Book Review: "The History of Rock 'n' Roll in Ten Songs" by Greil Marcus

“This slim volume tells us enough of what we need to know to negotiate rock’s inscrutabilities, lies, half-remembered truths, cruelty, and sublimity.”

Toronto International Film Festival 2014

10 unforgettable films from TIFF 2014

2014: Third Quarter Favorites

From Suzi Ecto and Suki Girlz to The Abyss of the Dark Web

Transfigurations II

“I just nodded my head and said, ‘Yeah dude, right on.’”


“This is how pop music feels; this is our perpetual desire to consume; this is our reoccurring problem; this is our ideological trap.”

Shambhala Music Festival 2014

“This was precisely what I needed to get my life moving again.”

Wreck and Reference

“We’ll all be swallowed up, to be recycled into durable goods by future generations, and thrown away all over again.”

Armand Hammer

“There are these dudes with powers where if they hit you in the head, after a little bit, your head just explodes.”

Xeno & Oaklander

“With this album we are sending mementos from the past, that are listened to today, to be cherished in the future by synth generations to come. We’re romantics!”

FYF Fest 2014

“Exactly how would it feel to be cooked alive in a rotisserie oven?”

Colin Geddes (TIFF programmer)

“Playing at TIFF there is a lot at stake. There are a lot of opportunities behind every door and behind every handshake. And they just need to be aware of that and ready to handle it.”

Tommy Wiseau (director of The Room)

“I think a filmmaker, director, producer, we have an obligation to give a message if it’s possible, a true message of a true life.”

Sir Richard Bishop

“I doubt, at this point, that I’m going to have an epiphany that’s going to make me join a cult or a commune, or a magical fraternity. I’m more of a chaos guy, I think.”

MusicFestNW 2014

“When I saw you this year, with your single-venue, one-weekend lineup, using “logistics” as an excuse, it broke my heart.”

The Garment District

“I am very interested in an intersection of orchestrated pristine pop music and the vibe and feel of more ambient experimental stuff.”

Art Fetish: July 2014

The month in cover art, from Dalhous to Minaj

A Sunny Day In Glasgow

“It felt more like we had headphones on, and we were listening to all of the ideas that we were bouncing off of each other.”


“We tend to look at the new things coming, play with them, try to learn them, and evolve with the technology.”

Jónó Mí Ló

“That’s the idea; it’s to take on other dynamics of this characterized role and bring more depth to it.”

Pitchfork Music Festival 2014

“I leaned against a tree with my slice of pizza and cup of beer, all-American and already dizzy.”



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