How to Create a Mix:

1. Browse through the mix tape requests below. Once you find a request that you’d like to compile to a mix, click on its title and you’ll arrive at the “edit” page.

* Note: Only click on a mix tape title if you intend to create the mix at that moment. Once you click on a title, the mix tape will be locked until you submit a mix tape (if you don’t submit anything within two hours, the mix will be made available again to everyone).

2. Fill out your name in “Compiled by” and put your mix tape in the “Mix Tape Tracklist” field. Please submit your tracklists in the following format (mind everything down to the punctuation!):

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02. Artist - “Song Title”
03. Artist - “Song Title”

Feel free to add a paragraph or two at the top of the “Mix Tape Tracklist” field. It’s funner that way.

3. Once you’ve saved your tape, the title will disappear from this Mix Tape Requests page and go straight to Trillian, our fearless mix tapes leader. If you wish for your creations to make it to the site, then please follow her rules. She’ll review each mix tape submission, and if all looks good, she’ll publish them on the site.

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Thanks, and have fun making some mix tapes!

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songs for when you just got into your dream college… and realize life is perfect ♥
These songs are under 2 minits, and thats a good thing
Think I heard a wendigo in the distant frost, is he just lonely or am I gonna die?
The monday morningfestival feelings
Luis Guzmán
The guy I’ve loved for the past three years is dating my best friend.
I slept with a graduate student, accidentally fell in love with him, and now he’s stepped in mid-semester as my professor. Oh, and I have a boyfriend.
nujabes / shing02, please.
It’s 2am and I can’t sleep because I’m sad for no reason
Existential Meltdown in Astronomy Lecture After Realizing Own Mortality
I said no but he wouldn’t stop
Your best friend is openly in love with me. I don’t love him. I love you and you love me. It’s to bad because we could be awesome together.
Songs for a mixtape robot who needs to prove she’s a human visitor
Songs With No Gender
Just saw Drive, and now i really want to Jam.
look in the mirror
falling in love with an Welsh priest.
songs to listen to while i feed my chickens in the morning.
I got fucked up on E and danced until dawn and I can’t wait to do it again.
Why did I have to forgive you?
Leaving this shitty city cos there’s little here for me and I can’t be bothered anymore.
Songs for when you always fuck up everything and you’re used to it
French New Wave
songs john peel never played
Yo, Just Gimme a Boner
Songs to Help Me Forget I Have Roommate
Isn’t Home Suppose to be Where the Heart is?
Songs that are only indirectly about smoking weed, a la “Fire It Up” by Modest Mouse
holy fuck, I’m 17.
a guide to calming the fuck down
Songs about Betty
What a piece of work is man!
I Am Just So Smitten And It Scares The Shit Out Of Me
I’m moving to Nashville, TN this weekend. I need a good mix for the road.
beats by dre kopen
Second Semester Senior
I am a radar detector
hip-hop mix for Bill Evans
the girl i like is in a friends with benefits relationship with a guy that she’s totally too good for. and did i mention that this girl is my ex’s (who i’m still good friends with) best friend?
Fuck Me. Hard.
I only like indie music, but I need a good workout mix
I’m trying really hard to stop liking you, but I can’t. & you’re not helping either!
I’m Fresh Out of Nice
Songs that are both cute and raunchy
History is my porn
I’m an 18th century serving wench who likes to tumble with the stable boy