Slobodan Kajkut

Terrible Fake [excerpts]

.And tuned in to the hard broadcast with my cemented hand as if out of a wax museum scare tactic pushed mechanically off the helium singed neuron sucker that listened to me and prodded at me as I played the piano with suckers eyes before vamping tump drainage graft along the unclean scales attachment or brush of the vacuum I purchased on credit due to its selling point: the regenerative binding of its tail, green as green as law permits.

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Roger Eno & Lol Hammond

“Sky Becomes A Loop” (Odd Nosdam Remix)

Consider the perfect loop one that begins anew as soon as it ends, such that start and finish eventually become indistinguishable. Now extend that definition beyond the auditory sphere to every aspect of sensory experience. It’s basically impossible to keep track of time when the “Sky Becomes A Loop.”

Case in point: this premiere was supposed to be posted yesterday at noon, but I became so entranced by this remix’s continuous nature that I could no longer conceive of a world in which it wasn’t always streaming for all. And I thought yesterday was Sunday, because I never saw the sun fall. Likewise, Odd Nosdam turned the song in to All Saints Records too late for it to be included on their Greater Lengths compilation. Yet, here it comes and there it goes, streaming when the “Sky Becomes a Loop.”

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Bunny, the Co-Lord of famed Aural Sects and producer under names like Hypersport Ltd and Pe† Ceme†ery, broke open the gates of something fucking vicious on Friday with the release of two new tracks under the moniker Partisan. The tracks, “Magma” and “Flood,” are bundled into an ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL eight and a half minute sensory fuck. I mean, this is beyond industrial noise and would level anything if played at a high volume. IN THE FUTURE THIS SHIT WILL BE CONSIDERED A WEAPON. Look Bunny, if they put you away for mass weapon distribution, I’ll lead the riots. Please make more. Please feed this addiction.

P.S.: the stream above has an extended mix of “Flood” too.

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“Night Lite”

With a not-so harsh come-down off that NSFW “Shift Age” video, The Great Void is back, a month later, with “Night Lite,” a burner of a video that reflects refracted light as much as their lyrics demands one DOESN’T need a visual direction. Wielding aggressive tackiness and a hairy-chested Depeche Mode acumen, “Night Lite” goes off in a standard chorus-verse progression when things surrounding the typical sonic elements of the song grow in unpredictable ways. Suddenly, there’s a synth rhythmfluttering across the back parts of your eyes, and the center of your brain sizzles a little from the relentlessly pulsating beat, shining light only on the inside, as direction (literally) within The Great Void is unintentionally bound. So feel around a little bit with “Night Lite,” pop the video below onto the biggest screen you own, and find yourself through The Great Void:

FUCK YOU! Bonus lyrics video for “Medicine Ball” is about to crater your mind with creativity. Think about The Great Void. Feel the holistic vibes of what their message is presenting. Vibrate your inner and outer modalities with “Medicine Ball” below:

FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!!! Below is a link to the ENTIRE Shift Age album out NOW on Olde English Spelling Bee by The Great Void. Click play. Click on the Bandcamp. Click buy. Click and find reason to live:

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Autre Ne Veut

“The Age of Transparency”

Autre Ne Veut has a new video for the title track off his upcoming album, The Age of Transparency. The video — directed by Allie Avital (who also directed the videos for “World War Pt. 2” and “Panic Room”) — was made in collaboration with WeTransfer (because why not), and it’s being premiered in the context of Autre’s week-long takeover of Yours Truly. Other goodies include Autre’s episode of “(rough)” (where artists share voice memos of a song) and an exclusive, downloadable jazz version of the title track.

Check out the Yours Truly features here, and look for The Age of Transparency October 2 on Downtown. P.S. I’m dead inside.

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