The Maryland Film Festival

Six shorts, We Are Wizards, and White Lies Black Sheep

Le Loup

“Come into my living room and talk about shit.”

Holy Fuck

“Hummus is the wonder food of the world.”

Jean-Luc Godard Retrospective

Breathless; Contempt; Masculine, Feminine; Two Or Three Things I Know About Her

Will Sheff (Okkervil River)

Wasted, Tired, Sick: The Trials of Budget Rock

No Age

Would I call bullshit on that if I heard that song on the radio?


Babylon 4 eva

Rob Crow

Waxes Enthusiastic


Midnight Vignettes

High Places

“We have this little Ian McKaye photo that we kiss before each show.”

Billboards Along the Highway

Two Gallants, The SLIP. Charlie McAlister ETC Down South

Kelley Stoltz

“Yeah, songs; I think I like songs at the end of the day.”


The vital role of the queer experience in the narrative of modern pop and rock music

Vashti Bunyan

The Past and Future Collide

Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals)

“The artist can be entirely undiplomatic. I think that’s the power of art.”


Positivity Above All Things

A Defense of Painful Music

What does destructive music actually destroy?

A Tiny Art-Land Vortex

On the Vagaries of Booking Shows at a Small Club

Girl Talk

Manufacturing nostalgia, pushing squares