The Yin Yangs

“Life In Space”

The Bushwick trio known to everyone in the neighborhood as The Yin Yangs are finally following up on their last release from back in July of 2013, a collection of live demos titled Cowgirl, with a two-track cassette due to be out in January, and a video for the epic “Life In Space.”

Drummer Alex Fippinger had previously admitted to being on a Spacemen 3 and Sleep kick with bassist Brendan Winick before writing these new songs, but from the sound of it, along with vocalist and guitarist Max Braun, they seem to have comfortably moved on; not only are “Life In Space” and the concise-but-potent “Bees” vastly different from each other in texture, makeup, and scope, but they represent a band confidently growing and expanding beyond the imagined confines of their past material, ready to contribute something to, or produce their very own unique brand of, the as yet unclaimed alternative history of post-space rock.

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Kero Kero Bonito

Build It Up

Kero Kero Bonito can’t just call it a day after releasing their whacked out Intro Bonito or the remix compilation Bonito Recycling. Thankfully, they’re working hard and have churned out “Build It Up,” a slightly more complicated track about creating a new utopia. It sounds like it’s about creating a world on Roller Coaster Tycoon, but in the post-Ferguson decision world, it seems all the more real. A protest anthem disguised as a tweet. A call for revolution for the hashtagged world. This blurb is obviously placing an American perspective on British artists but it’s clear that KKB is interested in not just fluff. They pull the listener in with the kawaii, but don’t let them leave with just cotton candy. The optimism and call to action continues after the track is finished, making the listener want to create their own utopia, or maybe just challenge Kane West & company by making a really good bright beat.

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From the “inner chamber of [HR] GIGERS’ renaissance, STUDIOLO” comes, “GROTESQUERIES METTALIC WALLPAPER.” As I try my best to picture it, STUDIOLO (a CSx2, three-hour “MR. HOLLAND’S OPUS ON SPICE”) is the mind’s eye of major dimensional hierophant architect, HR GIGERS. Each track is particularly a design of the beyond by-way of an interpretation process-portrait using audible creative mind installation. Thus, “GROTESQUERIES METTALIC WALLPAPER” is just another slice of non-visual bursting braincells. And as the new-formed Cenobite finds his home amongst The Order of the Gash, the only way one can witness new art by HR GIGERS is through personalized imagination. Thus, having something as deep and extensive as STUDIOLO is definitely a big help in unlocking your third (or even FOURTH) eye.

As many of you have read, Pacificity Soundvisions is back-in-action right now, and currently residing in Belgium. The label is sold out of STUDIOLO, but it can STILL be found (for the time being) at Volcanic Toungue. It’s also important to note that Underwater Peoples has picked up the distro responsibilities for Pacificity Soundvisions in the states, so expect more Fourth World Magazine volumes through them too. Though, always keep a rare eye on the Pacificity Soundvisions buggy label page for them under-the-under -type releases.

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Dean Blunt


Nightingale Estate, London, 30/11/03

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Louis Johnstone is a busy man. He co-hosts a radio show, CAT SOUNDS, on the SoundClouds, he just released CLEAN OUT YOUR INTENTIONS under his THE HERS moniker on the Bandcamps, and if that wasn’t enough, on Turkey Day, or as he would call it THANKSGIVING YOU FUCKING ARSEHOLE, he uploaded a collection of unreleased material entitled “THE REST IS IN THE SINK CONCERTO.” That beaut of a gem is streaming below, so go ahead and check it out, but don’t forget to listen to the other linked thangz. Oh, and there’s this.


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