Sean McCann

“The idea of music being stripped down to pure melodies and arrangements is fascinating to me.”

CMJ 2013

From Traxman and Omar Souleyman to Perfect Pussy and Pity Sex


“I embrace the dark on a personal level, but in my work, if anything, I’m actually shining a light on it.”


“I like Japanese spoken by foreign people. I […] think it’s cool and hope that people feel the same way about Yako’s English as I do for a foreigner’s Japanese.”

Omar Souleyman

“I would be proud that someone was influenced by my music and took some of it, because I would consider that as a victory for me.”


“Sometimes you have to become an animal to feel human.”

VIA Festival 2013

“Watching more groups of people chase each other around with those silly rods, I tried to articulate what it was that bothered me, exactly.”

Arrington de Dionyso

“Here you have extremely up-to-date, contemporary, avant-garde, modernist expressions of a very ancient sonic culture, yet it’s the most non-traditional expression of that culture you can imagine.”

The Body

“It’s probably going to be our complete downfall, but whatever. I wouldn’t do it any other way.”

The Blow

“There’s me [onstage], and then there’s Melissa at the back in the sound booth with the audience between us. We’re doing a kind of call-and-response with each other with the audience hugged between the two of us.”

Jem Cohen (director of Museum Hours)

“I just wander around and shoot, and I make stuff out of that.”

DJ Rashad

“[Footwork]’s still growing, but it still hasn’t grown outside the same box that it’s been in for the last five years, as far as a Chicago underground culture.”

Hopscotch 2013

Sheer violent chaos flying in the face of all reason and musicality: It was fucking beautiful.

MusicfestNW 2013

Audience chatter, flash photography, Starbucks, and “Everybody Loves Raymond”


“It’s like a checkers sort of mentality, where hopping over the next man is going to get you something better.”

Dustin Wong

“If we have the ability to hear, it’s like seeing a face without seeing it.”

Magik Markers

“There aren’t enough stupid, mouth-breathing women making rock & roll records.”

FYF Fest 2013

A schismatic mixture of both serene and more acerbic sounds

Joe Swanberg (director of Drinking Buddies)

“Ty West directing someone to stab me in the neck 15 takes in a row was not the most pleasant acting experience I’ve ever had.”

Aki Onda

“After I do a field recording, I will normally leave the tapes for some years. I need some kind of detachment from the sounds I collected.”