Cheap Vinyl & Mexican Food

The Unicorns

Urban Legends of the Uniporn

John Vanderslice

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Musical Masturbation with Shit on the Wall

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Mike Watt

Mike Watt For President

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Reclaiming the Word ‘Peculiar’

Weird Al Yankovic

The Couple Has Since Broken Up… But the Spatulas Remain

Weird Weeds

Normal Questions for Weird Weeds

The Rosebuds

Tales of Tapes, Tobacco, and Swedish Furniture


Reflections from a Criminally Overlooked Talent

Roman Candle

The Ability to Overcome Evil


Functioning Like a Project

Platinum Pied Pipers

Inspired by Anything and Everything


More freedom and spontaneity and character


The Goose & The Camel

Carly Ptak

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Q and Not U

The Democratic Songwriting Meat Grinder