“I’m quite accustomed to alienating my ‘fans.’”

Jukebox the Ghost

“Kids haven’t realized the darkness and horrors and misery of real life.”

The Myth of DIY

Toward a Common Ethic on Piracy

Boy in Static

“My approach is to take things and exaggerate them.”

The Way of the Traveler -- Osaka

“Osaka’s hip-hop culture is a rich home for self-styled thugs and hustlers.”

NXNE 2009

[Toronto, ON]

Eat Skull

“We have a way of looking at things that is maybe realistic.”

TMT Cerberus 06

At Arm’s Length

Northside Festival 2009

[Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn]

Anni Rossi

“I don’t want there to be any unused space in the recording.”


“I feel hesitant about predicting any kind of future with music.”


“All our ‘stylistic’ shifts were just snapshots of us experimenting, trying ideas, playing with them.”

Sasquatch! Music Festival 2009

[Gorge Ampitheatre; George, WA]

sunn 0)))

“It’s like an onion, man, all the layers and shit.”

All That Is Solid 07: Auto-Tune

Some Thoughts on Auto-Tune; Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love “The-Dream”



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