Pepe Deluxé

“The idea of doing just one type of music is abhorrent to me.”

TMT Cerberus 01

All Bark, All Bite


This contemplative, dreamy masterpiece is the greatest album Japan’s hip-hop scene has yet produced.

Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele

“I wanted to ride a line between kitsch and sincerity.”


“I think there are countries where people literally do not dance at shows.”

Los Campesinos! (Gareth Campesinos)

“We want to do as much as we can before we get dropped or before people totally get bored of us.”


“The record is less about criminality as a character trait than as a social condition.”

Be My Cheap-o Valentine

All you need to enjoy V-Day 2009 is love… and these 16 movies

Kinky Cohen: Part 2 [NSFW]

BDSM, Erotic Humiliation, and Role-Play in the Works of Leonard Cohen

Kinky Cohen: Part 1 [NSFW]

BDSM, Erotic Humiliation, and Role-Play in the Works of Leonard Cohen

All That Is Solid 01: Introduction

Ambivalence as a Political Category


“I like the idea of everything being as raw-sounding as possible, with nothing covering up the sound.”


“It’s good to be prolific, and it’s good to always be playing; however, I think you’ve gotta have a lot of discretion.”

Memory Storm

A meeting between hip-hop and house that captures the spirit of Tokyo nightlife.


“I want it to feel like you’re 15, jumping up and down on your bed with your friends.”

Jeremy Enigk

“I’m starting to sing about subjects rather than being completely and totally internalized.”

Festival: Fun Fun Fun Fest 2008

[Waterloo Park; Austin, TX]

Heather Leigh Murray

“I’d like to think that I’m doing rock music in a new way.”

Kochitola Haguretic MCs

Fun, funky, and loose electro-rap born in the parks of Shinjuku.