“I’m a one-man band, girl.”

Lightning Bolt

“There’s all kinds of basements and attics and weird little hidden places where weirdos lived that we would play that we don’t do as much any more. I don’t know where those people are anymore.”

Buzzard (Joel Potrykus and Joshua Burge)

“Basically every shot is of Marty, and so we just see his world, and we don’t even know what’s real and what’s not by the end.”


“Emotionally, we all have scars. Psychologically. I just want to write music that speaks to that.”

Favorite Mixtapes of February 2015

Gonzo pornography, stentorian detachment, and Bill O’Reilly in a sex-party compost heap

Galya Chikiss

“I wanted this music to be for the masses, in a good meaning of the word.”

TMT Picks: The Oscars 2015

Who we think should win at the 87th Academy Awards

In Memoriam: The Cinema of Aleksei German

“It has always been like this, and like this it will be.”

Matana Roberts

“You can’t chose who you are related to. But a lot of the stories that are on the Coin Coin record are stories that were told to me as a child, and they fascinate me.”

Read The Label #4: Superior Viaduct

“Some artists really are ahead of their time, or victims of it.”

Who Views Short Shorts 2015

TMT Weighs in on This Year’s Oscar-Nominated Short Films

High Maintenance (web series)

“We value plausibility, so I think that keeps things grounded. If it doesn’t seem possible, then we’re not going to portray it.”

Favorite Mixtapes of January 2015

From Lil Wayne and Lil Herb to Chimurenga Renaissance and Pipomixes

Frederick Wiseman (director of National Gallery, Titicut Follies)

“The recognition of ambiguity, whether it’s in film or in your own experience, does complicate things. But it makes them more interesting.”

Daughters Of The Sun

“The lineup changes always seemed to jumpstart new directions that led to new realms.”

Book Review: John Darnielle's "Wolf in White Van"

Teens, Wolf, and Other Feral Creatures

Read The Label #3: Opal Tapes

“I appreciate musicality and composition hugely, but timbral choice is the key to make me listen beyond 30 seconds.”