Alasdair Roberts & Friends

“Demon Lover”

Drag City is releasing a new album, Too Long In This Condition, by Alasdair Roberts & Friends on June 29. It’s supposed to be real fucking good, so look out for it, reader.

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“Wrap the Body (Yea Big Megamix Feat. Kid Static & Stak)”

Racebannon, known for their sludgy, metal-y, noisy, punky music, have recently released a “DJ-styled” 12-inch for their track, “Wrap The Body.” Yes, readers: Racebannon’s music will be played by DJ douchbags all across the nation! The 12-inch, limited to 500 copies, features various incarnations of the track, including the requisite instrumental and a capella versions, as well as remixes by Jilly Weiss (We Are Hex), Yea Big, and Billy Corgan? Maybe!

• Racebannon:
• Joyful Noise:


“Meanstreak (in 3 Parts)”

El-P’s one mean motherfucker. AND SO ARE YOU. P’s new album, Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3, is set for release August 3 via Gold Dust.

• El-P:
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Richmond, VA’s Cristal are set to release their latest full-length, Homegoing, on the always awesome FSS label. The album shows the group — Jimmy Anthony, Gregg Darden and Bobby Donne (with Taylor Burton on cello) — expanding their experimental sonics into more melodic territory — relatively speaking, of course. While the album will be available separately, the label is also pressing 500 copies of a Cristal 7-inch (with two vinyl-only tracks — “Swedish Child,” “Trial”) that includes a download code for the full Homegoing album. Music made easy, my friends. The 7-inch and album combo is set for release on July 19.

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Bubblegum [megamix]

Domino has released a “unique megamix” of Clinic’s forthcoming sixth album, Bubblegum. The album is due on October 4 (in the UK). You’re welcome!

• Clinic:
• Domino:


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