Nääksää nää mun kyyneleet

This is a very cool promo showing the kind of intricate album art Fonal Records has been exploring in recent years. The group is Tuusanuuskat, featuring Fonal mainstays Es and Tomutonttu, and the artist is Jari Suominen of Shogun Kunitoki. Listen to more samples from the album Nääksää nää mun kyyneleet below, which is shaping up to be one of the finest ‘sound-world’ albums of the year.

• Tuusanuuskat: http://www.tuusanuuskat.com/
• Fonal: http://www.fonal.com/news.php

Rafael Toral


Space Elements Vol. III, the third album in Rafael Toral’s Space Program series, is simply astounding. The idea behind the series is to perform what would essentially be “jazz” music with electronics, and it has resulted in one of my favorite albums of the year so far. Listen to those electronics growl and squeal like some fierce tenor saxophone! The album’s out on CD courtesy of Staubgold, but Taiga has just released it on 100 opaque olive green and 400 plasma-colored virgin vinyl (with mastering by Khanate’s James Plotkin).

More explanation from Toral:

All these instruments are different but have a few things in common. The first is that they don’t have a conventional interface, which means that for all of them I have to find out what they do and develop technique to play them. The second is that none of them respond accurately to performing action. So there’s always a live tension between an accurate decision and its somewhat unpredictable outcome. I meant to play music technically free from any school and teachings, but beyond that I also wanted the music somehow to escape my own self, playing instruments with a sort of life of their own, never allowing complete control and making any repetition virtually impossible.

Please buy it now. Thanks!

• Rafael Toral: http://rafaeltoral.net
• Taiga: http://www.taigarecords.com
• Staubgold: http://www.staubgold.com

James Blake


With everyone Wilhelm screaming over James Blake, we thought we’d share the video for his latest track, “Lindisfarne,” which we produced, directed, and starred in. I think we even wrote the song? I can’t remember. Anyway, check out the disturbingly intriguing video. (via P4k)

• James Blake: http://www.myspace.com/jamesblakeproduction
• Universal Republic: http://www.universalrepublic.com

Angel Olsen

“Tiniest Lights”

Last month, Angel Olsen re-released her 2010 cassette Strange Cacti on vinyl. The video for “Tiniest Lights,” the album’s haunting leadoff track, features the song “played three times and filmed on a single roll of celluloid,” providing an ethereal spookiness befitting of the song. Visit Bathetic Records for more info on the 12-inch.

• Angel Olsen: http://www.myspace.com/ghostgrocersings
• Bathetic: http://www.batheticrecords.com

Demdike Stare


Manchester’s Demdike Stare premiered a new video for “Violetta” at The Wire. This heretofore unreleased track wasn’t on Tryptych (TMT Review), but you should buy the album anyway because it will change your world. Check out Wire issue #328 for Demdike Stare’s Invisible Jukebox.

• Demdike Stare: http://www.myspace.com/pookawig
• Modern Love: http://modern-love.co.uk


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