How to Create a Mix:

1. Browse through the mix tape requests below. Once you find a request that you’d like to compile to a mix, click on its title and you’ll arrive at the “edit” page.

* Note: Only click on a mix tape title if you intend to create the mix at that moment. Once you click on a title, the mix tape will be locked until you submit a mix tape (if you don’t submit anything within two hours, the mix will be made available again to everyone).

2. Fill out your name in “Compiled by” and put your mix tape in the “Mix Tape Tracklist” field. Please submit your tracklists in the following format (mind everything down to the punctuation!):

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03. Artist - “Song Title”

Feel free to add a paragraph or two at the top of the “Mix Tape Tracklist” field. It’s funner that way.

3. Once you’ve saved your tape, the title will disappear from this Mix Tape Requests page and go straight to Trillian, our fearless mix tapes leader. If you wish for your creations to make it to the site, then please follow her rules. She’ll review each mix tape submission, and if all looks good, she’ll publish them on the site.

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Thanks, and have fun making some mix tapes!

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Short tempered and falling for you
Sexual Grindy Texas Rock
songs to touch my inner beauty
Just shaved the mousdtache i’ve had for 4 years. Mixtape theme: Change is awesome and/or the future is now!
Something to listen to besides the new Death Grips because I can’t have dicks popping up all over my computer screen.
We’re best friends…but we don’t want to ruin anything by becoming more…but we want more. SHIT.
HAVE: new car, great job, gorgeous apt. WANT: my old jalopy and the last 3 years of my life back.
Song for a weekend in Berlin
Trip over my Hop
I’ve just dumped my girlfriend, but I think I’ve made the wrong decision. She has already moved on, I have not.
Fighting back
I didn’t realize he liked me until the day he left
You Broke My Heart into a Million peices and I can’t even talk about it because all my friends hate you.
why why why???????? Because i dont speak english
What happens when you have to convince the person you love to stay with you?
Slow jazz that should be or was in an old detective movie.
Punk/Ska songs that make you shake your booty
Music that will blow my mind
I hate my life!!!!
come on, show me what you got
No Wave
The Soundtrack to the America not represented in the 2012 Presidential Campaign.
Songs for Dancing in Six-Inch Heels
My fiance is in jail and the guy I like went to the big city to find himself and the guy I like leaving is affecting me more.
Gonjasufi meets Madlib on Psychedelics
I’m white as fuck, but god damn I love soulful Hip-Hop
Songs about the end of the world that don’t have “Apocalypse” in their titles
We liked eachother and then you said you didn’t anymore and now you like another girl and i feel like shit
I’m an intern and I get the jobs done up until midnight BUT I don’t get to be invited to any of my superiors birthday party EVEN THOUGH ITS TWO DESKS AWAY FROM ME. So fuck up the office fun.
Songs to forget your passwords to
Frank Zappa, Davie Bowie, David Byrne, Peter Gabriel, The Strokes, Genesis with Peter Gabriel, Yes, Osibiza, Grand Funk Railroad, Black Crowes, John Mayall, Peter Green, Beck, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Straws, Jethro Tull, Bad Company,
It’s Going To Get Better Right…Right?
I got dumped by a guy who never wanted sex anyway. Time to get fucked!
I met you on Chatroulette and now I’m in love with you
I’m 20 years old and I still can’t grow up.
Final destination for reals a.k.a. the 4th time a car has hit me in 2 yrs
Being forced to move back in with my dysfunctional family at 21. More than a little upset.
songs for when you realize the guy you are sleeping with doesn’t want more then that
Songs for a Male Feminist
Visiting my Grandma’s basement where my old Nintendo is still hooked up.
I should have never left home. This sucks.
I thought I hated you but really I think I love you
It’s been rough and I’ve barely hanging on….
I wish I was a badass desperado.
DMT (Dimethyltryptamine)
I’m on house arrest and it fucking blows