentally, my team the Green Bay Packers was on the tube, playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Early in the game, wide receiver Jordy Nelson went out with a knee injury, potentially a torn ACL. I’m no kind of ESPN analyst or whatever, but this is some bleak news. While I’m sure the Pack will be alright, since they draft a shit ton of receivers, it’s still a little dark to think about the team’s ability to make it to “The Big Game” with one of their stars on the sideline for the year.

I was getting pretty jazzed for the NFL season before this weekend, but now I’m starting to rethink a bit of my fandom, especially with this and Carolina receiver Kelvin Benjamin’s season ending injury earlier in the week. Fans seem hungry for so much football, but I think we’re just beginning to recognize what it means to subject players to almost twenty weeks of playtime. What once was deemed four weeks of irrelevant scrimmage games where the team’s could evaluate, and later cut, some of their lesser known players, there’s now an expectation that regular season starters play for more than one or two series. I don’t know, I think we’re heading to point where we’ll see more injuries like the ones from this week. And couple that with the fact that sustained contact for many players is linked to health problems later in life, what are we doing putting people through this? That’s the thing I’m grappling with as a fan: how to reconcile my enjoyment of the game with the fact that the NFL is a completely fucked up industry that favors profit over health, tax breaks over real community engagement, and imbuing a toxic masculinity in our nation’s youth.

I’ll still watch, but damn, it’s getting dark out there, folks. The only light I see is in this Skrillex/Diplo/Bieber jam. This is an emotional tune for emotional times. I think I’ll put this on my Ipod and go for a walk along Lake Union in Seattle, even though the air is hazy from the horrifying Eastern Washington wildfires. Preach, Bieber, and take the darkness away.

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“Play My Shit”

Tampa is a weird place. Nestled mid-dick on Florida’s gulf side, miles of treeless roads sport high-end car salesmen next to alien-themed strip clubs and a rich dude is buying up everything around Downtown and pushing people out to the suburbs that didn’t exist 15 years back. It’s a place that gave the world the curious mix of John Cena, Aaron Carter, Cannibal Corpse, Hulk Hogan, Billy Mays, Underoath, Macho Man Randy Savage, and Ray Charles. That’s Tampa: it’s terrifying. But the saving grace of the city of mangles is the occasional Miami Bass-bred club star. I bet you didn’t know “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)” was from Tampa rapper Khia – arguably the best thing to come out of Florida not under the name Trina or Trick Daddy. It’s been 13 years since Khia went soared up international charts and Tampa might be ready to crowd another queen.

Thast is ready. She isn’t new to it all, her Soundcloud goes back through two years of songs like “Fuck U,” “Rep Ur County,” and “Stop Hatin,” it’s aggressive, unruffled, and unswerving Florida bravado. Thast put up “Play My Shit” this week and doesn’t beat around asking or begging the DJ politely, Thast knows she has what we need and isn’t going to step down to our level, she says it outright on the track: “We run this bitch.”

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Andrew Jansen // Loud Sun

(​(​(​LOUD​)​)​) [three-track preview]

MJ MJ Records just dropped another BOMBBBBBBBBBBB, mother fuckers! And this time, they turn’t-in it (​(​(​LOUD​)​)​). No joke, MJ MJ’s newest tape entitled (​(​(​LOUD​)​)​) by Andrew Jansen // Loud Sun is completely dried out and fried. Not in a heavy psyche or harsh noise way, no, but in the most mellow-melted moods this side of Bandcamp. So let’s get listing:

“Gold Again”

The feel of “Gold Again” grabs listeners like a tan that’s just getting darker, or more freckled. Cut with a strum, back beat, and harmonizing vocals, it’s perfect timing for each listen to flip over and even that brown out. Shit ain’t getting “Gold Again” until next summer. So just vegg on the vibes Andrew Jansen // Loud Sun drip down your spine like lotion that’s been in the sun, silky.

“Running From”

Second track “Running From” sounds more satirical to me, troll repeating that “everyone-hum-along” melody before the broken guitar-chord verse, chanting in minor, down-scaled notes, trying to purse both intent for majesty and possibly a pharmaceutical commercial for someone off-key. Fuzzy feels and “maybe this is blue” sounds emote speakers and ears like the same pop-crackle enjoyment of Pop Rocks packet mouth pour. Really, the only thing Andrew Jansen // Loud Sun is “Running From” is sounding too demographed of a sound, which is the only type Choco fuxx with, so :)


I’m not saying “Wayes” is a dislikable track at all, but without further listening to the full length of (​(​(​LOUD​)​)​), I think maybe the context is a bit off. Though, this is the whole part of that [three-track tease] MJ MJ Records beckons. So jam the most you can on these before Andrew Jansen // Loud Sun drops the mother-fucker load this September 1 on cassette and digital. Also, don’t forget the MJ MJ Records subscription deal too!!

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