Vanessa Amara

“King Machine 1”

“King Machine I” by Danish experimental duo Vannesa Amara (Birk Gjerlufsen Nielsen and Victor Kjellerup Juhl) is a work of post-modern classical music; a noise ballad; a technocracy’s decline imagined as sound; an artificial intelligence’s approximation of tragic beauty; one-half of the b-side to a debut recording made in an (almost) empty church in northern Sjælland; and a “fragile and romantic [composition] of synth, organ, piano, percussive tape loops and guitar [that] holds an incredible feeling of urgency and a wonderful originality.”

Available now on Posh Isolation, the Both Of Us / King Machine LP collects the piece below, as well as its companion, “King Machine II,” and the three-part suite, Both Of Us, recorded in Winter 2012-2013 and released later last year on cassette.

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rkss is ready to fuckin’ BANG! Or is it just Reject and Fade. BOTH! Because the newest video for “Tunnel” – the title track of rkss’ newest tape on Reject and Fade – is like having the grittiest sanitary dance party in the Detroit Metropolitan Airport’s Light Tunnel. Images of creativity bursting through fragments of light and blurring within the color emulsion smear flickers of beats and echoed rhythms amongst the “Tunnel,” while dancers twitch their spiraling feet and flailing arms. As well, the tension between reality and electronics, or what is visually occurring within the noise and beat elements, becomes a bubble burst of brilliant back-broken brains, twinkling to take the taste. It seems like you’re a bit reluctant on this information, so I’ll direct my words and your eyes and ears to the video for “Tunnel” by rkss below:

Tunnel is out on CS vis Reject and Fade, including a small zine, which contains some art, writing, poetry which was inspired by/reflected by the music/themes behind the release. If you in Europe, you can go either Reject and Fade or Boomkat for purchase. If you’re in America, hit up Reject and Fade for a copy and support! I’ve also included three other tracks off the album below for the big-tease until it arrives on your front doorstep. REMEMBER: waiting for music to arrive is half the excitement of getting home, most days. Get some!


“Memory” (Edit)


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Cadu Tenório + Marcio Bulk


At first glance of the cover-art, you wouldn’t consider Banquete to be terrifying as a piece of audible art, but as soon as you click play, Cadu Tenório + Marcio Bulk hooked in their haunt. Recently, to get myself involved for the Halloween holiday spirit, I’ve been watching old monster-horror flicks on mute simultaneously with music on, and Banquete fits the bill. Although, I’m not sure if Rio De Janeiro, Brazil celebrates anything like that around this time of year. Shit, with their sweltering heat wave right now (southern hemisphere swag?) Cadu Tenório + Marcio Bulk are going HARD on some mirage-gaze atmospheres. Is it chill to genre Banquete as miragaze?

Based on Cadu Tenório’s journey in sonics and Marcio Bulk’s poems and lyrics, Banquete comes at listeners like the force of samba-canção, which is equally avant and dubbed the FUCK out. Actually, most of the composition with vocals and guitar were previously recorded and then deconstructed and recreated by Tenório. Vocals were conducted by artists fluttering currently in the Carioca scene, including Alice Caymmi, Bruno Cosentino, César Lacerda, Lívia Nestrovski, Michele Leal and Rafael Rocha. Listen to Banquete below by Cadu Tenório + Marcio Bulk:

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“Shiftless en Nkawkaw”

Alriiiiight — hit the play button on “Shiftless en Nkawkaw,” our first glimpse of the upcoming self-titled Sungod LP on Holodeck Records, and let yourself drift into the band’s live neo-kraut explorations. I say “live” not only because the session begins with a cough into a room mic, but because the band’s sprawling rock-meets-noise-improv approach could have only been captured in such detail by way of a live take. I say “neo-kraut” because the band’s churning walls of synth, kinetic forward motion, and flute-abetted melodic leads channel classic kosmiche fare like Ash Ra Tempel, Guru Guru, or The Cosmic Jokers. I say “explorations” because this posse really lets it all hang out, jettisoning the track’s loping groove halfway through in favor of a mire of arrhythmic synth static possessed of enough power to spike your speakers into the red at the right volume. The band’s vocal harmonies, cutting through the mix in a yearning, almost gospel-like mantra, provide the track’s most unexpected vestiges of humanity, as if to balance the session’s dedicated commitment to abstraction.

If Sungod feel out of place on the Holodeck catalog in the context of their roster of John Carpenter-worshipping industrial synth acolytes like SSLEEPERHOLD, Troller, Marie Davidson, and S U R V I V E, I bid you to dig a little deeper for the cache of prog-friendly gems hidden a few columns deeper in the Bandcamp index. Projects like Holodeck mainstay Thousand Foot Whale Claw and recent affiliates This Will Destroy You have both feet planted firmly in the sandbox of “rock music,” though they augment the idiom with strategies of structural disfiguration and irregular instrumentation — while Sungod’s cassette debut in the catalog, last year’s Contackt, set the stage for the label’s interest in extended rock experimentation. With the forthcoming Sungod LP, due on November 11, the band pushes their inclination toward the otherworldly to new heights of psych shred — and we, with heads bobbing, reap all the benefits.

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