Various Artists: Secret Songs (GFOTY, Kero Kero Bonito, etc.)


After LOGO unexpectedly leaked a fap-worthy transcript from an online date between GFOTY and Ryan Hemsworth, the latter’s new Secret Songs label has been forced to do damage control today by releasing a 10-track compilation of “light pink” songs. It’s called shh#ffb6c1, and it features tasty tunes by music celebrities like GFOTY ( ;) ), Kero Kero Bonito ( :) ), Qrion, Cuushe, and a bunch of others. Fuck it, I’ll just name ‘em all because they’re all worth naming: Late Ride, et aliae, chindamo, Swick & Lewis Cancut, Kumisolo, Ellie Herring.

Listen to the comp below, and be sure to familiarize yourself with this scrumptious new label.

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“Jag Trivs Sämst I Öppna Landskap”

At first, the coin is flipped. Chicagojazzen plays the heel to Ulf’s anthem. Chicagojazzen, like Eva Garbor, chooses metropolis, the meddler’s paradise: a version that is softly blighted: a city, simplified and censored, from the pen of a playwright. We see lurking; we see a light rain that will not stop. The water, when standing, is tall enough to splash onto suits when struck.

From below a puddle built from sewer flow, the bolometer is aimed up at the cell site guarding the high-rise. The twins on the twenty-fifth floor flap their curtains. When the curtain is closed, their lamp is not visible. When the curtain is open, the lamp, shaded by green glass, shines through the window. Their intermittent flapping causes erratic flashes through streaks and night. From below the puddle, where passers-by glance down to see dancing and unidentified forms, to the twenty-fifth floor office, a connection is made. A conglomerate of bright blinkers, interspersed, part the mudbanks of the sewer’s murk. The circumference widens; sinkholes of light form.

The entrance into Chicagojazzen’s TV movie afterlife sequence is heralded with drum crashes and bright brass; their cheerful and celebratory power undermines the cool crime jazz scene of the first half. The final portion is clean-cut, at one with its environment, at home, with its feet up. The dog delivers the paper.

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Lara CrÅft

“The Fire That Burns On Rough Bounce”

Typically, I am NOT a big fan of songs like “The Fire That Burns On Rough Bounce.” But there’s something so compelling about it, especially because nothing else on his SoundCloud sounds like it.

I met Lara CrÅft through Andre this past May at that Sun Araw show, and found out he’s from all over the Earth, has a Finnish wife, and lives with main-main-main dude, Andre. Maybe because I have back-story and creative-thinking context on a fellah who’s adventured a lot throughout the world, I try to imagine his travels while listening to “The Fire That Burns On Rough Bounce.” The song itself is pensive and longing. You can hear him thinking about the song via reluctant instruments being deployed. All rhythmic instruments, which comes close to Lara CrÅft prior sample-driven production work. His voice is exact and non-imitative and ruggedly gentile.

I can’t ever imagine “The Fire That Burns On Rough Bounce” on a television show or during a movie-montage. As much money and praise as Lara CrÅft deserves, he luckily also remains very intricate with craftsmanship of beat and preparedness. This sort of craftsmanship would actually negates a lot of commonly made man-with-guitar music, as it shuffles itself constantly. Lara CrÅft lives within “The Fire That Burns On Rough Bounce” and manifests his own destiny playfully in tune:

• Lara CrÅft:

james matthew

Twenty one

Half of the ungodly tasteful FAMILY EVENT, james matthew has gone ahead and fucked your ears with Twenty one. Be prepared to stay in bed. Tell your boss to suck an egg, ‘cause work just isn’t happening after Twenty one hits.

Remember sacking up and feeling the heat under your seat? Well, james has lit that fire for you once again. Dusted loops and 404 madness make themselves known. And after your first one or two or thirty listens, get out of bed and walk around with Twenty one. Maybe try to find some monkey bars to climb above and gain a different vantage point. You know, quit swinging. Fuck, swing away and quit looking. Either way, make a change. Lose sight of familiarity and find comfort in altered boom bap. Is there room for more compression? Who isn’t here? You?

james matthew:

Lipstick Elite



Holidays themselves are not necessarily chill, although they have a reputation as such. Even the most ostensibly chill holiday I’ve ever taken –to Aruba– was a bit of an ordeal, due to the fact that I was with my best bro (who had invited me) and his girlfriend (at the time). But as soon as I got there, it was clear that the two would have broken up weeks prior under normal circumstances, but because they had this trip planned, they were sticking it out. And fighting the whole time. Also I got sunburned on day-two of the seven-day trip because I was walking up the shore that entire day in the same direction; the sun really turned the left half of my body beet red, and the rest was more or less untouched.

Anywho – Lipstick Elite (a superduo between Skeleton Lipstick and Luxury Elite) do their best to reinforce the holiday-as-paradise myth with this latest track off of their (already sold out in tape form?) full length collab Stay Passionate, Be Discreet. Several tricks pulled out of the Daft Punk “Digital Love” playbook for this one as far as melody and production go, paired with an easily digestible vocal part by what sounds to be an absolute peach of a gent. Do chill, won’t you? I insist. No, no, after you!

An ideal track to deepen your sunburn; you’s in the Southern Hemisphere are catchin’ this one just in time. Refer to the Sunup Recordings Bandcamp to stream the album in full and d/l info. Tip-top-notch artwork by Keith Rankin.

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