Elk City

“Nine O’Clock In France”

Yesterday, Elk City released House of Tongues on Friendly Fire. Today, you’re listening to “Nine O’Clock In France” via the Chocolate Grinder. Tomorrow, you’ll pluck your unibrow so as not to look like a fucking prick. And on Friday, you’ll be making your way to the Bell House in New York to catch Elk City’s CD release show. Isn’t it crazy how you’ll do anything the Chocolate Grinder tells you to do?

• Elk City: http://elkcity.net
• Friendly Fire: http://www.friendlyfirerecordings.com

Coyote Clean Up

“Pollution Shampoo”

Deathbomb Arc has dropped (not literally) a compilation album of “pop-punk, cute lofi ballads, chillwave, and all around happiness.” It’s called 2010 CE, and you can order it here. FUCK YES.

• Coyote Clean Up: http://myspace.com/coyotecleanup
• Deathbomb Arc: http://deathbombarc.com

David Karsten Daniels & Fight The Big Bull

“The Funeral Bell”

David Karsten Daniels forthcoming album, I Mean To Live Here Still, is due sometime in the summer via FatCat. It’s a collaboration with “avant nine piece” Fight The Big Bull, which means: the Chocolate Grinder is interested, bitch!

• David Karsten Daniels: http://www.davidkarstendaniels.com
• FatCat: http://fat-cat.co.uk/fatcat


“Precision Auto” [live with Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington]

You’ve heard Superchunk’s “Precision Auto” before. You’ve also heard Les Savy Fav cover “Precision Auto” in concert and on SCORE! 20 Years of Merge Records: The Covers. But have you heard Superchunk perform “Precision Auto” live with Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington on vocals for Primavera Sound 2010??

A better audio (but worse video) version can be found here.

• Superchunk: http://www.superchunk.com
• Les Savy Fav: http://www.lessavyfav.com

Juan MacLean

“Feel So Good”

Juan MacLean’s DJ-KiCKS mix is a love letter to straight-up house music. It’s a driving, sweaty session thick with pumping keys, chunky drum-machine beats and chopped vocals. Recorded specifically for the mix, the Juan MacLean’s new single “Feel So Good” is a perfect distillation of that vibe.

That’s all copy-pasted, FYI.

• Juan MacLean: http://www.juanmaclean-djkicks.com
• !K7: http://www.k7.com


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