CMJ 2013

From Traxman and Omar Souleyman to Perfect Pussy and Pity Sex


“I embrace the dark on a personal level, but in my work, if anything, I’m actually shining a light on it.”


“I like Japanese spoken by foreign people. I […] think it’s cool and hope that people feel the same way about Yako’s English as I do for a foreigner’s Japanese.”

Omar Souleyman

“I would be proud that someone was influenced by my music and took some of it, because I would consider that as a victory for me.”


“Sometimes you have to become an animal to feel human.”

VIA Festival 2013

“Watching more groups of people chase each other around with those silly rods, I tried to articulate what it was that bothered me, exactly.”

Arrington de Dionyso

“Here you have extremely up-to-date, contemporary, avant-garde, modernist expressions of a very ancient sonic culture, yet it’s the most non-traditional expression of that culture you can imagine.”

The Body

“It’s probably going to be our complete downfall, but whatever. I wouldn’t do it any other way.”

The Blow

“There’s me [onstage], and then there’s Melissa at the back in the sound booth with the audience between us. We’re doing a kind of call-and-response with each other with the audience hugged between the two of us.”

Jem Cohen (director of Museum Hours)

“I just wander around and shoot, and I make stuff out of that.”

DJ Rashad

“[Footwork]’s still growing, but it still hasn’t grown outside the same box that it’s been in for the last five years, as far as a Chicago underground culture.”

Hopscotch 2013

Sheer violent chaos flying in the face of all reason and musicality: It was fucking beautiful.

MusicfestNW 2013

Audience chatter, flash photography, Starbucks, and “Everybody Loves Raymond”


“It’s like a checkers sort of mentality, where hopping over the next man is going to get you something better.”

Dustin Wong

“If we have the ability to hear, it’s like seeing a face without seeing it.”

Magik Markers

“There aren’t enough stupid, mouth-breathing women making rock & roll records.”

FYF Fest 2013

A schismatic mixture of both serene and more acerbic sounds

Joe Swanberg (director of Drinking Buddies)

“Ty West directing someone to stab me in the neck 15 takes in a row was not the most pleasant acting experience I’ve ever had.”

Aki Onda

“After I do a field recording, I will normally leave the tapes for some years. I need some kind of detachment from the sounds I collected.”

Julianna Barwick

“I like not knowing how something’s going to sound until I get into it. I like the mystery.”