Justin Walter

Lullabies & Nightmares [preview]

The harsh reality of monotony within a relationship is a talking point. Even if you’ve talked about EVERYTHING there is to talk about (personal histories, likes/dislikes, current events/entertainment, internet memes, Pinterest ‘_’, etc.) with your sig-nif, eventually it’s time to just sit and do something else with them there. But what if there’s a beyond to that stifling silence? Not only does Justin Walter bring you dream-time melodies via his Electronic Valve Instrument, but with that, he pops off conversations during Lullabies & Nightmares. Personally, I forget almost every dream of mine. Yet Justin Walter here provides sleeping listeners with the opportunity to narrate their dreams while asleep. The soothing sounds of Lullabies & Nightmares entices sleep-entranced listeners to talk and communicate each detail of their dream unconsciously. As if it were something completely hypnotizing, Justin Walter’s Electronic Valve Instrument opens an audible path-wave into your personal dream dimension and draws out your inner-creativity during a full night’s wink.

And say you and your sig-nif really want to continue talking; pop on Lullabies & Nightmares and have a full unconscious conversation about your dreams. Maybe y’all’ll meet and tie dimensions of creative mind’s eyes and birth a dream baby that’s unlike what you’ve thought a child, or any animal, for that matter, would look in real life. Only in your dreams can you care for this dream-child, which you start working for rent in your dreams, so the child can grow up, have an education if it pleases, and Godzillas its way across [your country here]. This is where Lullabies & Nightmares becomes a national crisis. But you want to talk to your sig-nif in your sleep and shit, right?

Sleep with Lullabies & Nightmares on Kranky out May 28, and keep your dream children in their own realm, please.

• Justin Walter: http://www.justinwalter.net
• Kranky: http://www.kranky.net

Captain Murphy

“The Killing Joke”

Captain Murphy’s other animated clip for “The Killing Joke” is pretty uneventful; Flying Lotus’ Rick Ross-y avatar just strides along toward the middle of the screen, never to stop, never to make his destination. The whole time you’re watching, you keep waiting for some bit of action or, at the very least, a proper psychedelic freakout like this one. Over six months later, the twisted audiovisual offspring of the original “The Killing Joke” makes its debut: a black-and-white video steeped in cartoonish horror — Murphy’s role is played here by a spooky ghoul, who vanishes from the forest scenery in an instant, only to reappear seconds later. Swirly-eyed skulls and shadowy girls add to the anxious mood; it’s fun to look at, but don’t expect any Shining-style peaks.

• Captain Murphy: http://twitter.com/xCaptainMurphyx


“black wings”

As part of their ongoing effort to avoid capitalization, inc. have just released the video for their new single “black wings,” the subtle grunge outlier on their beautiful debut album no world (4AD). Directed and stylized in part by the enigmatic brothers Aged themselves, the clip sees Andrew and Daniel whiling away some fire, firewood, chains, and chords with their bandmates at a dilapidated ranch somewhere close to “the place.” The quintet, who put its nonpareil chops (and doubled-up drumsets) to mesmeric use onstage, is embarking next week on a tour through Europe. Check the dates here.

• inc.: http://www.official-inc.com
• 4AD: http://4ad.com


Peformance + Interview @ Unisex Earplug

On March 15, Tiny Mix Tapes teamed with Northern Spy for a party in Austin during SXSW called Unisex Earplug at The Museum of Human Achievement. clipping., who recently dropped one of our favorite albums of the year, performed at the showcase, and it was absolutely mindblowing.

Sean from the mighty TERROREYES documented the performance and interviewed the group on behalf of NSPY and TMT. Check it out!

• clipping.: http://www.itsclippingbitch.com

Parallel Thought


In using only music recorded at Alabama’s FAME Studios to create what is essentially a b-boy break tape, the latest release from musical collective Parallel Thought could serve as a kind of mission statement, a sonic illustration of the shared lineage of blues, rock, R&B and hip-hop, carrying on in the tradition of Eccentric Breaks & Beats Volume 2. It’s also an undeniably cohesive mix that makes me wish I knew how to breakdance and will probably at some point cause me to injure myself pretending I do. Indeed, if one was totally ignorant of the collective/label and its myriad production credits, it wouldn’t be hard to mistake them for just some really eclectic and inspired crate diggers. Lucky for hip-hop fans, they’re more than that. FAME also functions as an aperitif for Artillery Splurgin’, Parallel Thought’s upcoming collaboration with Alabama’s own Gene the Southern Child. Due out May 7, this album marks the follow-up to 2012’s A Ride With The Southern Child. Check out the lead single, “Gangsta Shit,” here, and keep some ice handy for when you twist your ankle enjoying the stream below.

• Parallel Thought: http://pthought.com


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