Mike Cooper

“Making music is a way of getting through life; a pleasurable way.”

Book Review: The Next Next Level: A Story of Rap, Friendship, and Almost Giving Up

“Could it be that while everyone else on the planet moves to New York to chase their dream, Juiceboxxx had come to bury his?””

Kara-Lis Coverdale + LXV

“David wanted to explore this ethereal idea, whereas I wanted to explore something more violent and commanding.”

Elysia Crampton

“The older I get, the uglier I want my music to feel, to be.”

Favorite Mixtapes of July 2015

Ice cream tattoos, red dye 40, and diabolus in rap musica

Night Court

“Absolute lawlessness, corruption touching every level of government, a struggle to restore justice and order but in reality no future but total blackness.”

Mammoth Lakes Film Festival 2015

A worthy paradigm of the smaller film festival

Pitchfork Music Festival 2015

“Looping visuals played on the screen, with pink-dressed Death beckoning the audience toward the hypnotic fuzz.”

Psychic Reality

“I don’t know if I make pop music, actually. [Taps fingers on table] But I think I realized it’s what I do.”

MarQ Spekt

“Sometimes a treasure’s better when you have to dig it up.”

Circuit des Yeux

“After every set, I’d be completely torn apart.”

Primavera Sound 2015

“As the light of the clouds converged with the sea’s reflection, I could swear that I was staring at the edge of the earth.”

Debacle Fest 2015

“You may not know who these people are but inside this, today, in this moment, after this band and before this band you’re gonna love it, just trust us.”

Favorite Mixtapes of June 2015

Fractal puddles, VST start-up screens, and general mayhem

2015: Second Quarter Favorites

20 picks from the second quarter of the year

Illuminated Paths

“Everyone needs a release… not everything is lost through time.”

Atom™ & Tyondai Braxton

Two performing artists in conversation at MUTEK Montréal 2015

Karen Gwyer & Strategy

Two performing artists in conversation at MUTEK Montréal 2015

Peter Rehberg (Editions Mego)

“I’m happy I’m able to carry on doing this, instead of working somewhere, you know, normal.”

Max P (High Wolf / Black Myth Zone Chant)

“I wouldn’t be satisfied, as a performer, with an audience of people like me.”