Anni Rossi

“I don’t want there to be any unused space in the recording.”


“I feel hesitant about predicting any kind of future with music.”


“All our ‘stylistic’ shifts were just snapshots of us experimenting, trying ideas, playing with them.”

Sasquatch! Music Festival 2009

[Gorge Ampitheatre; George, WA]

sunn 0)))

“It’s like an onion, man, all the layers and shit.”

All That Is Solid 07: Auto-Tune

Some Thoughts on Auto-Tune; Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love “The-Dream”

No Fun 2009: Infinite Sound and Image

No Fun Goes to New York’s New Museum

No Fun Fest 2009

[Music Hall of Williamsburg; Brooklyn, NY]

No Fun Fest 2009

[Music Hall of Williamsburg; Brooklyn, NY]


“Nothing interests me in sparseness anymore than fullness.”


The awfulness of this album is only one of a few reasons Zeebra deserves to be punched in the kidneys until he pisses blood.

La Otracina

“We are making OUR sound, and maybe it ain’t all ‘new,’ but it’s ‘ours,’ and it changes and grows.”

TMT Cerberus 05

Ted Williams’ Cryogenically Frozen Head

Extra Golden

“There’s not a lot of African music that’s contemplative or music for music’s sake; it tends to serve a purpose.”

Gang Gang Dance

“Rock ‘n’ roll has been happening for so long. It’s really nice to see it go.”

Extra Life

“I’m really into a certain amount of artifice in music.”

Multistability in the Buddha Machine 2.0

…And the Inception of a New Musical ‘Vox Populi’



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