The Fresh & Onlys

“I began to feel like, the music’s going to be gone — I don’t really care — but she’s always going to be there, so that’s where I’m at.”

"Fuck you, male misogynistic bloggers"

How Lily Allen is challenging sexism and misogyny with Sheezus

Perfect Pussy

“All you have to do is look around, and you can find other marginalized people working actively in the arts, and you can find people to have communion with. And that’s really important.”

Sasquatch! 2014

Tales From The Pit


“If I had a plan, it would be boring, but I don’t have a plan. I just see where it goes. I see where it leads me.”

Maryland Film Festival 2014

What if I told you there was a movie in which noise music saves the world??

Disavowing Jacko and Pixies

Why the idealizations of our favorite artists must be protected against these artists themselves

White Poppy

“You need the chaos to have order, just like you need hardship to appreciate joy. I suppose I do value chaos.”

Austin Psych Fest 2014

Why don’t they know how their own songs are supposed to go? Why am I here? Who am I? And so on.


“I’m very accessible as a person and my work communicates that I am. So when I encounter people at a show or a subway platform, there are often hugs involved.”

Pop & Non-Pop After The Conceptual Turn

How pop’s appetite for itself has led to a taste for the sacred


“‘Oh, what went wrong now? Do I look like an idiot? What got taken out of context? How does the world feel about me?’… It’s a mindfuck.”

In Memoriam: DJ Rashad

We pay tribute to the footwork legend with words and a mix

Big Ears Festival 2014

Amplified static, Charms lollipops, and classic-rock histrionics

The Skull Defekts

“When you lose the idea of doing ‘good’ songs, suddenly they appear.”

Unsound Festival New York 2014

The scaling of music’s structural past and infinitely potential futures.

The Soft Focus

How data overload has led to the trading of one delusion (authenticity) for another (aesthetic cohesion)

Britt Brown (Not Not Fun, Robedoor, LA Vampires)

“Ours is a thin-skinned generation, and a lot of artists harbor surprising venom toward anyone who isn’t buying what they’re selling.”

Com Truise

“You’re not looking down, you’re not looking up, you’re just looking straight. There was less empty space, which I feel sometimes can be distracting and negative.”

SXSW Film 2014

Mediated love, digital cinematography, and original voices worthy of discovery