jimmy v

Roxy Music

Like a warehouse full of high tops, jimmy v comes at listeners with an imagination that’s as easy as picking up kicks and trying ‘em on, and finding out they fit your swag, style, and size perfectly. Roxy Music is just another example of making tracks on the slow-sly, with wet-money beats that could be just as standalone as would an entirely a capella jimmy v release. OR: he’s that fellah who sweeps the runway at the end of a fashion show, playing instrumentals on the loud speakers and working the stage with vocals that broom better than any of the models doing anything earlier that day. Yeah, it’s only four tracks, but entirely repeatable and something worth tossing on the car speakers when you’re driving at night. And as the weather gets chillier, toss the heat on and let Roxy Music sink into your dome.

jimmy v is just getting after it:

• jimmy v: https://soundcloud.com/cats-kill

Max Eilbacher

Subtle Scatter [sample]

Max Eilbacher’s music can take control of you. As the bassist for champion rock deconstructionists Horse Lords, his in-the-pocket low-end licks align your body with the grid to push you straight through the band’s tiered polyrhythms and criss-crossed leads. Turn on his solo music and you might enter the opposite state: a catatonic stupor, eyes fully squinted, mouth agape, with no referents to latch onto. His collage-like compositions transcode any vestiges of identifiable sound sources into bristly mutations of their former selves. You zone out as you try to follow his twisted internal logic. You turn up the volume on the next playthrough to make sure you didn’t miss any clues and find that the piece has already reassigned a couple crucial cogs in your brain box.

The preview of Subtle Scatter, Eilbacher’s new LP available now from Fogged Records, excises three blown out minutes of modular synth squelches, garbled vocal samples, and hi-fi laptop glitchery for our pleasure. Feel free to grasp at the words, but don’t try too hard. Eilbacher would rather disfigure than divulge. In his hands, the stereo spread is an empty turtle-shaped sandbox waiting to be filled with oblong rubies, nails, torn scraps of paper, driftwood, and goos of various viscosities. And fill he does.

• Fogged Records: http://foggedrecords.blogspot.com

Katie Got Bandz

“Make Me Rich”

After recent mixtapes Coolin in Chiraq and Zero to 39th, Katie Got Bandz swings back with a surprisingly sunny cut called “Make Me Rich.” It’s a sparse, free-flowing track, with guests Jeremih and Chi Hoover twisting melodic weirdness around its stripper pole of a beat, until Katie’s propulsive triplet gruff comes in roughly halfway to scorch the whole damn thing.

Let it fuck with you:

The track is a preview of Drillary Clinton 3, due in the coming months.

• Katie Got Bandz: https://twitter.com/katiegotbandz


“The Controller”

Ah, vindication. Seems like it was forever and a day ago when we told you about GOLD with our trademark aplomb and wittiness. Wait… you do remember us telling you about GOLD, right? That post-everything band from The Netherlands consisting of vocalist Milena Eva, guitarist Thomas Sciarone (ex-The Devil’s Blood), guitarist Nick Polak, bassist Tim Meijer, and drummer Igor Wouters, whose mission statement is “to play a distinct form of heavy rock as a monument to civilization’s decline”? Okay, yeah, you obviously do.

Well, today, TMT has the pleasure of premiering the video for “The Controller,” a dark, pretty jam from GOLD’s forthcoming album on Profound Lore, No Image. Check out the video below, and read Milena’s thoughts on it here:

“The Controller” is a sweet little post-black metal song about a confusing world, which comes with a confusing video. What is real? Is “in real life” actually taking place in the outside world? And who’s in charge?! It is a psychedelic collage of beautiful offline and wondrous online footage: the Normandy sea, Moroccan Alpine choughs, ASMR, banana tutorials and crying babies. Have you taken your pills? Or are you getting out of control?

No Image is out November 6 on Profound Lore (and October 24 on Ván Records in Europe).

• GOLD: http://site9173142.91.webydo.com
• Profound Lore: https://www.profoundlorerecords.com


“Blasted Highway”

If you’re a fan of those times when your television screen gets all messed up because the cables aren’t plugged in properly, then the new video from Flatliner is sure to please. Of course, I kid, because no one likes when their Netflix streaming or Big Bang Theory watching is disturbed.

Coming from the Austin duo’s debut EP, Black Medicine, recently released via Holodeck, the “Blasted Highway” visuals complement the fried 80s sci-fi action soundtrack vibe that is Flatliner’s modus operandi. Even with the coming fall harvest, the four-track EP still sizzles with that summer heat you know can only come from Texas. If you haven’t already gotten silly with this release, get on it before your minds get further scorched by H-deck’s upcoming tape batch.

• Holodeck Records: http://holodeckrecords.com
• Flatliner: https://www.facebook.com/flatlineratx


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