Vic Chesnutt

“I can be sidelined pretty easily.”

Jumbling Towers

“Only the power of prayer can bring you through to the next project without bitterness.”

David Bazan

“It was shortly after that I think that I stopped self-identifying as a Christian.”

Riot Fest 2009: Part 2

[The Metro; Chicago, IL]

Riot Fest 2009: Part 3

[The Congress Theater; Chicago, IL]

Riot Fest 2009: Part 4

[The Congress Theater; Chicago, IL]

The Mountain Goats

“The ‘49 Packard will slay all.”

A Sunny Day In Glasgow

“People are like unicorns: they’re not born, they just appear…”

Andrew W.K.

“I’m actually not at liberty to discuss the specifics.”

The Apotheosis of U.S. Televisual Culture:

Miley Ray (Destiny Hope) “Hannah Montana” Cyrus

Free Energy

“It’s got that kind of circular guitar riffing, like AC/DC-style, that probably doesn’t actually sound like AC/DC.”

All Tomorrow's Parties New York 2009

[Kutsher’s Country Club; Monticello, NY]

Monolith Festival 2009: Day 2

[Red Rocks Ampitheater; Morrison, CO]

Monolith Festival 2009: Day 1

[Red Rocks Ampitheater; Morrison, CO]

Love Of Diagrams

“When people compare us to American indie rock, I have to do a double-take.”

Bumbershoot 2009: The Best and Worst

[Seattle Center; Seattle, WA]

Zeebra Pt. II

The Correction

Skygreen Leopards

“It’s just, this is our bid for a pop album.”


“I didn’t want to reach out too much and have it be too cluttered with a bunch of features.”