Outside Lands Festival 2009

[Golden Gate Park; San Francisco, CA]

Outside Lands Festival 2009

[Golden Gate Park; San Francisco, CA]

Sun Araw

“Glowing iconography in the mythology.”

Tyondai Braxton

“I’m allowed to love this music.”

Rock Plaza Central

“All I want to do in life is make stuff.”

TMT Cerberus 08

Shake yo’ tailfeather

Apostle Of Hustle

“It’s a record about battle.”

The Jesus Lizard (David Yow)

“That was a good injury.”

Kurt Vile

“I definitely think I belong on Matador – its a perfect fit.”

Blues Control

“It’s just about trial and error.”


“I think I’m more focused now on trying to deliver a defined world for each record.”

A Eulogy for Transcendental Musical Experience

An Article After Kierkegaard’s Repetition

Mikko Aspa (Grunt, Freak Animal label owner)

“Most of what happens in my life manifests through Grunt in a way or another.”

Shingo Nishinari

“Osaka’s Shingo Nishinari may look the part of a thug, but he brings an empathy and artistry that elevates the role far above cliche.”


“If you call us lo-fi, I think it’s kind of lo-fi by default.”


“If you’re going to boo somebody, you better know who you’re booing, bitch.”

TMT Cerberus 07

Joe Buck’s Second Favorite Website


“I’m quite accustomed to alienating my ‘fans.’”