Chocolate Grinder Mix 42

“I’ll Eat Your Soul”

Yep, this mix is named after one of the best lines from Evil Dead 2, “Tribute” by Tenacious D, “Come To Daddy” by Aphex Twin, and probably a hundred other films and songs. It looks pretty serious on paper, and yet, in context, it is often served on a bed of dark humor. There are some heavy moments on this mix — a Norwegian death growl, two slices of Candlelight rage, and a righteous Anticon political anthem — but there are flashes of that silver lining among these grey clouds, just to bring a glint of levity to the situation. After all, it is a fine line between being somber and being a buzz kill.

01. Triclops! - “Until All The Threads Are Stripped” (Helpers On The Other Side)
Start time: 0:00; Links: Alternative Tentacles - Triclops!

02. Ingested - “Cremated Existence” (Surpassing The Boundaries Of Human Suffering)
Start time: 4:49; Links: Candlelight - Ingested

03. Adam Green - “Big Lips” (Musik For A Play)
Start time: 8:08; Links: Contraphonic - Adam Green

04. Radian - “Git Cut Noise” (Chimeric)
Start time: 9:39; Links: Thrill Jockey - Radian

05. Son Lux - “WEAPONS IV (Nico Muhly Remix)” (Weapons EP)
Start time: 15:21; Links: Anticon - Son Lux

06. DJ Food - “Extract From Stolen Moments” (The Shape Of Things That Hum EP)
Start time: 19:16; Links: Ninja Tune - DJ Food

07. Aun - “Fall Out” (Split EP w/ Habsyll)
Start time: 23:01; Links: Public Guilt - Aun

08. The Splinters - “Sea Salt Skin” (Kick)
Start time: 28:33; Links: Double Negative - The Splinters

09. Shining - “Exit Sun, Pt. 1” (Blackjazz)
Start time: 31:21; Links: Indie - Shining

10. Ihsahn - “A Grave Inversed” (After)
Start time: 39:54; Links: Candlelight - Ihsahn

[Artwork: Keith Kawaii]

Big Boi

“The Train Pt. 2”

Big Boi’s beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy.

• Big Boi:


In studio working on “Guider”

Disappears will release their second album, Guider, on Kranky early next year. Look for the group on tour in January, with Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley on the skin flute drums.

• Kranky:


“Wooden Houses”

Elsinore, orchestral pop wizards that they are, have released a new animated video for “Wooden Houses,” a track off their new album Yes Yes Yes (released on Parasol Records). The video was made in collaboration with videographer Zimos Ferguson, whose name is so sweet that you have got to check out the video. Song’s sweet too. So are their sweaters.

Elsinore are currently on tour of the Midwest — check the dates here.

• Elsinore:
• Parasol:


“Walmart and the Ghost of Jimmy Damour”

People, the new album by Skeleton$ (a.k.a. Skeletons, Skeleton$ Big Band, Skeletons & The Girl Faced Boys, Skeletons & The Kings of All Cities), is due in the spring next year via Shinkoyo. “Walmart and the Ghost of Jimmy Damour” is “dedicated to Jdimytai Damour, the Wal-Mart employee who was tragically trampled to death by the crowds at the annual ‘Doorbuster’ sale on Black Friday in 2008.”

• Skeleton$:
• Shinkoyo:

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