Erykah Badu

“Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long”

In his review of New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh) (TMT Review), Embling wrote how Erykah Badu is “one of the most important artists currently working in the music industry, major label or otherwise.” I’d like to second that.

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“Counter of the Cumulus”

Chiptune music has become a bit like death metal in the 90s. It’s subculture is vast and constantly expanding, but increasingly ignored by most everyone else. We’ll just have to wait 10 years for a heralded renaissance in the form of 8-bit folk-drone. In the meantime, here’s a track from chiptune artist Disasterpeace’s new album, out now on Pause Records. This one starts a bit frantically, cramming notes into every corner, only to halt entirely at the 2:50 mark, rebooting with beautiful melodic simplicity that re-frames the preceding two minutes in the best way possible.

• Disasterpeace:
• Pause:

Vagina Vangi


Call it “witchhouse,” call it “deathgaze,” call it “doomtronic,” call it whatever you want (please don’t actually call it “doomtronic” though). Vagina Vangi, Russia’s most charmingly named one-man gothgazer, has crafted some pretty massive dirges, none more apocalyptic than “Christ” (a.k.a the one that plays when you click the media player above these words). Check out his EP Benighted United at Vagina Vangi’s SoundCloud.

• Vagina Vangi:


“Siberian Vision Quest”

More heartrending, interstellar drone-scapes to wrap your skull around. Imagine if I said that in person? You would hate me.

Siberian Vision Quest by PLAENS

Stellar Evolution (Growth) (Redux) by PLAENS

• MABA Tapes:



Jookabox, in case you haven’t heard, have broken up. I know this because I read TMT. The band’s final album, The Eyes Of The Fly, is due April 26 on Asthmatic Kitty. Check out “Drops,” the album’s first single and Jookabox’s last first single. SNIFF!!

• Jookabox:
• Asthamtic Kitty:

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