2008: The War on Copyright™

How the PRO-IP Act, ACTA, and President-elect Obama will shape how we get and ultimately how we listen to our music

2008: Ashes to Ashes

“Only self-bias makes possible the delusion that we are living in a decentered world of personal tastes.”

2008: Brand New Low?

TMT Takes a Light-Hearted Look at the Current State of Music Branding

2008: The Year I Fell Out of the Loop

“I’m beginning to think one’s lifespan within underground music is similar to dog years.”

2008: The Epic Log

“The staunch reviewer knows about an MP3 player that’s much cooler than what you have, and he’ll probably be able to tell you why in 500 words or less.”


“I hate white people fucking with hip-hop. That’s not my place.”

U.S. Girls

“I don’t have insurance and I have a rotten tooth in my mouth at the moment.”

The Octopus Project

“It’s nice not to have the dynamic of one of us being the frontman.”

The Ruby Suns

“I’d never been to a baseball game, and it blew my freakin’ mind.”

HEALTH (John Famiglietti)

“We probably should have worn more black.”

Chicago 44th International Film Festival

[Various Theaters; Chicago, IL]

Peter Christopherson (Part 2)

“When you deceive someone who trusts you, or take the money not due to you, or shut the gas-chamber door, it’s the same thing. YOU did it.”

Peter Christopherson [Throbbing Gristle, The Threshold HouseBoys Choir]

“The Brainwaves Festival is likely to be my last THBC experiment for some time, and should not be missed if at all possible.”

Gogol Bordello (Eugene Hutz)

“The motherfucking idea of space and time has fallen apart.”

Marnie Stern

“We really wanted the ear to focus on the song itself and less on part, part, part, part, part, part, part.”

Come All You Good Time People

Dock Boggs, Blues Banjo, and Virginia Hills

TV on the Radio (David Sitek)

“I’ll put my two cents in, but I’m perfectly fine if they get thrown right back.”

Foot Village

“The idea of being aware of culture means that we’re not so full of ourselves that we think we’re gonna define it or change it.”