Royal Trux

“I really liked it. I think I liked it more than I remembered I liked it.”

Zahava Seewald

“I think language is very important because when you speak, you enter into a different world, and this influences everything that happens around you.”

James Jackson Toth (Wooden Wand)

“For better or worse, there is no Wooden Wand sound.”

2013: Chocolate Grinder Mix: Artists

Some of our favorite artists of 2013 compile a fantastic year-end mix

2013: Year-End Comic

Comicjams for Dummies

2013: Favorite 30 Album Covers of 2013

Stop reading about music and start listening to some covers

2013: Chocolate Grinder Mix: Writers

30 of our favorite songs in an Exquisite Corpse mix

2013: Jacking All Trades

True stories of multitasking musicians

2013: Delirious Bombast

Art house flirtations with gut-level cinema

2013: On Being Offended

12 reasons to help you realize why you should be offended (with photo gallery)

2013: Noise and People

Exploring the role of gender on the fringes of experimental composition

2013: Appropriating a 2013

(Nu.wav) hallucinations of an irretrievable past

Kathleen Hanna

“If she says she’s a feminist, then who I am to stop her? I’m not the feminist police.”

Bill Kouligas (PAN)

“It’s not a competition, it’s not a race. It’s a personal interest I’m working with here.”

Matana Roberts

“There are some things I just can’t tell you about, honey.”

Bill Baird

“If you go super-local, and you’re just all about your local scene… I’ve seen that as a way to prop up mediocrity.”

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013

You all are taunting me with your functional sticks.

Amen Dunes

“Even when I was just singing cover songs I remember it being almost inappropriately intimate and personal.”



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