John Wiese and Zen Sekizawa

Commercial for LD Tuttle, a boutique line of women’s products

Now this is deliciously weird and unexpected: Noise hero John Wiese has teamed up with artist Zen Sekizawa to direct a commercial for LD Tuttle, “a boutique line of women’s designer accessories and shoes, trend shattering women’s handbags, belts, accessories and shoes.” Expect an accelerating gas pedal, popped balloons, shattered glass, and a provocative bedroom scene.

Meanwhile, no word yet on a new full-length Wiese album (his last two featured collaborations with Kevin Drumm and Gerritt), but we’ll keep you updated.

• John Wiese:
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Chris Corsano & Dredd Foole

Live @ Feeding Tube Records in Northampton, MA

Check out this amazing collaboration between drummer extraordinaire Chris Corsano and 60-year-old-plus Dredd Foole. The performance was earlier this month at Feeding Tube Records in Northampton, MA. Corsano has scattered shows coming up — take a peek here.

• Dredd Foole:
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“Saint of Killers”

A little bit This Heat, a little bit bro-metal, lots of noise skronk. But no space-age synth pads? According to Retrograde Tapes:

Noise rock for noise heads, Den offers shrill electronic abrasion, yet trades the formless distortion pedal army for structured heft, lifeless landscapes, Black Sabbath, and Jupiter.

• Den:
• Retrograde Tapes:


Natural History

Lea Cho and Russ Waterhouse have a group called Blues Control. You probably know ‘em. But did you know Lea Cho and Russ Waterhouse also have a group called Watersports? The so-called “new age” group has released music on various labels like Not Not Fun, White Tapes, Arbor, and Hand, but instead of trying to hunt down these out-of-print releases, you should head over to Dog Daze Tapes, who has collected eight tracks from these releases to make a “greatest hits” of sorts. It’s titled Natural History, and it’s available now as a double cassette.

• Dog Daze Tapes:

Bird Names

“Welcome to the Ghost Age”

In January, we posted Bird Names’ video for “Phantom & Fortune,” a track off their new full-length Metabolism: A Salute to the Energy of the Sun. Northern-Spy has since released the album, and because you’ve all been very good boys and girls, we get another video, this time for “Welcome to the Ghost Age.”

• Bird Names:
• Northern-Spy:

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