Parenthetical Girls

“The Pornographer” [NSFW]

Parenthetical Girls’ own Zac Pennington directed this NSFW video for “The Pornographer,” a song off the group’s limited-edition EP Privilege, pt. III: Mend & Make Do (TMT News). IT IS SCANDALOUS.

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“War of Roses” [feat.Talib Kweli]

Blaqstarr’s “War of Roses” features the one, the only, the kind of shitty lately Talib Kweli. It’s off an upcoming self-titled mix, due April 12 through his website.

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Germanotta Youth

live @ Circolo degli Artisti

Much like how Ciccone Youth was formed in the wake of Madonna, Germanotta Youth has been formed in the wake of Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is her real name). GY features the ‘cybergrind’ trio of Massimo Pupillo (Zu), Reeks (Inferno), and Andrea Basili Kailash (Kailash). Their new album, The Harvesting of Souls, is out now on Wallace Records.

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Holy Other


Last year we loved Holy Other’s “Yr Love,” but “Touch” is some next level shit. Well, it’s at least as good. You know, I kind of want to Touch my erect penis when I hear these heavy witch house stylings amid a vague James Blake vibe. You may do the same when the With U 12” EP emerges from Tri Angles swollen womb on June 6. (via Gorilla Vs Bear)

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Larsen & Z'ev

“In V.Tro live pt. 6”

Larsen and Z’ev have recently collaborated to bring you In V. Tro, an album intended to soundtrack ‘micro-cinematic images’ (see above) that document the history and techniques of in vitro cultures. Look for the album April 26 on Important Records, as well as another Larsen full-length titled Cool Cruel Mouth.

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