How to Create a Mix:

1. Browse through the mix tape requests below. Once you find a request that you’d like to compile to a mix, click on its title and you’ll arrive at the “edit” page.

* Note: Only click on a mix tape title if you intend to create the mix at that moment. Once you click on a title, the mix tape will be locked until you submit a mix tape (if you don’t submit anything within two hours, the mix will be made available again to everyone).

2. Fill out your name in “Compiled by” and put your mix tape in the “Mix Tape Tracklist” field. Please submit your tracklists in the following format (mind everything down to the punctuation!):

01. Artist - “Song Title”
02. Artist - “Song Title”
03. Artist - “Song Title”

Feel free to add a paragraph or two at the top of the “Mix Tape Tracklist” field. It’s funner that way.

3. Once you’ve saved your tape, the title will disappear from this Mix Tape Requests page and go straight to Trillian, our fearless mix tapes leader. If you wish for your creations to make it to the site, then please follow her rules. She’ll review each mix tape submission, and if all looks good, she’ll publish them on the site.

If you have any questions, please email

Thanks, and have fun making some mix tapes!

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Getting Pumped up to Eat Someone’s Brains
Who or what the hell do you want?!
I’m scared that my life is meant to be a tragedy instead of a comedy.
Missing Him
My Dorm Is Haunted
I’m a Billy Kidd type of guy, but New Orleans, you are killing me
Music to distract even the most productive
Music for a long ass road trip to a Renaisance Festival with a bunch of cool kids
i missed you so much while you were in prison. now that you’re out, you’re driving me nuts, and i don’t know why i still love you.
Days when i feel like i am a complete hippie from the 70’s
My life sucks. Now gimme some sad-ass music.
First school day
pumped up kicks
it’s going to be our first time together: excited and nervous!
I Wear the Pants
really sad songs
Mushy shit that makes you wish you had a significant other
I’m in love with you, you kissed that one dude, but we were all in zombie makeup so it’s hilarious.
Songs to listen to after you lose your mother
I would like something nice and “sad”, about love you’ll never get, being different, our on the outside.
human rights
I really fucked up and I need you back
Hey you in the driver’s seat, just kiss me already- you had me from hello.
I’m barely 20, but I’m terrified life is passing me by and I can’t stop it.
Nothing But People Singing Over The Piano
Apparently she doesn’t even want to be friends anymore
My ex ditched me for a party and left me on the side of the road. This is why he’s my ex. Douchebag.
I know we’re young and poor, but if you were to ask me to marry you, I’d say yes.
I’m in love with the guy who lives 3489 miles from my home.
All alone in a new country in the middle of winter? Yeah, me too.
A soundtrack to a summer night out without a care in the world
I just found out I was passed up for the promotion I’ve been waiting 2 years for.
The world sounds like a cacophony of noise already, why not throw in a little hardcore?
I dont know your name, nor do I care wanna dance?
goth/folkish or metal love songs
The Internet is Taking Over My Life
those lyrics just BLEW MY MIND
I miss London, it’s cold up North!
I miss you so
We Were In Love But Then You Left And Now You Want Me Back But I Am 655 Miles Away From You
I want to be nostalgic, but not become horribly depressed from thinking about the past.
Now you’re with someone else, I miss you, and I’m desperate
Why the fuck am I with him?
goth folkish or metal music for my long distance boyfriend
When he wants to live in his country and you want to live in yours…
Songs to drive home to after being away for months