AFI Fest 2014

“The images are as uniquely astounding as they are mystifying, and the shot of clouds slowly covering the stars as Gunnar rests helplessly on his back is the most singular and memorable shot of the year.”

Horse Lords

“I don’t know if I care about the idea of rock music ‘progressing.’ If it needs to, it’s not going to come from other rock music.”

Andy Stott

“You know it’s right when it feels like it’s pulling the back of your head off.”

New York Film Festival 2014

“The two subjects sit close together surrounded by darkness underneath a halo of city lights, and the mutual cataclysm of their past is given verbal declaration.”


“Here you are, the house is burning down, and you’re just writing about how the lights are in the fire and the smell of the fire. No! Get up, get some water, put it out.”

Call Super

“Sadness is the same coin as joy and I want the two to always try and fight their way through my tracks.”


“The propensity for experimentation within the band isn’t pre-meditated… I think.”


“We’ve instinctively begun integrating our own bodies and our own lives into the visual elements of 18+.”

Gregg Araki

“It’s about a victim of the patriarchy in the sense that she fell into this life that was not hers, but that society chose for her.”

Read The Label #2: Shelter Press

“We are not sellers or product-makers. We are publishers.”

Elisa Ambrogio

“Many of the best songs are the simplest ways of saying something complex.”

Kate Lyn Sheil

“I like people who feel things strongly or not at all. I don’t like the middle ground very much.”

Wrekmeister Harmonies

“Ultimately it’s way more important that I gather incredibly talented people to help me convey my message. There’s no way I could do this on my own.”

Neil Hamburger

“We do have all the old jokes, but they’re on scraps of paper. You know how, if you stay at the Best Western, you get a little notepad by the side of the bed? We’ve got literally thousands of these types of scraps in old supermarket bags in a storage locker.”

Simone Trabucchi (Dracula Lewis, Hundebiss Records)

“This music is about now, without being novelty, without being banal. It’s expression with no romanticism.”

Hopscotch Music Festival 2014

Sun Araw makes a crystal den, Lescalleet makes a joke, Thurston makes nice with Tony Conrad


“It’s the movie of an anthill living in the womb of Angelina Jolie.”

Purling Hiss

“I like to reference nostalgic stuff because that’s what I grew up listening to. I try to make it into a present thing.”


“I met this guy in England who’s in a folk band now, and we were talking about how funny it is because he’s my age, and he was like, ‘All the folk guys I know started out as metalheads.’”

Read The Label #1: In Context Music

“In nature, a sound only happens once, then is gone.”



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