Tropa Macaca

“A Mente Certa”

Take everything you ever knew about reality and go FUCK yourself. You think this is a game? Something built upon thousands of dollars spent each month for people to talk about you? Tropa Macaca can melt listeners’ imaginations without hyped help. And it’s about how the individual feels it out, right? Let me tell you what: I’ve nothing that can change your mind either. Unless you’re a fan of Tropa Macaca. ‘Cause in that case, here’s the new video for “A Mente Certa.” And if the visuals aren’t a trip themselves, the music will spiral your psyche subtly outta control. No doubt, if you find yourself rolling and laughing on the floor after hearing this video, it’s a typical reaction, so when you snap out of it, be not embarrassed. You just experience an epiphany in music, and most likely it’ll happen again. DO NOT DRIVE while listening to “A Mente Certa” by Tropa Macaca, but you can do pretty much anything else! :)

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Tomás Urquieta


A heart monitor is one of the hardest samples to use. It references life and death, but is also just a silly little bleep, so it has the potential to dramatically alter perception of a track. Though I also might just feel this because the sound immediately transports me back to playing Healing Vision (Angelic Mix) on DDR. But Chilean producer Tomás Urquieta harnesses the heart monitor and slowly overtakes it with some really satisfying repetitions until it’s just a tiny bright star in the back. “Memoria” lives in that sweet space of being just polished enough where it doesn’t sound messy, but messy and crunchy enough so that it feels human, driving forward with the energy of techno while still maintaining the minimality of grime. It’s interesting to hear the differences between club-grime in the UK and club-grime in Chile. While in many ways Urquieta’s production sounds very similar to that of a producer like Sudanim, it’s clear that they have been brought up in vastly different spaces.

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Magic WAND(A GROUP), how doth thou makest thy sweet, heavenly music? With mirth and wrath on thy lips and tongue? Or…

Oh fuck, I don’t want to keep that up. WANDA and the girls have done it again. With a tinge of familiarity from his DEM HUNGER days, rhythm is back for a bit. A song is sung. Atmospheric hiss, piss, harsh frequencies, and “noise” are ever present. Ghost gloss meeting round swords.

A tiger turns itself inside out, steam rises up out of the jungle, the Earth turns around and goes home, or something. And we float along, but down the Mekong or up it?



“Internal Use”

Tuesday is usually a good day for new shit. Typically, new DVDs are released on Tuesdays. But when it comes to new-music release’age… count me IN! And now that we’ve established such a sonic connection to 1080p Collection both as listeners and TMTer’s, the Vancouver provocateur caught Riohv throwing some dingy/glitzy dance parties around the Ottawa area, and is poppin’ that butt on a tape entitled Moondance TOMORROW! For the first taste (before FACTmag goes FULL-STREAM AHEAD with the Moondance CS tomorrow), 1080p blessed our humble red and white website with “Internal Use.” Yet, that’s all we expect from the label in the first place: MUSIC.

“Internal Use” surges through all ears. Riohv’s pump is worth punching at the air. Get yourself in to a frenzy of dance. Make time in life to feel the pulse of movement. Become every bit of beat. Riohv’s “Internal Use” has taken over. Except that your life right now is controlled by rythm. Bring that to your daily groove and enjoy the flow of blood in every vein. Vastly believe your body is submitting itself to the rate of heart beat on straight stereo, reach down way inside you – to the corners of your depths – and pull out Riohv’s “Internal Use.”

Find Moondance by Riohv tomorrow on the 1080p Collection!

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Goldrush Music Festival

2014 Companion Cassette

Most music fests make us sick to our stomachs. Goldrush Music Festival isn’t one of them. Now in its fourth year, Denver’s premiere experimental music fest — co-founded by our own Crawford Philleo — has proven how a grassroots, DIY approach to curation and sponsorship can lead to a singular festival experience, one whose essence is defined by creativity and collectivism, not by expensive bottled water and sub par lineups. And this year’s Goldrush lineup is its best yet, with the likes of Wolf Eyes, Eric Copeland, and Mount Eerie performing alongside artists like Thug Entrancer, Good Willsmith, and DVA, all assembling together on September 13-14 at the Larimer Lounge and Meadowlark Bar.

In addition to a unique, custom zine, Goldrush is also once again selling a companion cassette tape featuring tracks from this year’s lineup. The end result is 24 songs of new material, exclusive remixes, and much more. And also like last year, Goldrush has given TMT the pleasure of premiering Side A, which you can check out below as a single mix. The tape, limited to 500, comes packaged with 2-day passes to Goldrush here or is available separately via Planted Tapes, either by itself or bundled with the festival zine. But if you’re in or around Denver, we highly recommend getting the 2-day passes.

Look for Side B sometime next week, as well as a Laser Focus episode. But for now:

[00:00] Sparkling Wide Pressure - “Violet Color”
[05:05] Champion - “Frosting the Donut”
[08:19] Guerilla Toss - “The String”
[09:43] REIGHNBEAU - “Milk of Amnesia”
[13:45] CP 208 - “H.S.H.C.”
[17:07] Homebody - “Hollow Nest”
[19:00] RUMTUM - “Hotel Vontie”
[22:15] Docile Rottweiler - “Typhoon”
[25:25] Stag Hare - “Gruum”
[32:13] Mount Eerie - “You Swan - Go On (version)”
[33:48] Good Willsmith - “Teen Quotes”
[41:13] Sister Grotto - “The Great Haul”

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