Adam Lempel


Adam Lempel’s “Jump” is strictly for the PG dreamers. Now, this is a premiere, and I typically don’t dig on music like “Jump,” but it brings me back, you know? It’s definitely nostalgia pop. Potentially just a further variation of everyone doing that post-R&B shit, only Adam’s like “Yeah, I heard the commercials with music that sounds like mine in it, but Ima still do it for the gals.” Like, this video is proof that “Jump” can only be listened to on-the-go. And Lempel is a fucking cutie-pie. No shit this gal in her matching skirt feels so breezed with that top, like– “Jump” just feels like the perfect night out with the one you’re with, or wanna be with, and nothing can stop the feel. The beat is non-stop. This synthetic melody is relentless with the wind. Them vocals just soar.

Adam Lempel does plenty of other projects (with “…and The Heartbeats” and Weekend), but this single is off his newest Friends Records album Adam Lempel and the Casiobeats, so keep an eye out and listen to “Jump” videoing below:

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Black Wing

“My Body Betrayed Me”

Last year, Have A Nice Life dropped an album that was heavy on cynicism, light on schmaltz. Now and again I like to listen to a “metal” band that takes themselves so seriously they’re driven to act out the church-burning fantasies the other neglected children, the ones who don’t grow up to be Michael Myers, often have. Occasionally I’ll entertain the heavier acts that recognize their violent urges with bloody tongue-of-thyne-enemy in cheek. A healthy hit of drug innuendos is okay too, just in case I ever have kids and need something for them to accidentally discover, and, you know, get all corrupted over.

Aside from the very seldom occasion when I purposely turn off my bullshit radar, I want my metal to be brutally honest and brutally brutal without the feeling of having stumbled into Mitt Romney’s most delusional parenting-related nightmare. Dan Barrett is the real deal. He probably drives an unassuming pickup truck that is actually possessed by the demon that writes all of Robert W. Chambers’ stories. He layers drum machine under Casio tones under dirge like vocals in a no-frills way that is austere and has come to define him. The first released song from Barrett’s new solo project has the same DNA as Have A Nice Life, but the lack of collaboration hints at a project that will be much more personal.

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TT The Artist and Schwarz

“2 Much Junk In My Trunk (Thong Song)”

“The Thong Song” was released as the second single for Unleash the Dragon Feburary 15, 2000 – Sisqó’s future contribution to the Library of Congress. 15 years later and “The Thong Song” is still THE thong song. There will never be another thong song. Only thing we can do is bow down, honor Sisqó’s prose, and let some cool bands cover it. Like what Baltimore radio station WTMD 89.7 did when they got seven local acts to “re-imagine” Sisqó. TMT favorites Horse Lords and the soft pink truth bring their deconstruction hats, making nearly unrecognizable thong songs which was totally expected from the two. Much like totally expecting a live-as-fuck song when TT The Artist and Schwarz partnered up for “2 Much Junk In My Trunk (Thong Song).” Their contribution is the cover album’s closest breath to the original. Schwarz’s Baltimore club remix slays and TT The Artist is the QUEEN of Bmore booty bangers. Wing Dam, Microkingdom, Thee Lexington Arrows, and The Manly Deeds all contributed to WTMD 89.7’s summer dream baby.

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Michael Stasis

“Venus Of Soap”

Washing up is a big deal, y’all. Thus, it’s important to fall in love with the “Venus Of Soap” this summer. And Michael Stasis is here to give details on his follies hanging on to the clean-dream. As this “Venus Of Soap” is a slippery and deceitful bar, Michael is never ashamed of being clean, no-matter what scent is either included or added to it. Yet, when you gotta crouch in the slippery space you call a shower, gripping at “Venus Of Soap” by the drain, Michael Stasis reminds us all of the importance and healthy benefits of laughing. Even to during the challenge of being that last smidgen of soap, seeping through wet fingers against a hairy back, “Venus Of Soap” is now evaporating within the mist of that bathroom heat, still happy to clean, even the air. Then when you accidentally knock all the plastic bottles down into the tub, that guitar solo hits mid-laugh, and breaking down is satiated by just a bit of organization.

So stay clean with Michael Stasis this summer when he drops RIP III on orange translucent vinyl, provided by the deep minds at Arbutus Records, out August 7, but you can pre-order HERE, y’all! And scope out the cleanliness anthem of the summer “Venus Of Soap” –the first track off RIP III– below before the LP arrives:

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Meme Vivaldi


Strokes of whimsy are flights of fancy within the musical realm of dimensional notation shift, harnessed by an algorithm of melody who’s only absorption is to ferment them nodes, sacked along areas marked for biological in-/transplant, maintained through a scale which has been torn at the seems of reality in order to exacerbate the pandemonium of Meme Vivaldi. And “LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC” is a portrait of a how a lunatic transcends into a zealot. This track is ordered to crumble. There is nothing down-turned. It’s all progressed for the sake of thinking there’s something actual. Or there. As Meme Vivaldi cannot digress.

Seriously, the southern-Spanish weirdo of Euro-variety, Meme Vivaldi, is conjuring up more than just mind magic. Between him having sent “LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC” to me, I’ve received four or five other (group) e-mails including more music. And I think he even did a set at a museum in Spain. His works are an obsession I must both keep distanced AND observed, and if you’re not familiar with my writing, when I write Meme Vivaldi is purely a maniac, that’s of the highest valor I can place any musician helping me think more along their lines of thought-processing. So if “LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC” is the way Meme Vivaldi is directing me to think, then I must insatiably maximalize my listening for his music alone, and turn’t out summer on the tint.

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