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“what is this door for? what is this door for?”

Call the Attorney General for answers. We don’t deal with hypotheticals. Sure. I was on the team. I was close to the boss. He says do something, you do something. He says paint a wall, you paint the wall. Put a door there, you better believe I’ll put a door there. Coming right up. If you ask me, the boss was ambitious. Overambitious, given the task. He had high hopes. But we all knew we’d never make it that far. We’d complete the job unfinished, and we’d be onto some other john come tomorrow. This is all off-the-record, OK? Low-level first floor sort of chitchat, got me?


Ghost Archive

After September’s release of Tlaotlon’s Viper FBX, Dream Disc spent a few weeks waving around a wood stave and slamming it on the floor like a geeked wizard. There were complaints from neighbors about the amount of fun they weren’t having and it became an HOA ordeal, so Dream Disc sold the stave and logged back on Bandcamp with the password “sci_fi_nihilist.” Touching a wall poster of Geordi with one hand and the upload button with the other, Dream Disc added Indek’s Ghost Archive to its own archives. A side project of long-standing omnicreative Jeremy Bible, Indek came to light back in March through two broken IDM-minded albums. Where Ghost Archive fits and expands the tripped up sound of Indek is one in the same. The post-industrial soundscapes are morphic sentients, aware and unconcerned with the channels and spaces it passes through. It’s like a fleet of ghost ships strewn about the seven oceans live streaming each other the interdimensional short fiction they’re working on.

Ghost Archive is available on digital and cassette.

Legendary Hearts

“Fire Exit”

Mastered by Lawrence English in Brisbane, Australia and recently rereleased on Not Not Fun (having already been exposed to the world in 2012 by Dungeon Taxis), Music From The Elevator by Legendary Hearts is back and intact, remaining all six levels of tracks for listeners’ venturing needs. Featuring the single “Fire Exit” as their return burner, Legendary Hearts softens the synthetics game with the hardest chiseling. Long has the “Fire Exit” been a sort of initial PANIC MODE zone, in theory, but who knows what mysteries go on behind that rarely used doorway. Indicated with moans from an echoed guitar, a programmed pattern loops around and around, lightly trickled synthetics dripping in, and then that tapping pounces into a sweat of insatiable aura. “Fire Exit” is completely circular, yet redundancy is broken throughout as varying sounds create multiple minds of their own, introducing characters of audible signifiers, talking like indecipherable conversations behind closed doors. But this is merely the end of Legendary Hearts’ Music From The Elevator. The top floor, if you will. So get down to that “Basement” via Not Not Fun Friday November 27 (THAT’S RIGHT: Black Friday) – along with a CS reissue of Bronze’s In Stone and a CS from X.Y.R. – and stream “Fire Exit” below:


In a Doom Mood

Ok ok, so I heard about this — just as 99% of the shit I “write” about I find through some other source (Bandcamp notifications, emails, Podcasts, carrier pigeons, etc.) — from elsewhere, but that doesn’t mean I’m a jacker. Just means that things get spread. And speaking of spread, this here Shingles (AKA Jesse DeRosa, captain of the Baked Tapes ship) album is the moist towelette to wipe yourself down with after the spreading gets spread. First off, DOOM beats?! Now we’re talking my language. Then, some smooooooth, layered EVI lines atop those funky, choice selections? Now we’re REALLY talking my language. Which is English!

Unfortunately, the physical copies are sold out, but luckily for you, this thing called NOW exists, and you don’t have to rely on an ephemeral medium to listen to these tasty cuts. Just use your oversized, greasy fingers to click the play button below, and let Shingles rips the fuck out of your eardrums.



Those moments when you can’t get “GLAZE” for Thanksgiving dinner

But getting freaky

Can only mean your jamming Days by Earthly

Noumenal Loom dropped Days LP about a couple minutes ago, and you’re probably still listening to some antiquated Animal Collective album that Earthly shits all over, so it’s time to update you musical mind and get your “GLAZE” going.


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