“I think I’m more focused now on trying to deliver a defined world for each record.”

A Eulogy for Transcendental Musical Experience

An Article After Kierkegaard’s Repetition

Mikko Aspa (Grunt, Freak Animal label owner)

“Most of what happens in my life manifests through Grunt in a way or another.”

Shingo Nishinari

“Osaka’s Shingo Nishinari may look the part of a thug, but he brings an empathy and artistry that elevates the role far above cliche.”


“If you call us lo-fi, I think it’s kind of lo-fi by default.”


“If you’re going to boo somebody, you better know who you’re booing, bitch.”

TMT Cerberus 07

Joe Buck’s Second Favorite Website


“I’m quite accustomed to alienating my ‘fans.’”

Jukebox the Ghost

“Kids haven’t realized the darkness and horrors and misery of real life.”

The Myth of DIY

Toward a Common Ethic on Piracy

Boy in Static

“My approach is to take things and exaggerate them.”

The Way of the Traveler -- Osaka

“Osaka’s hip-hop culture is a rich home for self-styled thugs and hustlers.”

NXNE 2009

[Toronto, ON]

Eat Skull

“We have a way of looking at things that is maybe realistic.”

TMT Cerberus 06

At Arm’s Length

Northside Festival 2009

[Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn]



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