2007: DeLorean Discoveries

Waxing nostalgic with the oldies

2007: Tiny Mix Tape 2007

Individual songs stuck on repeat

2007: Tiny Mix Tapes Favorite Albums of 2007

25 Albums that Defined 2007 for TMT

Of Fandom and Isolation

A Brief Look at the Phenomenon of Musical Elitism


The Perils of Complexity


A Conversation with the Singing Bull of the 1800s

CMJ 2007 Day Panels

Sans the Hangover, Networking Pitches, and DIY Bedroom Label Plugs

Grow Up Never Grow Up

What is it about music that makes my life so much better?

Song Association with The Roesgens

Animal Collective, Radiohead, and The Velvet Underground according to my daughters

Jimmy Soul: Ugly Can Be A Beautiful Thang

Or: Buck Up, Buttercup. Joy is Right Around the Corner!

Label Profiling: Frenchkiss Records

“That Kind of Energy Drives Me Fucking Insane”

The Issue of X and Y

Perspectives on gender from Amy Millan, New Buffalo, and a couple of boys, too


To Shred Is To Be

Page France

Living in the Present