“collective self-defence”

There is a peripheral blur to nikisi’s music, an incessant driving rhythmic centre, tipple-tailing over itself, gathering as much as it looses on its steep descent.

Like some of her past video art, the sounds never quite come into focus, instead rooting the listener (Hey! That’s you!) into a bizarre, jarring spot: at once a small, dry room, catastrophically hard; and still, a weightless Rainbow Road of fleeting melodic apprehension.

While earlier SoundCloud experimentations seemed more clearly annexed to specific genres – Kuduro, Happy Hardcore, Jersey Club – nkisi’s latest two uploads push through to something much less familiar.

Fast, present, forceful; the songs thrust forward with mechanical rigour; pissed off, righteously violent, not escaping the structures - of colony, of race, of gender, pointed to in every song title – that threaten at every turn, but exposing them, in all their banal evil, via the only real safety there is: defense through attack.

• nkisi : https://soundcloud.com/nkisi

m a l i b l u e : (

no sleep

Fueled by coffee. Either looking at a screen at home, or work, on the elevator, in the car, when purchasing food, and even when winking. The lights never shut down. Motion is the most comment element of the ocean. Fish hardly stay still, if not float. Schools just like the LED colors of what [better-than-the-eye-can-see] technology. Vibrancy by-way of cultural tug-of-war. Putting shelves up in your bedroom, lining the walls about two feet apart, with fake and real fish tanks just putting Las Vegas night-sunshine atmosphere in your dreams. Embedded sleep technology. And it’s purely wifi-pathy. You expected something a bit different? Tech-mutation ain’t never happening, no matter how many watches and glasses humans can invent. Running solely on no sleep. Feeling the m a l i b l u e : ( plunge. Also, why are all my coworkers out this office rn?

• m a l i b l u e :(: https://soundcloud.com/m-a-l-i-b-l-u-e
• Illuminated Paths: http://illuminatedpaths.bandcamp.com


“Circus” (feat. Sam Hillmer)

The follow up to Brooklyn duo Lushes’ What Am I Doing is titled Service Industry, is out on Felte October 16, and is taller and louder than the 2014 debut in every way. Possible reasons being: the album was engineered and recorded with Sonic Youth’s long time sound fiend Aaron Mullan, the guest spots of ZS’ front-man Sam Hillmer, Justin Frye of PC Worship, and Jonathan Schenke (Parquet Courts’ engineer and member of Eaters), or maybe band-mates James Ardery and Joel Myers binged on XP and leveled up the gnar. By simply pressing play to Service Industry, there’s an urge to go buy a U-Haul of speaker stacks and go for round two. No song gassed that U-Haul like Service Industry’s indirect title track, “Circus,” which features ZS-aforementioned saxophonist, Sam Hillmer.

“Circus” carries a tongue-buried-in-check theme as Lushes plugs in throughout the record, touching on routine, pre-cut paths, normalcy, and emotional labor. “Circus” touts the latter; the fake smile for real tips trade off; “the customer is always right;” depressive all service industry jobs live by. Ardery’s deadpan, Stephen-Malkmus-dry dive into soul-sucking bullshit with lines like “Just leave a mess and I’ll clean it up/ It’ll only take me a day,” lives with Hillmer’s sax hysteria and Lushes’ post-shift vent. He sits, jaded behind the smiles, and “sirs” and “ma’ams,” becoming complacent (“‘Cause I’m in a circus and I don’t ever want to leave”) and cynical to the world around him (This whole thing is a service industry”). Some days blow.

Service Industry is out October 16. You can/should totally pre-order is on Felte.

• Lushes: http://www.lushes.us
• Lushes: https://lushes.bandcamp.com
• Felte: http://felte.net

DeJ Loaf

“You Don’t Know Me” / “I Got Problems”

After last year’s unexpected hit “Try Me,” which was followed up with her Sell Sole mixtape, DeJ Loaf is keeping things moving in 2015. In addition to a couple tours (the Scream Nation Tour with Kid Ink and Jeremih, and Nicki Minaj’s Pinkprint Tour), the Detroit rapper released #AndSeeThatsTheThing on Columbia just last month, a fantastic, underrated EP that saw her taking mundane phrases like “hey there” to unprecedented heights. DeJ can fucking deliver those hooks!

And now, as she acclimates to life outside the Pinkprint tour, DeJ is still unloading new tracks, specifically today with “You Don’t Know Me” and “I Got Problems.” Both are produced by DDS (who produced “Try Me”), both show DeJ expanding her skills, and both are available to stream below.

• DeJ Loaf: http://www.dejloafmusic.com



Y’all know we love us some Awful Records – just peep any one of our Favorite Mixtapes monthlies for proof – so it goes without saying that a new release from the crew’s de facto leader is pretty much TMT catnip. And why not, as Papicodone nicely summates the attraction to Father (and, by extension, the whole Awful roster): bassy DIY production, voices barely mixed above a whisper, and drugs. A lot of drugs. Previously-released banger “Please Stop Making Fake Versace” is an obvious standout, as is the crew cut “All Black Hummer” which features spots from iLoveMakonnen, Ethereal and Archibald Slim, but really, it’s all pretty :fire emoji:. And at just five tracks deep, it ends quickly enough to spin it again, and again. That’s right, you can play Papicodone three times in roughly the same timespan as the new Tame Impala album. So, what’s it gonna be? Find out for yourself right here:

• Father: http://fatheraintshit.com
• Awful: http://awfulrecords.com



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