SXSW Music 2014

We cover the music portion of this year’s conference through reviews, art, and streams

2014: First Quarter Favorites

Our 20 favorite releases from the first quarter of the year

Horseback (Jenks Miller)

“I don’t think there was ever really a line between metal and American roots music for me to erase.”

TMT's SXSW Guide 2014

From NSPY and SPF420 to NFOP and K-POP

Portland International Film Fest 2014

Inspiring, infuriating, and only occasionally boring

TMT Picks: The Oscars 2014

Who we think should win at the 86th Academy Awards

Angel Olsen

“They really understand the sounds I’m hearing in my head. I feel like it’s kind of fucked up, actually.”

Blanche Blanche Blanche

“When we’re happy, we joke. When we’re uncomfortable, we joke, etc.”

Beyoncé’s Ass as Liberation Front

Parsing the complicated relationship between feminist theory and Beyoncé’s new album

Who Views Short Shorts

TMT Weighs in on 2014’s Oscar-Nominated Shorts


“I’m endlessly obsessed with the stuff that’s just below the surface — sounds that are there but you just need to tease them out a little bit, you know?”

In Memoriam: Philip Seymour Hoffman

A dart thrown at the abyss of death and loss

In Memoriam: Arthur Doyle

Once More, with Alabama Feeling


“I think the important thing is to ground all our work all the time as activists in the real world and real life.”

Goodbye, 285 Kent Ave

Our thoughts on the NY venue’s final shows

Alex Gray (D/P/I, Deep Magic, Sun Araw Band)

“It’s more-or-less joking with the listener at that point, giving them a ‘control,’ so I can test their patience with other sounds.”

Lucrecia Dalt

“I like this method very much; it’s very dysfunctional.”

Stefan Jaworzyn

“When I used to read what musicians actually ‘think,’ it regularly put me off listening to them.”